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  1. Still think he shouldn't have the avoids using weaker foot trait as he scored 5 goals with his left foot last season https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/james-forrest/alletore/spieler/8499
  2. Julien should have more than 6 vision (see his assist for Klimala vs Hamilton) & a dribbling rating of 6 is also a bit harsh (that's only 1 higher than Duffy's!). Duffy needs a nerf to his tackling & decisions. Mikey Johnston starts in the reserves & could do with a slight increase to his agility, balance, composure, decisions & stamina at least. Callum McGregor having the cuts inside from both wings & runs with ball rarely traits is a strange one, I think he shouldn't have either & could probably have the dictates tempo trait. Forrest sh
  3. I'm going to try this in my Valladolid save. What individual player instructions are you using if any? Also what duty do you have the sweeper keeper on defend, support or attack?
  4. Do you use any other individual instructions, like distribution instructions for the goalkeeper? Also what striker role did you go with in your first season?
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