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  1. can u add the players backgrounds if so how do i do it. thanks
  2. 1 more question is there any way of getting some of the 3rd kits into the skin. thanks.
  3. that worked perfect with a bit of tweaking. thanks.
  4. how can i make player face bigger i have gunzo facepack they r 350x350.
  5. how can i get player backgrounds into the skin
  6. how do u do it exactly ive asked this b4 can it b done if so how ?????
  7. cheers found it after i wrote this message. thanks anyway.
  8. where do i find the ID's of teams and players probably simple but cant remember ???????. Sorry fm 20 by the way.
  9. Does anyone else have the skin reloading problem goes all black then i have 2 quit the game completely its only recently happened. any help would b great
  10. how do i get rid of pitch in stadium overview. thanks.
  11. does anyone know how this has happened my player background has gone to the place where the faces should b. i have tampered with the config file in the skins folder i deleted it then this happened. i can't find any solutions. i've even deleted the skins folder and replaced it with my m8's backup one but this is still happening. the only thing i can think of is reinstall the game even then im unsure whever it will work. any help would b great guys.
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