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  1. Same error during a match. FM 2020 v20.0.3.1307550 (2019.11.07 17.22.22).dmp
  2. Hi there. I'm using the dark skin, and training Borussia Dortmund. When I check the recent matches analysis, and I mouse over some players on some screens (lost balls, per instance), part of the text is unreadable, because of the colors clash (white text on a yellow background). I'm sending a ss atached for you to check. Bye.
  3. Also, Boavista kit should be black and white. On the game, it seems more like black and light grey.
  4. Considering Boavista FC: I support the club, but I believe that the board's expectations are wrong in the game. I think that there is no vision of signing high rep players, and I also believe that there is no club vision to play entertaining football. Our football is considered agressive, defensive, of counter-atack, but definitly not entertaining atm. Also, top half finish is just a tid bit too high (mid-table seems more apropriate to me, considering the budget in comparisson to other teams),
  5. @Rashidi, I would like to ask you something. I check your YouTube channel on a regular basis, but I haven’t seen all your videos, so I may be missing something. Have you ever created a counter-attack, direct, non-possession based tactic? Do you, like me, feel that defensive, counter-attacking football is a bit underpowered in this game, as it favours more the “tiki-taka”-like tactics? I have that feeling, as most of my successful spells so far were with possession based, short pass, work into box tactics. Thanks.
  6. That is precisely what I feel, mate. Besides, all this past years, the tactics I have build from scratch (mostly adapted to the player I had starting on the team) worked well. Never used someone else’s tactics. But this year...
  7. But I want that behaviour from the wide players, not the GK. As I wanted more control of the game, I instructed him to pass short, but he was in love with Rondon apparently. Now that you mentioned it, I introduced Rondon at half-time. Before that, my striker was a pressing forward.
  8. Wasn't using on the 1st half, but changed to play out of defence and short distribution on the 2nd half. And he just kept kicking it long.
  9. Tomorrow maybe. I'm at work right now. :P But still, I changed the GK distribution instructions throughout the match, and he just kept kicking the ball to my striker.
  10. I know had a short fuse with my Boavista save, but I was feeling broken from the overall experience. It's not the results against the big guys that anoyed me, but it was the fact that on 3 oficial matches, I lost on penaltis, couldnt beat a side who played over 30 min. with 10 men, and was losing and had a player sent off so soon. Also add to that the time I invested on the previous save, where I feel that I was unfortunate to be sacked 2x on Valência and Bayer. It was too much for me to bare on those couple of days, hence the rage quit. Now I started a Newcastle save. Played just 2 matches so far and I watched full matches on 2D view. I usually go for 2D, but I rarely watch full match. I feel like I was able to compreend the game better. BUT, I do feel that many times, players just ignore most of the instructions. I wanted the GK to do short distribution, but he just kept on going for long balls to my striker (TM). Undisciplined little brat... On those matches I won 2-0 (Southampton) and lost 2-0 (Chelsea). The goals Chelsea scored against me were both because of mistakes from my RB. It is revolting... Next match, Manchester United at home...
  11. This. I agree 100%. In all my seasons with FM19, against weak and very weak teams I 've had issues to break them down. Even trying to draw them way rarely, if ever, worked.
  12. I think that PPM should be shown on the atributes page, as they are important to evaluate the player.
  13. Mourinho (his first stint at Chelsea, and Inter Milan) and Simeone. I like a team with a really strong defence, that can counter-attack fast and eficiently. Too bad that on FM, I just get good results when I play a possession based, short-pass football. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the game is unbalaced. For man-management and personality, Klopp.
