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  1. Now it works fine for me - thank you!
  2. Not it´s completely destroyed within the match Click starting eleven and substitute are mixed and I still don´t have the positions on my screen (the the marked box); in your picture I´d posted before, there are buttons like "GK", "DR", "DCR" and so on
  3. Hi, @wkdsoul great job, again! But there are still two problems with my skin: 1.) All my changes in the Manager Home are still switching to different tabs after pressing "Continue" like my try of the skin in August (see page 2 in this thread) 2.) I would like to have the players sorted by position like in this picture of you: Players sorted by position within my matches, there are only the numbers, so my players are mixed between the positions (striker after defender and so on). Thank you in advance!
  4. Wow, stunning changes! Can´t wait to use the latest version
  5. Hi wkdsoul, thanks for the latest update including the home screen-fix - excellent skin in any way One further question: Is it possible to see the player traits in the player profile on the attributes-selector or in a single selector? I´m not the greatest fan of the huge box with the big single-selector like scouting, medical and so on (I prefer the selector with a lot of small selectors in the middle of the profile, if you know what I mean). thank you in advance ^^
  6. Yeah, sorry - my bad, it´s the home screen btw., great small title bar within the 3D-matches
  7. Nice skin! But could you please fix the tabs switching back in the club overview? I want to see player statistics and so on but after one klick to tactics, continue or stuff it switches back to the default settings :/
  8. Wow, stunning skin. Can´t wait to use this one Great Job!
  9. Alright, I´m looking forward to it
  10. Unfortunately it seems that the last posted version a few months ago would be the final version
  11. Sorry for asking but I would like to ask if you will update the skin soon? It has been a while since you told that there will be the next update soon if you has the time to develope the skin
  12. Sorry for pushing but are any updates in sight? I´m looking forward to it
  13. Stunning Skin! Could you please add a small change? I love to play with attributes in boxes but don´t know to add it correctly. Would you add them as an alternative in the drop down menu inside the player profile? thank you in advance
  14. Great Skin, I use this one since v.1 Is it possible to put in the coloured attribute boxes in the player profile? Would be great
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