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  1. Not sure if this is the right part of the forum, but i've noticed an issue on my save when teams are having their stadium rebuilt/upgraded and have been moved to another teams stadium, they're getting moved to stadiums that are nowhere near the closest to them. I played Forest Green away, and their stadium was being rebuilt, and they were playing at Northampton, so there was basically nobody there to watch as I got the news article saying there'd be about 500 home fans there. Looking at google maps, surely they'd either play at Bristol Rovers, Cheltenham, Swindon or even Oxford? A similar thing has happened during the same save game where i've just moved to Peterborough who are having their stadium rebuilt, and we're playing home games at Brentford. Again surely shouldn't we be sharing with Cambridge Utd, Northampton, or even MK Dons as they're all a lot closer to Peterborough? Not sure of this is a known issue so just thought i'd feed it back. Feel free to merge if there's an existing topic
  2. Ok lads, thanks a lot for your replies and help there, appreciate it
  3. Alright, just a question about coefficients and how they're calculated. Are they calculated at the end of the season or during the season. For example i'm Maribor at the moment, I was knocked out by Malmo in the Champions League 3rd qualifying. Apprently that equates to 0 point for this season, as I go into the Europa, I then beat Krasnodar in the Europa League playoff, to qualify for the group stage, this means i should receive 2 points, in my 2 games in the group so far I have drawn at home with Napoli and lost away to Trabzonspor, and apparently clubs receive 1 point for a draw in the group stage and 2 points for a win. So am I right in saying I should currently have 3 coefficient points for this season, 1 for the draw and 2 for the group stage? As I currently only have 2.425 on this seasons rankings. So will that mean effectively if I didn't win any more games in Europe this season that it would update and would then be 2.425 + 3, so I would habe 5.425 points for the 15/16 season. If anybody knows that would greatly appreciated, cheers
  4. Haha really? Well that's great. Thanks for that mate. Feels it adds to the atmosphere when you're in southern/Eastern Europe. Glad they're still there
  5. Apologies if this has its own thread. I know there are previous threads from the older versions of the game but I was just wondering whether there's flares on this years version. I know they only tend to come in Greece, the Balkans and Italy, but I'm managing Messina and I've yet to see any so far. Just wondering if they're still there. Cheers
  6. Slovenia is decent. Not many clubs in the league but they have quite a few good clubs with good youth facilities and coaching. Maribor, Olimpija, Domzale, Koper, Rudar Velenje and Gorica are all decent clubs. I'm waiting for the new update and then will be starting with Maribor agian. Played with them last season with the aim of building a legacy. With a Slovenian club for me there's 3 main goals I set. 1st is win the league, get Champions League. 2nd Try get to the group, if you do, aim for 3rd at least and 3rd try to aim to win the Europa League. Champions League for me is close to impossible with a Slovenian club due to wages etc, and lack of being able to attract top class players. But you could find good enough regens to go far in the Europa. Also they're very strict on foreign players there, so adds to the challenge and makes you even prouder when you have a good team thats like 80% Slovenian doing well in Europe
  7. conceded 16 in the first 35 games of the Vanarama North with Stockport, playing Mourinho style football. We won the league about 4-5 games before the end of the season so i rotated and we ended up conceding about 24 in the 42 games i think in the end