  14. Just a small suggestion. I'd like to see a page like this beneath for the manager and players.
  15. Guys, thank you all for the feedback. I'm still wondering what to do next. I do find it apealing the idea of training a higher power, like Arsenal. I don't usually do that. I do feel that the game "forces us" to play a pressing style. I would like to create a Mourinho-like tactic (circa his Inter time), with a low block, low pressure and fast counter attack football, but everytime I do that, the results aren't good. The one, the only, Rashidi, the Man! Tell me, how do you setup your manager? Do you always create him with automatic badges/experience? I know that we can get badges as the game progresses, if we ask the board. But, if I start with sunday league experiece, does the experience "level up" as the game goes on? Is it possible to be respected in the future, starting with low rep? Also, do you usually build the tactic around your players,or try to fit the players and rebuild the squad to the tactic you chose? I've seen your guides, but what do you prefer to do? I'm really interested about it. I feel that this year, the game is giving me a beating. With my experience in the previous years, the stuff I've read and videos I've seen, I'm still struggling. Sometimes, I struggle to make the players do the stuff I'm telling them to. Or I believe I'm telling them to. Damn... what a game...
  16. This game, Football Manager 2019, has broken me. Has beaten me, kicked me while I was on the ground, and mocked me. Let me vent my frustration. I’ve been playing CM/FM for over the last 20 years. As it got more and more complex, I’ve been dedicating it more and more time. I never reload, I try to do a clean save. I don’t research for wonder kids or winning tactics. Over the past year, I’ve been watching Busthenet videos. Over the last 6/7 years, I’ve been reading guides on a semi-regular basis. But I get on the game, I don’t win trophies. I try to manage the team I support (Boavista FC), and every year, I can barely past the first season on multiple save attempts (usually sacked my jan/feb). So I got to decent saves on the past few years with Milan & Valencia (FM18 2 saves of 4 seasons), West Ham (FM17 6 seasons, finished 2nd on my last season), Everton (FM16). Not a single trophy. I thin my last trophy was the Ligue 1 with OL on FM14. As the get gets more complex, I’ve been struggling and struggling... This year, I started with Valencia. Created a manager without international caps (it kinda breaks my imersion to see nations caps and goals in my profile page). The results: 4th, 4th, 4th, 3rd (and CL semifinal), 5th. On that last season, the board wasn’t happy that I failed a CL spot. They gave me an ultimatum. 10 points in 5 games. Stupid me, didn’t bargained. Invested as I’ve never invested before on that pre-season. Start the season, 2 wins. Go to Athletic, and lose (they were the ones who finished 4th the previous seasons). So now, I need 4 points from 2 matches. Hosted Real Madrid. And so it goes. 1-0. 1-1. 1-2... 2-2 on the 89th minute. That was close... 5th game. Host Malaga. 31 shots (12 on target) by my team. 1 goal. 3 Malaga shots (1 on target). The result? You guessed it. 1-1. 8 points. I was sacked. Kept going with the save. By December that year, I was hired by Bayer Leverkusen. They were having a bad season (14th), and I raised the goal of mi table to upper mid-table. Finished 9th. I thought the board would want Europa League football next season, but no... they want a CL spot. So, the season starts. By around 1/4th of the season I’m going great. 1st place, good football, plenty of goals. But then... the goals stopped. And so we dropped. Was 9th by the winter break. But we got ourselves up after beating Bayern 4-1. Rose to 4th. Tight table. 2 match days to finish, were 1 point away from 3rd place. From 3rd to 9th, the difference is just 6 points. We go to Munich... and lost 3-1. And end the season with a home defeat against Eintracht Frankfurt. We finish... 9th place. 2 points shy of EL football. Board meeting. I don’t get the sack. Yet. But I have to get 12 points out of 5 games. No bargain allowed. The pre season? Awful transfer market, and I lost my top striker who had a release clause, and my main targets didn’t want to come, as I had no European football. So, I have to win 4/5 on the start of the season. So I go. WDWL. I’m out... Getting demotivated by now. But wait! I get to manage Brasil national team! And I start by beating Argentina easily. On the road to the WC, I lose just one game (at home to Argentina), draw a friendly with Spain, and win every other game. With a national team based on regens, and a 33 y/o Neymar. I got to the 1/4 finals beating Italy on the way. But then I face Germany... and lose 2-0. Sacked. Fair enough. Got hired by Atalanta, looking to get into Europa League. But by now, the game is full of regens and I hardly know the teams. I think I don’t have the will to carry on with this save. So yesterday, I decided I should start with my Boavista, again. Decent pre-season. Tried to create a defensive, counter-attack team. First official match, League Cup: 0-0 against Moreirense, lost on penalties. Start the season against FC Porto and Sporting Lisbon. Lost 4-0 and 3-1. Next, I host Vitoria Setúbal. Was playing nicely and creating chances. They go down to 10 men by the 60th minute. And I... can’t... score... 0-0. Stating to get on my nerves. Next match, away at Nacional. By the 17th minute I’m losing 2-0. By the 25th minute, my captain does a ugly tackle, is show the red card. Rage quit. I don’t know what to do... I enjoy playing this game so much, but it keeps giving me bad experiences this year. And I think, THINK that i know most of the tactical theory, but I can’t seem to understand how can I get so overrun on some games. I do change and tinker tactics a lot. Maybe that’s wrong? Maybe I should stick with a vision and “force” the players into it? I want a new save, but don’t really know what. Does having international caps on the manager experience easies the game? I’m thinking about managing Everton, West Ham or Newcastle. Or maybe role play that I’m a former star (like Figo or Robert Pires) and manage a team like Arsenal. Or should I go back and continue with my original save with Atalanta? Have you ever felt like this, broken by the game? Do you have a save suggestion for me? If you’ve read my rant so far, thank you. I just feel so overwhelmed that I need to vent it out.
