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  1. Hi Knap, what would you say your best two striker formation is?
  2. how do i get my strikers to score, everyone scores except them. i have Laurato Martinez and Greenwood. i think places shot is a bad trait help!!!!1
  3. cant seem to find any 442 as consistent as the original sympathy for the devil leipzig
  4. please is ther any update for sympathy for the devil or tequila sunrise for fm 20.4.1? also whats the best 2 striker tactics to use for underdog?
  5. quick question, why did the corner routines change from the original short pass. These direct corners dont seem to be effective
  6. i am struggling big time with Newcastle, cant seem to put a result together. is there any tactics as solid as the old sympathy for the devil or better?
  7. Hi RDF, just started a save with Newcastle what tactics do you recommend for home and away matches ?
  8. please Knap or anyone can you recommend a tactics for Newcastle?
  9. please is the only difference between the original sympathy and the 20.3 the BBM position and player instruction? @knap
  10. So i started the season with the sunrise tactics but something wasn't clicking, was getting chances but just didnt feel the tactics was the same especially after i won the title a season before with it. So i switched to sympathy after my 2-0 loss to Barca and the rest is pretty much in the screenshots. the only reason i got knocked out by barca in the champs league was a glitch that made me Dc while winning 2-0 at home, i didnt join back and some how the match ended 2-2 (i am not the host of the online save) and altered my results but oo well there is next season. For those that will notice the friendlies during the season, it was a world cup year and it somehow took place during the season. Currently over 43 games unbeaten. Thanks Knap
  11. please can someone link me the sympathy thats number 2 on the test list? there are so many sympathy that i am confused
  12. my spurs team is pretty good at the moment, i have players like L Martinez, Sergio Gomez, Werner, Sane, Coman, Diaby, Rashford, Ndidi, Bentancur, Konate, max arons, mendy, upamecano adn Donnarumma. The only potential problem i see is that i have played and trained all my wide players as wingers, so i dont know how the IW will work
  13. is there any player instructions for this tactics? and do you think it will do well with a spurs side
  14. is it just me or when you allow your assistant handle tactical briefing, it messes up the tactic? do you guys use it or leave it ?
  15. does this still work with the new patch? and is it the fav or under dog tactics?
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