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  1. 2041-2045 THE STORY SO FAR.... It's been a few seasons since I started and in general, Bangladesh and Azerbaijan are not really much further along than when we started. Neither has come close to the World Cup. Talent has improved considerably on the national teams, but it hasn't resulted in a dramatic rise in the rankings for either nation. The added money has helped the one Azeri superteam Qarabağ FK Ağdam to make it as far as the Champions League Group Stage, but they're not able to get much further than that. Problem is? I think the national registration rules, coupled with the fact that elite players aren't coming to Azerbaijan means that no amount of money can really elevate these teams. The league has been ranked as high as 18th in Europe, meaning it's roughly on par with the English Championship (2nd division) and that seems like a pretty big deal, but we'll need more years to see if it's going to get further along. I'm trying to decide whether to keep simming ahead or if I ought to take over a club team that might help Azeri players develop more. Or perhaps I'll work on an alternative storyline while this plays out on the background. It turns out, that by itself it's not the most interesting experiment for how I'd want to play, but...I'm still curious over around 20 seasons how these countries might develop without much more intervention. Although I did realize maybe the coolest thing so far Qarabağ Under 18s beat Liverpool U18 to win the UEFA Youth League. That's a massive win, but apparently they also won it in 2021-22, so I didn't really help at all maybe?
  2. I've already noticed an improvement of talent across the board, but it hasn't translated into success for the national team, as the team still hovers around 110th in the world and hasn't ever cracked the Top 100 in almost a year of simming ahead. I have noticed several players who are valued at over $1M which was never the case when we took things over. The new challenge I think we're going to see is rich teams coming into Bangladesh and getting potential game-changing players on a free transfer. The game mechanics are not well-designed for countries the game doesn't pay attention to, so it enables you to snipe players that should otherwise go for more cash. Right now, the transfers out of the Bangladeshi League are not particularly prevalent, and the highest transfer ever was a local team bringing in a national player for $750k. What I'm anticipating moving forward is more clubs bringing players in from Bangladesh over time, but for now it hasn't happened yet. I've been debating whether I ought to take over all of the Bangladeshi clubs and manage transfers for them and nothing else, so I could maximize where their players go and ensure they don't get ripped off by non-domestic clubs because I don't think the transfer mechanics of FM are well-tuned to buying players from foreign clubs that aren't popular football places. By October of 2041, Bangladesh still wasn't ranked within the Top 100. It's not a surprise, these things take time. But I was hoping to see more Bangladeshi clubs able to get paydays from their players and eventually able to develop more talent. The game just designed well enough to do that sort of things without me intervening. I'm going to continue this idea of making Bangladesh a power, but I need some alternative storyline involving 1) a second country and/or 2) another national league in a more developed football nation to aid in turning Bangladesh into a power AFC power; while also giving me something to write about. (I could take over teams there, but that feels slow because I don't actually care who wins their league, I just want talent to grow. I could also intervene and help players get sold overseas, but since no one will scout Bangladesh, our players are just going to largely go unnoticed outside of random countries.) Another possibility is I could take over a club with the expressed purpose of scouting Bangladesh, buy their players myself and build their national team that way. This is an experiment, not a dynasty. Obviously, I could impact the youth rating directly and just sit back and wait, but I'm super curious to see what happens if you infuse cash into the national league of a country, improve the coach, and as players develop, transfers increase the flow of money between teams to improve things at the scale of bolstering the national team. It's not super clear right now if that works. It does appear that I'm going to have to take over one of these national teams in order to accelerate this storyline, because they don't play enough friendlies or get invited to enough tournaments to really fill out a schedule that would let you measure the program's growth. So after some evaluation, we'll keep the Bangladesh experiment going in the background but I won't do anything active, we'll just check in on their progress over the next months/years. Meanwhile, we need a new country to invest our hopes & dreams on. Let's head to Europe and pour a ton of questionable money into Azerbaijan and see if we can't witness the growth of a new European power. A FRESH START Azerbaijan like many transcontinent former Russian republics plays in UEFA. For our storyline, that's stellar because it means we get teams with access to UEFA tournaments & hopefully better transfer options for our various teams. The Azerbaijani national team is 141st in the world, so even worse than Bangladesh who are basically the best team in the Indian subcontinent but can't manage to get beyond that yet. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan toils in relative obscurity. There is some talent on the national team, but they've never gotten anywhere in any international tournament ever. I'm going to take over the national team, partially to better identify local talent. We'll do the same thing in Azerbaijan that we did in Bangladesh, where we provide all of the top division clubs with a cash infusion via sugar daddy in the hopes they'll spend it on improving their teams and develop better players. I'll also be able to pay attention to the sorts of players that are coming out of the country and get them capped for the national team, as well as keeping an eye on any young talent that emerges. DISPATCHES FROM AZERBAIJAN It's October 2041. The Pesekar Premyer Liqasi is the top division in the nation, it currently has eight teams. This is tidy from a "infusing cash perspective" because our sugar daddys should be able to get maximum bang for their buck. Azerbaijan is actually the 20th rated league in Europe, higher than Finland's league, because all of the best Finnish talent are playing in overseas leagues. Meanwhile here, we've got a few talented players Azerbaijan player registration rules actually favor the storyline were working here. Teams have to have at least 8 players trained in the country, 4 have to be trained by the team and the max team size is 25. So that helps to keep a ton of foreign talent out, but now we'll see if teams are able to generate better intakes. I'm going to follow the a format I've found that worked in other games and just report on what's happened. You'll also get some glimpses of how things are working throughout this world. For expediency purposes, I'm not going to manage the Azeri national team besides setting their tactic for right now, I'll help find talent when it's time to do that, but I'm not going to play out games and instead will just report.
  3. Develop a nation powerhouse I feel like too many of my stories — and the ones I read — follow a similar formula. Take over a bad team, eventually make them good, and try to win the Champions League. Or win the World Cup. All of this is fine, but after over a decade of playing FM dating back to the CM days, I'm kind of over it. I've literally made a fictional country to keep myself engaged, but even that's kind of bored me at this point. The only thing I do when I play now is holiday ahead for years, trying to see what happens. Occasionally, I'll do things like improve the quality of newgens from places like Africa. And I'll try to improve the talent in non-power nations in Europe to diversify the teams I see winning and the players on rosters around the world. The one thing I haven't done is something I love doing in OOTP & baseball, developing talent in a non-power nation, and see over time how that talent proliferates and eventually, seeing if the nation can turn into a regional power itself. So that's what we're gonna do. We're going to find a country that's not current a football power in my existing save (currently in the 2040) Chapter 1. Picking a nation I decided in the shower that since Africa is already a powerhouse in my current universe (Africa had won every World Cup from 2022-2034, until my fictional nation Neloxia toppled Nigeria for the crown in 2038) that it's time to elevate Asian football. My criteria goes roughly: A nation not already ranked in the Top 100 A playable league file able to be loaded in my current save Preferably in Asia Once I pick the nation, my plan would be to find world-class coaches to all of the local clubs Offer sugar daddy cash to all of those teams Mostly holiday and report what happens from time to time No players will be modified, because the idea is to see what good coaching (and some cash) can do for the short and long-term prospects of an otherwise footballing netherworld. My first choice would be The Philippines, but they've already got a few world class players on their national team, so it'd not be useful for my experiment. Cambodia would be interesting, but it'd take until next June before I'd be able to start playing there and I'd prefer to start tonight on this storyline. So we'll cross them off the list. I was considering Turkmenistan, but they're not loaded and I'd have to wait until January. After some debating, we're going to take over Bangladesh, who are ranked 115th in the world I can never seem to make India into a football superpower and Pakistan is also lagging at this in my current save, but perhaps another subcontinent team can emerge as the SAFF powerhouse throughout Asia Bangladeshi national team has had some success, they've won 6 South Asian Football Federation titles, the most recent coming in 2036. That said, they have never qualified for the World Cup and remain outside of the World Top 100. I'm curious to see if we can improve the talent over time with good coaching, and better local talent development. Given Bangladesh is already not going to qualify for the next World Cup, there's lots of time for talent to incubate in the local league.