  17. Yeah, but his value during the last 2 seasons, where he underperfomed (9 goals in over 50 games, 6,76 average rating on last season) was always close to 45-50M€. It didn't dropped. Sold him to Inter for 49M€, plays badly, value aint dropping. Also, look at Ricardo Rodriguez. Bought him for 21 M€. One of my best performers, 2 1/2 years left till the end of the contract, and his priced dropped massively. I don't get it...
  18. Hi there, fellows. Like many of you, I feel like most of the times, many of my players are undervaluated. This has been happening in every FM that I remember, but this year, I find it even more weird. I'm mid 4th season with Valência. Here are a few examples: - One of my best valued players was Rodrigo. He was my best scorer on the 1st season (17 goals, not THAT great), but on the 2nd season he was underperforming (5 goals all season). I still kept him one more season, but he was abysmal. So, I sold him for 49M€ (against his will, as he still thought that he was doing great!). 49M €. Since then, he played 5 games and scored 1 with Inter (I'm in february, he had no injuries), and he is still valued at over 40M €, with 30y/o. - Santi Mina was my best scorer on S2, with 18 goals. His value never got over 15M €. Since he was underperforming on S3, I loaned him out for 1/2 season to West Ham, where he tanked (1 goal during the second half of the season, on West Ham), and sold him to Bristol City for 8.5€ M. He scored 2 during this time, on 18 games. He's still valued at 8.5M €. - bought Lovre Kalinic mid-S1. 17M €. Good GK, my nº1 until S4. Good performances. His price dropped considerably, and I was lucky to sell him on S4 winter market for 7M€ to Man. United (he was desperate to leave to a bigger club, and lost 1st team place to Raya). - S2, I bought Lovro Majer for a few quids. He gets 16 assists, my top performer on that regard. Never got valued over 12M €, and he's 24/25 y/o now. Valued at 11M€. - Ferran Torres. Top assist (9) on S3, doing great on S4. 21/22 y/o, so young, great margin for progress. Valued at 3M €. - Gaya left for Arsenal, for 35M€ + bonus on S2. Was desperate to leave. Got Ricardo Rodriguez for 21M€. One of my most consistent performers. Top assist on my current season. Currently valued at... 7M€. - Diakaby. My best DC. Never valued over 15€M, though he had an average rating over 7 on every season. - Carlos Soler. Underperforming on every season but the 1st. Squad player, never grabed that 1st team place. Valued at 18M€. - Alvaro Medran. Plays the same position as Soler. Average rating of over 7 on the 2nd season in a row. Valued at 7M€. I mean... how do these valued actually work? They do not seem to take performances into account. None of the undervalued players is even close to the end of the contract. It does seem to value reputation a lot (see Rodrigo). But a player doing as great as Ferran Torres, is so undervalued? How long does it take for reputation to change? It's strange. I remember on FM 11 or 12, I had Michael Eneramo as my best scorer, on my Sporting Lisbon save, and Bayer Leverkussen kept coming for him for "astronomical" amounts (never offered over 4M€, though he scored 25-30 goals/season). SO... anyone has an explanation of how exactly this all work? Thanks.
