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  1. Yeah, but his value during the last 2 seasons, where he underperfomed (9 goals in over 50 games, 6,76 average rating on last season) was always close to 45-50M€. It didn't dropped. Sold him to Inter for 49M€, plays badly, value aint dropping. Also, look at Ricardo Rodriguez. Bought him for 21 M€. One of my best performers, 2 1/2 years left till the end of the contract, and his priced dropped massively. I don't get it...
  2. Hi there, fellows. Like many of you, I feel like most of the times, many of my players are undervaluated. This has been happening in every FM that I remember, but this year, I find it even more weird. I'm mid 4th season with Valência. Here are a few examples: - One of my best valued players was Rodrigo. He was my best scorer on the 1st season (17 goals, not THAT great), but on the 2nd season he was underperforming (5 goals all season). I still kept him one more season, but he was abysmal. So, I sold him for 49M€ (against his will, as he still thought that he was doing great!). 49M €. Since then, he played 5 games and scored 1 with Inter (I'm in february, he had no injuries), and he is still valued at over 40M €, with 30y/o. - Santi Mina was my best scorer on S2, with 18 goals. His value never got over 15M €. Since he was underperforming on S3, I loaned him out for 1/2 season to West Ham, where he tanked (1 goal during the second half of the season, on West Ham), and sold him to Bristol City for 8.5€ M. He scored 2 during this time, on 18 games. He's still valued at 8.5M €. - bought Lovre Kalinic mid-S1. 17M €. Good GK, my nº1 until S4. Good performances. His price dropped considerably, and I was lucky to sell him on S4 winter market for 7M€ to Man. United (he was desperate to leave to a bigger club, and lost 1st team place to Raya). - S2, I bought Lovro Majer for a few quids. He gets 16 assists, my top performer on that regard. Never got valued over 12M €, and he's 24/25 y/o now. Valued at 11M€. - Ferran Torres. Top assist (9) on S3, doing great on S4. 21/22 y/o, so young, great margin for progress. Valued at 3M €. - Gaya left for Arsenal, for 35M€ + bonus on S2. Was desperate to leave. Got Ricardo Rodriguez for 21M€. One of my most consistent performers. Top assist on my current season. Currently valued at... 7M€. - Diakaby. My best DC. Never valued over 15€M, though he had an average rating over 7 on every season. - Carlos Soler. Underperforming on every season but the 1st. Squad player, never grabed that 1st team place. Valued at 18M€. - Alvaro Medran. Plays the same position as Soler. Average rating of over 7 on the 2nd season in a row. Valued at 7M€. I mean... how do these valued actually work? They do not seem to take performances into account. None of the undervalued players is even close to the end of the contract. It does seem to value reputation a lot (see Rodrigo). But a player doing as great as Ferran Torres, is so undervalued? How long does it take for reputation to change? It's strange. I remember on FM 11 or 12, I had Michael Eneramo as my best scorer, on my Sporting Lisbon save, and Bayer Leverkussen kept coming for him for "astronomical" amounts (never offered over 4M€, though he scored 25-30 goals/season). SO... anyone has an explanation of how exactly this all work? Thanks.
  3. Pretty bad, I’m afraid. Tried 2 saves. Started well the league, keeping in European places, drawing 0-0 away with Benfica and Porto, but then, on both saves, after 6-8 games, it all went downhill. I achieved, on both saves, a 12 games streak with no wins (on the league). The team hardly scored. On 2nd save, Yusupha, my best scorer had 7 goals(league and cups), when I was sacked after 23 rounds.
  4. Yeah... I know what you mean. I'm omw to failing on my 2nd atempt with Boavista. What I did to raise funds was to sell David Simão (probably the best player) for around 2.5M €. You could sell Sparagna also, as he earns A LOT compared to the rest of the squad. That's how I got the money. But still, I think the squad is weak to go for european places. OR, I could be training them very badly...
  5. I have tried FMT on an iPad in the past, and was disappointed with its slow processing speed and input lag. The possibility of playing FM on the go was one of the reasons I bought a Switch. Being the FM nerd that I am, I couldn’t resist the urge, and spend 35€ on the eshop to get that game. Boy, am I sorry I did it... Look, the game is playable. But the UI is horrible and unintuitive. I can deal with the slow processing times occasionally, but really... the interface is really, really bad. I’m no expert, but I think the game can be improved and be playable. At the current state, I just wish that I could get my money back. There should be a demo on the store to protect the users from this kind of games. I really love the full game, and even FMT on the PC. I love SI. But... can’t defend them now. Do not get this game on the Switch. I’m very sorry to say it. It’s not worth it. You’ll spend more time trying just to select what you want then actually enjoying he game. At the current state, I would give it a ⭐️ ⭐️
  6. What about Boavista's board expectactions? Can we expect a "re-tuning" of expectations?
  7. Boavista's board expecting at least Champions League qualification? Totally unrealistic. At the very, very best, top half expectations.
