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  1. Hi Knap, what would you say your best two striker formation is?
  2. how do i get my strikers to score, everyone scores except them. i have Laurato Martinez and Greenwood. i think places shot is a bad trait help!!!!1
  3. cant seem to find any 442 as consistent as the original sympathy for the devil leipzig
  4. please is ther any update for sympathy for the devil or tequila sunrise for fm 20.4.1? also whats the best 2 striker tactics to use for underdog?
  5. quick question, why did the corner routines change from the original short pass. These direct corners dont seem to be effective
  6. i am struggling big time with Newcastle, cant seem to put a result together. is there any tactics as solid as the old sympathy for the devil or better?
  7. Hi RDF, just started a save with Newcastle what tactics do you recommend for home and away matches ?
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