  19. Pretty bad, I’m afraid. Tried 2 saves. Started well the league, keeping in European places, drawing 0-0 away with Benfica and Porto, but then, on both saves, after 6-8 games, it all went downhill. I achieved, on both saves, a 12 games streak with no wins (on the league). The team hardly scored. On 2nd save, Yusupha, my best scorer had 7 goals(league and cups), when I was sacked after 23 rounds.
  20. Yeah... I know what you mean. I'm omw to failing on my 2nd atempt with Boavista. What I did to raise funds was to sell David Simão (probably the best player) for around 2.5M €. You could sell Sparagna also, as he earns A LOT compared to the rest of the squad. That's how I got the money. But still, I think the squad is weak to go for european places. OR, I could be training them very badly...
  21. I have tried FMT on an iPad in the past, and was disappointed with its slow processing speed and input lag. The possibility of playing FM on the go was one of the reasons I bought a Switch. Being the FM nerd that I am, I couldn’t resist the urge, and spend 35€ on the eshop to get that game. Boy, am I sorry I did it... Look, the game is playable. But the UI is horrible and unintuitive. I can deal with the slow processing times occasionally, but really... the interface is really, really bad. I’m no expert, but I think the game can be improved and be playable. At the current state, I just wish that I could get my money back. There should be a demo on the store to protect the users from this kind of games. I really love the full game, and even FMT on the PC. I love SI. But... can’t defend them now. Do not get this game on the Switch. I’m very sorry to say it. It’s not worth it. You’ll spend more time trying just to select what you want then actually enjoying he game. At the current state, I would give it a ⭐️ ⭐️
  22. I meant the 6 yard area. Didn't knew how to refer to it in english. This is a constant problem I've been having, on several teams, so it must be me. This is what I've been using. 1st - Inter - Played 4231. 1 wingback(s), 1 full back(a). both defenders on defensive duty. Atack, fluid. Tight marking 2nd - Sheffield Unt. 532. 2 complete wingbacks (1 on S, 1 on A). The defense was D(c), BPD (c), D(c). Play from the back, keep possession. Control, Fluid. 3rd - Boavista FC. 4123. Defense is: DFB (d), D(c), D(c), FB (s). Normal, Rigid. Tight marking. Just started, but been suffering a lot of goals on pre-season. Most of them in the 18 or 6 yard box. How can I prevent this? higher line with off-side trap? Deeper line? Disable tight marking?
  23. Hi there. On my recent saves, I've been having trouble with my defense. I suffer a lot of goal on my keepers area, mostly from deep through balls or low crosses. Also, my DC have been prone to making a lot of mistakes. How does one defend against such goals? Should I move my defensive line higher? Is there other way? I usually have them on standard, on a 4123 or 4231 formation. Thanks.
  24. But, is any of that teams “easy”? I’m needing an successful save, to get my FM mood up again.
  25. Hi, fellow managers. This year, I was having a pretty decent save with Valencia, when my computer died. Since I got a new laptop, I’m struggling to get back into the game. I don’t really know what team I want to get into, and the new saves I tried ended very badly (Inter Milan, was fired by January, in 8th place; Sheffield United, I quit because I was losing a lot, and suffering a lot of goals (most of them on my keepers area). Tried different tactics and aproachs, but no good results whatsoever. I don’t really know what is lacking, but my defenders keep making a lot of mistakes. I’m just not feeling it for any club, actually. And I find the game more difficult this year. So, can anyone advise me on a “easy”, compelling save? I don’t wanna create an international reputation manager. I usually prefer to train middle of the table/“Try for Europe” teams (last years I good saves with Valencia, West Ham and Everton. The years before, I’d usually go for Sporting Lisbon). Also, I prefer teams on the top 2 divisions of a country, and I only use Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, German and French leagues. What would you guys use? I’m thinking maybe of Atalanta, Newcastle United, maybe Wolverhampton, Aston Villa... Go on. Advise me, please...
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