  8. I meant the 6 yard area. Didn't knew how to refer to it in english. This is a constant problem I've been having, on several teams, so it must be me. This is what I've been using. 1st - Inter - Played 4231. 1 wingback(s), 1 full back(a). both defenders on defensive duty. Atack, fluid. Tight marking 2nd - Sheffield Unt. 532. 2 complete wingbacks (1 on S, 1 on A). The defense was D(c), BPD (c), D(c). Play from the back, keep possession. Control, Fluid. 3rd - Boavista FC. 4123. Defense is: DFB (d), D(c), D(c), FB (s). Normal, Rigid. Tight marking. Just started, but been suffering a lot of goals on pre-season. Most of them in the 18 or 6 yard box. How can I prevent this? higher line with off-side trap? Deeper line? Disable tight marking?
  9. Hi there. On my recent saves, I've been having trouble with my defense. I suffer a lot of goal on my keepers area, mostly from deep through balls or low crosses. Also, my DC have been prone to making a lot of mistakes. How does one defend against such goals? Should I move my defensive line higher? Is there other way? I usually have them on standard, on a 4123 or 4231 formation. Thanks.
  10. But, is any of that teams “easy”? I’m needing an successful save, to get my FM mood up again.
  11. Hi, fellow managers. This year, I was having a pretty decent save with Valencia, when my computer died. Since I got a new laptop, I’m struggling to get back into the game. I don’t really know what team I want to get into, and the new saves I tried ended very badly (Inter Milan, was fired by January, in 8th place; Sheffield United, I quit because I was losing a lot, and suffering a lot of goals (most of them on my keepers area). Tried different tactics and aproachs, but no good results whatsoever. I don’t really know what is lacking, but my defenders keep making a lot of mistakes. I’m just not feeling it for any club, actually. And I find the game more difficult this year. So, can anyone advise me on a “easy”, compelling save? I don’t wanna create an international reputation manager. I usually prefer to train middle of the table/“Try for Europe” teams (last years I good saves with Valencia, West Ham and Everton. The years before, I’d usually go for Sporting Lisbon). Also, I prefer teams on the top 2 divisions of a country, and I only use Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, German and French leagues. What would you guys use? I’m thinking maybe of Atalanta, Newcastle United, maybe Wolverhampton, Aston Villa... Go on. Advise me, please...
  12. A question. This? https://www.pcdiga.com/portatil-msi-15-6-gl63-8rd-401xpt Or this? https://www.pcdiga.com/portatil-msi-15-6-gl62mvr-7rfx-1234xpt Thanks
  13. Hi there, fellow FM'ers. My laptop died, so I'm currently on the market, scouting for a new one. FM is not the only game I play, but it is the one I spend most time with (I also play Diablo 3, Overwatch, WoW). What's more important for FM? Should I invest on a better graphics card, a better processor or more RAM? The money isn't infinite, so I must make choices. I'm thinking a GPU 1050ti or a 1060 (is it worth the extra buck, or is it a bit overkill?). 8Gb RAM is enough, or should I go for 16gb? Quad core is enough for FM, or a hexa core is the way to go? I'd like a quick answer, pls, as I'm about to buy the laptop this week. Thanks.
  14. Hi there, fellow FM'ers. My laptop died, so I'm currently on the market, scouting for a new one. FM is not the only game I play, but it is the one I spend most time with (I also play Diablo 3, Overwatch, WoW). What's more important for FM? Should I invest on a better graphics card, a better processor or more RAM? The money isn't infinite, so I must make choices. I'm thinking a GPU 1050ti or a 1060 (is it worth the extra buck, or is it a bit overkill?). 8Gb RAM is enough, or should I go for 16gb? Quad core is enough for FM, or a hexa core is the way to go? I'd like a quick answer, pls, as I'm about to buy the laptop this week. Thanks.
  15. Do they make the game slower? I like to let some 20 leagues on the background, but this year the game is slower to process. Are the extra, non-playable leagues slowing it down?
  16. After two decent (not brilliant; 7th and 9th place) seasons playing a direct football with West Ham, I wanna go for a more atacking, maybe possession football 4231. So, I want your opinion on 2 questions: 1. For the left side of the defence, I'm thinking of of using a FB(a) or a wingback, as I'll be using an IF(s) there. What role would you give to the left side of the cm there? What would provide the most cover? A DLP(d), a BB(s), or should I just go with a BW(d)? I'd like to use Kessie as a BB, but I guess I'll probably have to use him as a BW. 2. I would like my forward to be the focus of the offensive game and score a lot of goals. If I use an AF(a) or a poacher, what roles would be needed to feed him assists? AP behind him? Or would he be too isolated? thanks.
