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  1. Salut même problème, j'ai des plantages intermittents avec le même message d'erreur .... qu'importe le moment dans le jeu. J'ai l'impression que depuis FM19 c'est de pire en pire pour les mac users .... Le mode Retina est super mal géré par le jeu, j'ai un gros mac a 3500$ avec une bonne config, il est a l'agonie quand je joue a FM19 ou 20 ... Alors qu'un pc petite config a 500$ le jeu tourne bcp mieux . Même quand je joue sous windows avec Boot Camp ( donc même config matériel ) le jeu est bcp plus fluide et ne rame pas du tout . Merci d'optimiser le jeu pour MAC !!!!
  2. A new version of OS is available tonight (Mojave 10.14.5), should we fear the worst?
  3. It's the same for me after the instalation of the beta. The game is really very slow, ventilate maximun my mac. Minimun 100% of the processor is used. It's unplayable ... You really have trouble this year with the Macs ... Yet Miles welcomes the stability of the game this year ... not on Mac, too bad.
  4. Thank you, but without the retina is very ugly. But for info even without the retina, the game still occupies 100% of the processor.
  5. Also are you running any custom logos or files? >>> Yes But, same issue with no graphics Also which graphical settings are you running the game at and which database size? >>. Test with max or minimal settings video : Same ; test with new game with minimal database : SAME Cache folder, already deleted, thx I allow myself to tell you that it started to slow down enormously following the update of the OS. Without changing the configuration of my settings or my current game.
  6. Hello, since I applied the last update of the mac osx system (Mojave 10.14.4) The game takes 100% of the processor. Tested on my current game and a new one with the original database, the same, the fans and the mac racing during the match in 3D mode. Tested with the beta version on steam, and the normal version: the same.
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