  4. Latest updates to this file: All of the Neloxian clubs are now playable in-game. Added the inactive leagues after the Series SE so there's now relegation out of the lowest playable division. This *seems* to have fixed the vanishing names issue after a few seasons, after I tested through 2024 (which is around when it used to happen. Fingers crossed.) Added back history to the Ligapremier & Copa Neloxia Added the Russian First Division champion to the Baltic Champions League for a little bit of regional diversity. Removed the Series Cup. Edited the Copa Neloxia to include only the playable teams (110 teams) from its larger iteration. Find the updated file in the first post.
  5. For the past few years, a file I created has league names that disappear after a few seasons. Is there anything that would cause this behavior in the settings? I suspect I just need to rebuild the file from scratch, but wondered if anyone else had ever seen an edited file where the league names vanish and become blank. (I have the editor, so I can fix it, but not sure why it happens.)
  6. I'm updating this today. The problem is I mistakenly made some clubs "all-star clubs" which was just an accidental tick. I'm going to release a new version of the file with that fixed and hopefully it'll make teams manageable again.
  7. I do not believe one can "cheat" at this game. It's a single-player solo game that's kind of slow. Enjoy the game without stressing about fairness, unless you're going to litter the forums with achievements that you edited your way to, etc.
  8. This is the latest edition of my Neloxia file. Neloxia is a fictional nation based in Europe with its own cities, polygot cultures and an extensive football universe for you to play in. This season, it's 6-tiers and we've moved it to replace Latvia in-game. Your newfound Baltic state will have clubs with huge infusions of cash able to start playing on the world stage in short order and eventually with Neloxian talent in-tow to make the country a formidable power. Some of the quirks of Neloxian football/new additions to this file Top two divisions play with 5 point wins, 2 pt for a draw. Makes for a competitive title fight. Gone are the championship playoff for the Ligapremier. Most wins = League champion. Bottom 3 automatically relegated from Ligapremier. 12th-15th place play a relegation playoff for the 4th relegation spot. Can't coast in this league! Gotta fight to win every game! LigaExcel (2nd division) now has 18 teams (up from 12 last year) Baltic Champions League (Champ & Cup winners from Baltic countries play for some $ and bragging rights. Will quickly become a fun event for your club when you flame out of the Europa League!) All African & Caribbean countries players are considered non-foreign, but it doesn't matter as there are no matchday or registration rules, except for the FA Cup. That's about it. It plays nice with other nation files (except Gibraltar, lol) and is especially fun if you play with other mods that improve youth intake. I've attached the latest version of the editor data file. Steam Workshop // (Mediafire) FM20 version Neloxia (6-tier Fantasy European Nation).fmf
  9. So to the translate what folks need to do: Publish your saved editor data file to Steam as a hidden file, not public. Once you do this, for some reason, it will now let you update that file Make it public on Steam manually when you're ready to have folks download it. I can't get back to the original file I updated for whatever reason, I think perhaps I deleted it by accident or renamed it or I don't recall. Do not do this. You should follow the above instructions, and if you do, it should give you the ability to update your creations. I did it and it indeed gave me a file I could update. Of course, it's too late and confusing for me to use it (I'd have to release another version of a file I've already shared twice...) but at least I know for the future and you do too!
  10. This still hasn't been fixed years on. It's a real problem and I wish someone would address it. There used to be a way in the editor to update an item, but I can't repeat the way I used to make it work.
  11. I also saw this issue and have no idea what's causing it. Obviously with FM20 out now, I won't fix the file but for next year I'm hoping to avoid those types of issues. My solution because i own the edit is just to put the names back in, but..I realize it's weird and not sure why it's happening.
  12. I haven't tried activating the lower levels in my current save in 2074, but I'm curious whether it'll work once it gets past a certain to activate those lower leagues. I'll attempt and let you all know. I think the problem is possibly date related. Also, it's worth noting that even if you don't play in Neloxia, it's a really useful place to keep around for feeder clubs, because the lack of registration rules means that you can send players here to get work pretty much whenever. Even when I stopped managing in the country, it's a great spot at every level for getting my prospects work because there are so many types of leagues with good quality throughout.
  13. Having fewer teams participate or making matches have precedent over league matches should help. I usually will base my fictional files on preexisting edited leagues rather than starting from complete scratch, because it always ends up causing some problems and it's hard to diagnose for folks unless they're playing the file.
  14. I have one now, as Chelsea have been relegated in 2075 of my custom league.
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