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  1. If you get a crash, it's because you're using another custom database that has Gibraltar edited for some reason. My setup has only classen's nation files loaded, but nothing else. I don't know what other people do with their DBs, but if you only run it with the vanilla game or classen's files, it should work without a problem. I don't think 18.3 should not cause a problem, either.
  2. Latest edition of the file is updated on both Steam and here. Changes include cloning Neloxian teams and the leagues, so the Gibraltar history no longer shows up in those leagues. UNIQUE FEATURES OF NELOXIAN FOOTBALL LigaPremier features 5 point wins (I've been doing this for years and I prefer it.) Top 8 teams in the LigaPremier compete for a $100m Championship Playoffs at the end of the season. Top 3 teams in LigaPremier are relegated to the LigaExcel. The next 4 worst teams compete in a relegation playoff. Top 3 teams in the LigaExcel get promoted. Top 4 teams in the LE play in a promotion playoff. Lots of TV money at the top, so good incentives to make it. There are a few lower division teams with sugar daddy owners who are yearning to take their clubs to the top, so check them out!
  3. I don't have the time to create kits or logos, sadly. If someone else did it, I'd be supportive. I know the colors for the majority of the teams because I've been building this universe for decades. In general, it takes me a few weeks to build the DB in its entirety. I usually start small with just one or two levels, then once I get going, I start to add others and then it gets really crazy, I add history (FA Cup history goes back to 1900, for example) and then I stop. This is why I don't release it every year.
  4. You have to play it with the 18.0.0 DB, not the 18.3 DB, not sure it'll work with the update. Also, Neloxia should be in both the Champions League and Europa league. I've successfully simmed to 2030+ overnight without any issues. I've also managed to load the league with classen's world files (over 100 different leagues worldwide) without incident.
  5. Back in FM16, I shared a league I've shared in previous iterations of FM called Neloxia. Because I released it at the end of FM16 cycle, it ended up being quite popular. After two years, I managed to bring it back to FM18, due to popular demand. Neloxia's leagues attract talent globally and after a few decades, usually shows up near the top of the world rankings. If you're looking for a challenge, there are lots of them in this universe with 19 different leagues all the way to the amateur division to the LigaPremier to contend with. I've been working on this off and on for the past decade, there's a lot of history. Steam Workshop version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1348705354 Neloxian Republic (Fictional European Nation).fmf
  6. Check the Steam workshop and other edited files here for leagues that have been edited. You can also use the FM editor to do a lot of this, but the structural changes as you've been told previously just won't work because of constraints at least not in their natural form. (You could rig some kind of transnational superleague as some have done previously.)
  7. The Vestriasian Elite League is relatively top heavy, with a few clubs dominating the playoff race every year over the past 20 seasons. We'll explore the league a bit and give you a sense of the different teams and what their story is. The nice thing about this league is, there's no promotion and relegation, so you can get invested knowing these are the 16 teams you'll deal with year in and year out around the league. There has been a bit of a shift at the time in recent years, though. Here's the breakdown of all sixteen clubs. THE BOTTOM FEEDERS EASTERN SUBURBS, WESTERN SUBURBS The two worst teams in the league by far. Eastern actually has one top 10 finish in their history (2033-34) and Western has finished as high as 8th, but neither has a playoff appearance to their name. Part of this is about the teams being located in non-power centers of Vestrian football and the other part is they are just largely hot garbage. RIGBY UNITED Another bottom feeder is Rigby United. A team that plays in the actual city limits, they're a forgotten club that has NEVER finished higher than double digits in their history. Their highest finish in club history is a 10th place finish in 2019-20. They're also the worst drawing club in the league -- their record high for attendance is 1,044 and so most people believe if this league had promotion/relegation this would be the team to go down first and foremost. Nobody cares about them, they have no real fan base outside of their shareholders who are fans. PILLSBROOK UNITED The Yellow and Black have never won the league title, but they did win a Champions League title in 2021 and have been runner up twice during the early years of the tournament (2015, 2016). Recent times have been hard though, they've only made the playoffs once in the past 16 years. PLAYHOUSE DISTRICT The Actors don't do a great job of acting like winners. They've NEVER made a playoff appearance. In fact, their best league finish in club history was a 10th place finish three seasons ago. So if you're looking for a team to grow with, pick these guys -- no one else will. THE MIDDLE CLASS MESSIER CITY The former most dominant team in Vestriasia has not fared as well in the modern era. All five of their playoff appearances came before 2019. If you want a team that might someday get it together or if you want a storied history to cheer about, pick the Blues. BAY SLOPE OLYMPIC A team of former Greek expats, Olympic have never won the league playoff title, but have two Oceania Champions League titles to their credit and a third runner up appearance. They've also won the City Cup (FA Cup) once. They've made the playoffs 8 times, 5 of those came in the last 7 seasons so they're a team on the upswing. MEDICINE CABINET (DOCS) Docs are a club that have a large fan base but don't have the success to match what they're doing on the field. They've only made the playoffs twice in their history, most recently two seasons ago when they were league runner-up ('35). They've also won a FA Cup (2018) so if you're looking to root for a team that where you won't be the only one in the stands supporting them. OLD SETTLEMENT Affiliated for a team