  8. I know what he means. Not something that's ever bothered me. Surely you could just holiday for 1 day?
  9. Agree with this. Liverpool have a good academy, but the last 2 top class PL players to come from it were Gerrard and Carragher and that was over a decade ago. Even Ibe and Sterling were both bought in from other clubs. Also currently the only one who seems to be getting anywhere near any first team action is probably Rossiter. So not sure what you're expecting there. Bearing in mind each country has average attributes for regens set out, so you probably won't have many great English lads coming through because realistically we don't produce many great players. Just a lot of average ones. Also not always a great idea to listen to the coaches. Last year I had a kid come through at Maribor a RB called Josef Kulcar. The coaches gave him 2.5-3 stars. The lad never scored lower than a 7. Even when we got beat 6-1 at home by Barça in the CL he was still getting a 6.5. It's better to make the decision on the players yourself sometimes
  10. Some class ideas on here for me too. Especially the fan support/backlash. I know not every club would sack a manager if he was unpopular with fans but there are certain clubs out there with fans who would put so much pressure on the board that it would make the managers position untenable, and that would certainly add an extra dimension to the game
  11. Man Utd were officially outbid for Anthony Martial according to Monaco, so IRL Utd offered £36m + extras and there was other clubs who apparently offered over £40m. Monaco accepted Utd's lower offer so I suppose it does happen
  12. Yeah true. To be honest I've replaced a lot of my defence and I am weak at the back I know that much, just some of the goals we concede I feel the keeper could have done more. Centre back in particular though needs some serious work as I sold 2 very good ones at the end of last season as they wanted to play in a better league. Not really replaced them, just tried playing kids and that's probably the main reason really
  13. Yeah I did, so maybe I seem like I'm being a bit picky here haha, but I'm a goalkeeper, played that position since being about 6, so I'm firmly in the "would rather win 2-0 than 4-2" camp, I absolutely despise conceding goals, and as I mentioned the opposition in my league score with 70-80% of their shots on target, fairly certain the goalkeepers save % in pro football is more around 70-80% isn't it? Not 20%
  14. Ok mate cheers. Yeah these two both have good stats, they're not world beaters at all, but a solid 12-14 on pretty much everything. There's a goalie who always seems to have a great game against me for another side in my league so I might try sign him as he seems solid, a lot more solid than my 2. It's almost a guaranteed goal everytime the opposition goes forward, conceded 41 goals in 36 games this season and still won the league. Bit unrealistic that as it's not even a tight league
  15. I've been playing as Maribor in Slovenia, in my second season, and I've noticed this season I just concede goals for fun, not be use we're playing badly but because the opposition on average seems to score with 70-80% of their shots. Is this to do with my goalkeepers concentration of does the game somehow try to balance out the league so it's not completely one sided. In my first season I played Jasmin Handanovic every week, concentration of 12, played 34, conceded 19 and kept 20 clean sheets, this season I've decided to play Matko Obradovic as he's younger and more of a long term replacement for Handanovic. Again he has concentration of 12, yet he's played 22, conceded 24 and kept only 9 clean sheets. To me that's poor and it's his lack of saves that annoys me the most especially in comparison to his opponents. For example, I played Zavrc, they had 6 shots on target, I had 15, I lost 3-1, played Gorica, won 4-2 they had 6 shots on target, played Celje, won 4-1, they had 3 shots on target, I had 17, played Koper, lost 3-0, they had 4 shots on target. Just seems like he concedes near enough every shot that comes his way. And they're not even good shots. Most are straight at him, then I'll go down the other end and curl one top corner and it gets saved by the opposition goalie who's highest rating is about 9 on kicking. So yeah if anyone can help me out here that would be great cheers
  16. Cheers mate. Might post it on there instead, they might know
  17. I noticed these attributes on the editor on the fan profile. I was just wondering what impact these attributes have on the game. Mainly passion, I can understand that affluence will effect how much your fans are willing to pay, loyalty will obviously mean how fickle, so they'll stop coming to the games when you're not doing well, but passion was the main one. Does that give you any advantage in home games, for example if youre Galatasaray or Besiktas at home to s big European side, does your fans passion come into play and give your team a boost almost? Any help would be appreciated, cheers
  18. Anybody else now having the issue of 60-70% of goals now being conceded only from set pieces, specifically the whipped in corner to the near post that the centre back just perfectly runs onto and heads in, that is basically undefendable with the set piece instructions available? It happened to me a few times in my save as Aberdeen and then ironically Aberdeen scored the exact same way against me in my Maribor save.
