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  1. Am I reading into these statistics wrong or are goalkeepers making a crazy number of saves this edition? In the two screenshots below, I respectively have keepers saving 21 and 15 shots against me in two matches which occurred in the same season, both of which exceed the highest number of saves ever made in a Premier League match which currently stands at 14 apparently (I know the former is in the UCL but the point still stands really): I mean I know I'm no tactical genius but it really feels like the match engine is compensating for a ridiculously high number of high q
  2. I've learned that the hard way. I feel like Sisyphus every time I start up a new save at the moment.
  3. I don't know if any of you guys have had this but I just don't enjoy this game at the moment. I've played so many matches on my save this season whereby I've absolutely ran the riot act on a team but failed to win because of some finishing that quite frankly would embarrass Danny Welbeck. I just have a feeling of hopelessness now, because it's not even like there's a clear issue of failing to create chances which I know I can do something about with tactical improvements. My players just aren't sticking the ball in the net. I feel far less aggrieved over matches where I get battere
  4. Following reading the book "Leading" co-authored by Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Michael Moritz, I decided to try and manage United according to some of the basic principles of the great man himself. I should note by this I do not mean replicating Sir Alex's tactics; indeed, one of the crucial elements of Sir Alex Ferguson's reign at Manchester United was tactical flexbility and I thus didn't think it would be wise or in-keeping with the man himself to limit myself to one system or playing style. A rough summary of the principles I'll be trying to follow throughout this save, due to them be
  5. I know posts like these aren't typically received well but I just have to vent. I am honestly just sick of this version of Football Manager. Part of the problem is definitely me; I just don't think I have the patience or know-how to develop a tactic that works. But I am just at the point now where every single time I try to play this game I end up hating it. I just cannot stand the fact that, even in matches where my team actually pulls off the tactical style I want from them, I will end up conceding thanks to one long ball over the top or an absolute belter, and then go on to miss
  6. I'm too impatient. Any time I go on a run of games where I don't win despite being the better team, I lose all interest in the save. It's a me problem more than it's a problem with the game; I just don't have the perseverance to play through a bad spell. The game always drags me back in because, in theory, I love the management side of football and I love the variety that FM brings in terms of the different ways that you can build and develop one team, combined with all the different teams you can manage. With that being said, I do think many people are grossly overstating how good this
  7. I've not played long but I am a bit disappointed so far to be honest. I like the fact that FM20 has been tethered more towards long-term planning than FM19 was, with the addition of features such as the club vision and the promised playing time paths. However, the game to me feels largely unchanged from the previous year besides this. The development centre is a nice addition which makes tracking player progression slightly easier but in my view the match engine is quite honestly horrendous. I know it's a beta but there's just so much wrong for me. Highlights are extremely re
  8. I plan to have him alongside Sancho as a second choice winger next season, with Rashford moving up front alongside a new signing.
  9. Season three at Manchester United has been the first one in which I've been a tad disappointed. We managed to retain the Champions League final, equalling Liverpool's record of five European Cup wins having beaten them 2-0 in the final, but for the first time in my managerial career I did not further manage to take the league title. What makes the pill even harder to swallow is the fact that it was our bitter rivals in the North West that claimed their 19th title, although to be fair we were competing with a side that achieved a staggering record points haul of 101! As can be seen,
  10. It's been a hugely successful second season for me at United. Managed not only to beat arch rivals Liverpool in the final to win the club's fourth Champions League title but also became only the second team ever to take home a golden Premier League trophy, having finished the season unbeaten. As can be seen, we also took home the Community Shield with a 2-1 victory over Tottenham. Meanwhile, we suffered an extremely disappointing defeats to Hull City and Burton Albion in the Carabao Cup and FA Cup respectively. Still, a fantastic season all round for the club. It was a
  11. Been a pretty wonderful first season for me. I managed a pretty dominant win in the Premier League, topping second placed Arsenal by a whole 15 points. Performances in other competitions were a tad disappointing, with us crashing out to Roma in the 1st knockout round of the Champions League and knocked out of the FA Cup and Carabao Cup by Stoke and Newcastle respectively. Even better for me this season was that this league win was achieved with a reasonable 1st season net spend of £25m. (Ignoring Dalot and Fred who are for some reason included in this list even though they were
  12. Sorry, should clarify; have now removed the play narrower instruction and set it to balanced.
  13. Cheers for the help Summat; I apologise to be a pain and keep asking you loads of questions but I've made a few modifications based on the advice on this thread plus some further reading and I'd quite like to get stuck in and try it out now. I just wanted to double check that you can't spot anything that's glaringly stupid.
  14. Thanks for the advice guys; I'll go ahead and make a few changes and see how they work out. One more question I'd like to ask: how would you go about achieving the narrow-defensive structure without the "Play Narrower" instruction?
  15. I've long admired Mauricio Pochettino at Spurs; he hasn't won them a trophy yet but he's done a fantastic job of turning them into a top four side. Due to this, I wanted to try to emulate his Spurs tactic with my beloved side Manchester United and see if I could finally get some success with them, especially considering that I think we by and large have the players to do it. I tried to do this once with little success so I've made a few adjustments to the tactic I created the first time round and I wanted to see if you guys have any improvements to suggest. So here's the tactic; I'll also prov
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