with Real Madrid, the Old Timers were once the toast of the league. In recent years, they've fallen on hard times finishing near the bottom of the league over the past decade almost annually. Despite their bonafides, their playoff bark was bigger than their bite, winning the Elite League only once (2029) but have a finalist appearance in the Champions League (2026) to their credit as well. They have won two FA City Cups (2026, 2029) as well. THE HEIRS This was a team that I thought would dominate the league and instead, they've fallen just outside of the money the past few years. They have won the O-League 4 times (most recently in '23) but haven't won a league title since 2013 before the current iteration of the Elite League existed. A fun team in the past with a relatively storied past, but I'm not sure where they are headed. Maybe you can join on their bandwagon and decide to see along with their fans? UPSTARTS RED BULL NORTH END Just like in Germany, Austria (and okay nobody cares about NY Red Bulls), the Red Bulls of Vestriasia are hated by every fan base except their own. The North Enders are among the storied clubs in the league, winning 4 league titles, 5 Champions League titles and are a near lock each year for the playoffs. They've also finished 5th at the Club World Championship twice ('29, '36) something only bested by one Vestrian team. Since 2015-16, they've missed the post-season just 5 times. So if you're looking for a consistent team to root for, even if the rest of the league's fans will NEVER root for your team, pick the Red Wings (as they're sometimes called.) MERCHANT FARMERS MARKET (MFM) The Market Boys have one three league titles ('27, '32, '36) and a Champions League semi-final appearance in '35 to their credit. They won a FA City Cup in '21, too. They have a HUGE fan base of metropolitan folks who don't really enjoy watching football, but like the game for the atmosphere. Maybe that'll appeal to you, rich people need a football team too. IRONWOOD Ironwood are an urban team for the workers. In the same way that people who have money and live in the city love MFM, people who get their hands dirty love Ironwood. They're a team that's always competitive. They have 2 league titles (19, 20) to their credit, have won the Champions League three times ('20, '30, '32) and are the Vestrian team with the best Club World Championship finish ever, placing 3rd in the 2020 Club World Cup. INVADERS EAST SIDE Another city club that makes perennial playoff appearances, but unlike the others, they have a small but mighty fan base. Invaders have won 4 league titles ('21, '26, '34, '35) but have yet to crack through the O-League, placing 2nd twice. THE TRULY ELITE YANKEE DOODLES The Yanks are - you guessed it -- an expat team of former Americans who moved to Vestriasia and took up football of all things. They draw extremely well and for years were not very good, but in recent years, they've become of the power clubs in Vestrian football. They've won 4 Oceania Champions League titles and have claimed 5 Elite League playoff titles all since 2022. GOVERNESS A team that spent the first few seasons trying to find its footing, is now the class of the league. Governess have only missed the playoffs three times in the last 14 seasons. While they've only won one league playoff title, they've finished as the runner up a whopping six times. They've also won when it mattered most, winning 4 Champions League titles and finishing as runner up twice in that tournament.
  8. You'd need to create a lower league that has an age limit and then have all of the U20 teams of your main league's teams (or whatever) assigned to that league. It's pretty doable.
  9. Vestriasia is the fictional country I created to parallel with a city I'm building perpetually in Cities Skylines. The real idea here is I wanted a pro league to manage in that was fictional, but that wasn't necessarily a power country like my normal work in Neloxia, which was designed to be a power nation in Europe or my more recent FM16 league in North America called Tenessa, which also has World Class league aspirations and the talent to match. Vestrians are a modest people, I took over a New Zealand file, added teams to the Elite League (16) and injected some well-needed capital into the league with the hopes of getting more talent to show up on the shores. Down the road, the hope is that the league prospers, but you won't ever see Vestriasia as a dominant player on the world stage, probably just a team somewhere in the Top 100. That's a difference for me than normal, so it'll be interesting to play in a league that isn't a world power league. My goal? I'm not sure yet, right now, it'll just be to share the progress of the league, talk more about the different teams and highlight the talent that emerges from it over time. I've slowly started activating other leagues too, so there will be worldwide action happening as we play on and hopefully better/more transferring as a result. I haven't activated any of my other fictional countries in this particular universe, either. I figure one at a time is enough, at least for now. The top five teams in the regular season (30 games) advance to the championship playoffs. Here's the list of most recent champions. The Vestriasian national team qualified for the 2026 World Cup, but finished 4th in their group and is ranked outside of the world Top 100.
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=930282880 A single-table league without massive capital injection but a fork of New Zealand that gives you a challenge as you try to qualify for the World Cup out of Oceania with that playoff spot. The idea here is, wondering whether decades of quality talent coming out of the local league can get the country enough talent to qualify for a World Cup and perhaps get out of the 100+ level in the world rankings? Can you manage it? It should be a fun league. Single table, sixteen teams and no pro/rel, but enough capital to get you going on a few teams, some rivalries to develop and lots of foreign talent coming into the league too.
  11. Here's an updated version of the file, under a new country name - Tenessa. I took over St. Lucia, so the teams would be in a country that already existed and is a FIFA/CONCACAF member. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=914963945
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