  19. I'm not one to complain normally, or believe the game is fixed, and I'm sure people won't believe me here as there's no real way I can prove this, but I'm in my 7th season as Stockport. Away to Hartlepool in L2, conceding a lot of possession so I go to my tactics screen change formation, the game is 0-0 (as far as I'm aware) anyway I score in the 43rd minute, look at the score and all of a sudden the score is 1-1 when I just scored so it should be 0-1. I look at the bottom where the little highlight bar is, and the ball icon literally just appeared around the 28th minute. Turns out that apparently Hartlepool scored, I didn't see this though and for some reason it didn't register until I scored and believed I'd taken the lead. Has anyone else had this happen? As I say I'd like to think the game isn't fixed or rigged but when that happens you have to question what's going on
  20. I don't think this is too bad of an idea. You see crowds at places like Besiktas who make a massive racket and help spur their side on in big games, it'd be great to manage a club like them and just hear your fans outsinging most home teams away in Europe, and then the famous 140 decibels screaming Kartal Gol Gol Gol at the Vodafone arena in Istanbul, intimidating the away side. I feel that support and fans is an area that is slightly lacking in fm
  21. I find this FM is more of a long term challenge. i'm in my 6th season with Stockport County. In the Vanarama National, hopefully should go up this season after 4 seasons of squad building, and improving year after year. At that level for me, its all about finding youngsters who have been released and hoping the board have the patience to let them develop for you, and so far they have to the point where some of my lads are now good enough to play L2 and L1. I've been far more immersed in this seasons than last. I hate losing and feel like its a conspiracy when i do, but its really not, often its my strikers being wasteful or my defence making a mistake, and that to me is realistic as they're human
  22. I've got the demo, just updated itself. I'm Maribor and Marcos Tavares agent asks me for a new contract. I accept, yet there's no appearance fee, goal bonus, etc etc, now is this something that is just within Maribor or Slovenian football, or has that option been removed completely for some reason?
  23. When you mention points like this, you just have watch the Newcastle v Chelsea game yesterday and then consider how you would feel if you managed either of those teams on fm and played that match yday . Firstly you manage Chelsea, everything is going swimmingly, you have a game against a side you should win, but before the match Nemanja Matic gets injured (injury bug) anyway you have a decent replacement in Mikel so its not too bad. Throughout the game, you dominate possession and have all the chances, yet the opposition have 3 shots on goal and score 2 goals resulting in your side losing (AI compensating and 'scripting' for your side doing well) Or you're Newcastle, you're doing not bad and its 0-0 at HT, but your goalie who is already your 2nd choice gets injured from just kicking the ball, and he needs to be subbed (injury bug, scripting in game) anyway you bring on your 3rd choice keeper who does alright and your side goes 2-0 up, there's 10 mins to go and you're still 2-0 up against unbeaten and top of the league. Then your centre back gets sent off and concedes a free kick on the edge of the box with a rash tackle (AI scripting to help better team win) And from the resulting free kick Chelsea score. You hold on til the 90th minute, but to make matters worse there is 6 mins added time that has appeared from nowhere (AI scripting, helping the bigger team) but you manage to hang on despite the goalkeeper injuries and being down to 10 men. That happened in real life yesterday, but if that had happened in the game people would be straight on this forum complaining of scripting and AI having the advantage, but sometimes football is unpredictable and things happen that shouldn't. I'm not saying the game is perfect because there are some bugs within the match engine, but far too many people on here throw their toys out of the pram with one or two bad results, or their side dominating games and losing, or their side picking up injuries. These things happen in real life, you can sit and watch match of the day. Or even results like Leicester 5-3 Man Utd, if that happens in-game, everyone would kick off, or if you had a newly promoted side like Leicester who started well and now can't buy a win, people would say 'the AI is against me as I was doing well' Honestly some of the comments on here are unbelievable, and the reason people watch football is because it is unpredictable and unbelievable things happen, and some people need to calm down with the criticism of the game
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