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  1. Stunning Skin! Could you please add a small change? I love to play with attributes in boxes but don´t know to add it correctly. Would you add them as an alternative in the drop down menu inside the player profile? thank you in advance
  2. Great Skin, I use this one since v.1 Is it possible to put in the coloured attribute boxes in the player profile? Would be great
  3. I think I solved the problem; after deleting the FM, Cache and so on, I installed it and start it in Vanilla Mode; after this, I switch to windowed mode. I´ve installed all files (custom graphics, fake.LNC and so on) and now it works in the windowed mode.
  4. Yes...:/ I will reinstall the game and look if the error occurs in complete vanilla mode. Edit: Hum..after reinstall it works (in vanilla mode).
  5. Nope, because the game won´t start. This happens after I click "Play" in steam. Edit: same happens when I delete the Local Cache Folder in AppData
  6. I can´t start the FM since yesterday; at the first day, I could play - now I´ve a blackscreen with a white letterbox in it. My Specs: Windows 10 64 bit, i7-7700k, 16 GB DDR4-RAM, GTX1070 8GB, installed on a HDD. My Antivirus: Avira (I turned it off for testing, the same error occurs). I´ve installed kits, logos, faces and the fake.LNC from meistertrainerforum.de - all the files after the first start and I played the game without any issues. I use the repair from steam - same error. I start in Admin Mode from the .exe in the fm-Folder - same problem.
  7. Same here, I can´t start today. Yesterday I´ve played without a problem, today the black/white-Screen appears. FYI I installed Logos, Kits, Faces and the fake.LNC from meistertrainerforum.de (this one at first, I play from the first start with this file), after repairing my files, the same error occurs :/
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