  17. Hi guys. Thanks for the feedback so far. Since I've made a few changes, considering your advices, my defense improved, and I climbed from 15th to 7th (28 games played). In January I sold Winston Reid, and bougth Muslera (GK), Michael Keane (DC) and Carl Jenkinson (RB). These players made my defense more consistent. On the tactical side, I'm keeping the 4231 normal, with my central players on defensive duty (DLP, BWM). I've change from wide to a more balanced formation, started to play a fluid game and am closing down more. I still play direct football. The results have been good. On the last 8 games, I've kept 5 clean sheets, lost just 1 game (1-0 at Roma), and won 3-2 on the home match against Roma, and a good 1-0 against Spurs (who dominated possession and shots, but could't create much againts me. On that game I've played a 4123 CA). A few dificult matches are coming my way, so let's see how it goes. Still, I improved a lot latelly, and thanks for your advices.
  18. Well, irl West Ham does have the 3rd worst defense on the Premier League, so maybe the game IS right about my defensive issues...
  19. It seems counter-intuitive for me. The oposite of that would be slow defenders on a high defensive line, and I feel that faster defenders should be used on higher defensive lines, so that they can catch up if their backs are explored, know what I mean? And again, thanks for your help. My native language also isn't english, btw.
  20. First of all, thank all of you for the feedback. I'm gonna change to a more fluid system, a higher defence, and closing down more, and see how it goes. I'm afraid of it, because of my slow defenders, I may leave some space behind the defence to be explored. Maybe I need a good keeper too, as Adrian only has a 3* rating (though he has been playing well). Another question: how would you play a deep defence with closing down less? How can you make a defence like that work?
  21. I wanna get there myself, to try and understand how, instead of reading it.
  22. Hi there! Thank you for the feedback. As you suggested, I've already had read a lot of tactical guides, I know the dutys description, etc.. Apparently, I'm missing something here, but I see your point, and where I can improve, or at least try something different. So: 1 - What I want in my game is for my defence to sit deep, soak up the attacks and keep a solid shape, to make it hard for the other team to find space, and play a direct, vertical style of game when I have the ball. Hence my tactic. But if I consider the fluidity as the "size" and "compactness" of the team, it does make sense what you're saying. Do you think that maybe, if I change to fluid or more, the team will be more compact, and won't give so much space to shoot? Or maybe place a DC on a block duty? 2 - I've done that on some games, but it did not helped. Though, I admit, I do that when I'm going after the result, not from the start. 3 - I'm passing into space, to take advantage of my wide men speed and off the ball. I'm averaging 48% possession. But it's not what I'm looking for in the game (a bit tired of most of the community looking for a possession based tactic, I want something more Moirinho-esque). I'm 10 games into the premier league, 5W1D4L. Lost 2-0 to Man City on the League Cup. 5 points out of 3 games in the Europa League group stage. Also, in using FM17 version (most difficult year I can remember, for me):
  23. Hi there. I started a save with West Ham recently. Not many acquisitions, kept the same squad. I haven't had a great start of the season, but not too awful either. The thing is, against certain opposition, I've given away too many chances for shots on goal. And when I lose, I LOSE. On several games, I've conceded over 20 shots off target, and over 8 shots on target. I have the 2nd worst defence on the league. Thank God for my attack to keep me on a good position. I was completely crushed against Crystal Palace (4-0, all on the second half), Leicester (1-2, but conceded way too many chances) and Tottenham (5-0). So, please, help me understand where my flaws are. I play on a rigid, 4231 formation, on normal. I use direct passing, sit deep in defence, close down less, a bit wide, play into space My gk is a regular one. On my back four, I use 2 DC on defence, or one of those as a defensive CB (usually Reid, sometimes Fontes). My 2 FB on support (except the RB Arbeloa on defence when against stronger opposition, LB on attack when I go for attack). My midfield has a DLP/D (Noble or Obiang), and BWM/S. Sometimes I change the BWM to a MC/D (Obiang), or change the DLP to support. Up front, W/S on the right, AP/A on the centre, IF/S on the left, with Caleri as a CF/S. I tell my wide man and CF to close down more. As an alternative tactic, 4123 on CA, Rigid. Play into space, play into wings, very low defensive line, close down much less, direct passing, roam from position. On the D, DC on defend, FB on defend, DMC on defend, DLP/S, APM/A, RW/S, LIF/S, TM/S. So, what am I doing wrong? Where can I improve my defence? Any advice? Need more info? Thanks.
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