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  1. *Disclaimer - No screenshots available as im at work, so please go off the detail provided below: Background - Created my own club starting in the Vanarama National South, having a lot of success, we achieved promotion to the premier league with 5 promotions in 6 seasons. Tactics wise - this changed regularly in order to try to find a way of winning, although I consistently looked to press/counter press throughout all of my tactics. My first season in the EPL was a huge success, finishing 14th comfortably, although no player in the squad scored more than 5 goals which was a worry for me. Into the second season, i signed several players and massively improved my squad, managed to get in a few wonderkids including a Mexican striker who already has 50 career league goals at the age of 20, and is currently the Premier League top goalscorer. 3 ahead of Kane with 14 in 21 games despite my team sitting 19th in the table, 6 points adrift of safety. The quality of my squad has massively improved, although the team cannot get results at all... we dominate 60% possession in most games, even away at the big sides in the league but still manage to concede more goals than we score, we also concede more penalties than any other team (7 - next closest is 4). Any tips for a struggling side? technically a very gifted team (See below) I've included a few players which you will be familiar with: GK Fructl (from Bayern), Tymon LB, Barca wonderkid regen on loan CB, Callum Chambers CB, Tyler Adams RB, CM Lewis Cook, CM Meza Argentinian wonderkid (suited to DLP(D)), CM Poggi Swiss wonderkid (Could play any role, creative), IF Justin Kluivert, IF Reyes (columbian wonderkid), CF Rios (unbelievable 20 year old striker, top EPL goalscorer at the half way point). I usually play on balanced style, my team seems to keep the ball well but struggle with scoring/defending counters. My questions to you: Now you see the situation I am in, my team is more than capable of finishing higher, maybe its too inexperienced or lacking cohesion? Of that XI above, only 3 players were at the club in the previous season. Good combination of roles for a flat midfield 3 in a gegenpress with 2 IF and a complete forward ahead. Thinking of trying: DLP(S) - CM(D) - MEZ(s) Anyone with any experience of this or ideas on if it would be effective? Have you ever found yourself in a relegation battle which you shouldn't have been in? how did you get out?
  2. Has anyone had much luck recreating this seasons 4231? A gegenpress in forms but also a control tactic in many ways.
  3. Managed to sell 31 year old Jordan Henderson to Manchester City for 75m! He had just captained the side to 2 successive league titles and a CL title, although not featuring as first choice. City made a bid of around 47m and I thought I'd be cheeky and ask for 75m expecting them to bid at around 55m, but no they comply and match my requested bid upfront! Would be interesting to see how much more I could have got out of them... He's now playing as fernandinho's replacement in their 4123 formation.
  4. My preference has always been 1 main tactic following a certain philosophy, I don't tend to change my tactics for away games although in the past i have used completely different formations away from home in order to get results... Claiming the "tinkerman" title in game! Especially when using higher quality teams I prefer to have 1 tactic to follow and use both home and away, similar to the way in which Pep always imposes his style regardless of opposition/venue. In my Liverpool save, which struggled in the first season at home using the vertical tika-taka in a 4231 formation, which i switched to a custom gegenpress 4231 towards the end of the season and have used in seasons 2&3, winning the premier league twice, Champions league once and FA cup across seasons 2 & 3. The vertical tika-taka didn't take enough risks away from home, and just allowed the opposition to defend their 18 yard line, the gegenpress opened up counter opportunities which were exploited often. Apologies for the slow reply. @Robson 07
  5. One recurring problem I encounter in every FM game I have played is contrasting form when playing at home compared to away. I wanted to hear if anyone else had similar issues? I dislike having a home and away tactic and don't understand why my tactic performs so differently, I know its harder playing away from home, but a tactic that creates numerous chances and scores 3 goals per game on average at home, but struggles to muster 1 away from home does not make sense to me. In FM18 i would regularly go unbeaten at home, my best season saw my side get 18/19 wins at home in the league with 1 draw, contrasting to my away form using the same tactic, I recorded a record of 5 wins, 7 losses and 7 draws which is abysmal form away from home for a team dropping only 2 points at home. Tactics: I usually play 4231 with inside forwards, high pressing tactic looking to attack opponents, most recently managing Liverpool in FM19, using a slightly adapted "gegenpress" tactic. I would always expect the home record to be better than the away record, however It really bugs me that an incredibly effective tactic is almost useless on away days forcing me to adopt a second tactic to use on all away games. Using a different away tactic is my pet hate and does not truly reflect real life. Teams like Man City and Liverpool apply the same blueprint in most games to equal effect whether it is home or away. Of course playing away from home, the home side might be more adventurous than they would visiting a ground like Anfield, so I would expect a few more goals to be conceded on the counter etc, especially when playing a high line. However the volume conceded and overall performance in comparison to home games with the same tactic just seems to drastic to me.
  6. My planned team for my second season with LFC. I have already acquired De Vrij (free transfer), Fructl (15m), Sessegnon (18m) and Guebbels (6m). I am currently close to winning the league in my first season, so should have a sizeable kitty for the summer window in order to sign Gian-Luca Itter, Mere, Lemar and Jorginho (or Diawara). Plus sales of several senior players to come. Retraining Sessengon to Advanced playmaker, and a back up left back, i dont use wingers at home and he has all the attributes i like from my two offensive central midfilders, it will be an interesting development. I want to maintain a young side without signing "superstars" (besides Lemar). The Ox has been sensational in the AP(s) role, Salah has 20 goals and 20 assists overall with around 10 games left, Firmino has 17 goals and 11 assists and Mane has 18 goals and 10 assists. My front three have been devastating.
  7. Signed Geubbells off the back of your recommendation in the first January window (for around 8m at 16 years old), scored on his debut in the league cup semi final to become LFC's youngest ever goal scorer... big future
  8. Had the craziest Champions League semi final in my second season. Drew at Old Trafford 2-2 in the first leg. despite going 2-0 up. When picking my team for the second leg i made my first fatal error, something ive done throughout my Liverpool career, not selecting a GK on the bench... 2-0 up after 30 mins, looks like job done when donnurammu is stretchered off, up steps Joe Gomez in net. We score moments later 3-0, united had only mustered 2 efforts by this point so i thought all would be ok... United net through Lukaku, then robertson makes a horror tackle putting us down to 10 men with Gomez in net.. they claw it back to 3-3 before mane scores, what i thought would be the winner before Lukaku made it 4-4 in the dying moments. United through to the final thanks to away goals (6-6)
  9. Transfer suggestions 3rd season Just finished my second season: League cup final - Lost v Manchester united Champions League semi final - lost v Manchester United (6-6 aggregate score, lost on away goals) FA cup final - won v Huddersfield (knocked Man U out in the semi) Premier League - 83 points 3rd place (1 point behind Man U, 2 behind Chelsea) Firmino scored 54 goals, he now has 94 goals in 95 appearances in my two seasons at the club Mane (26), Salah (23) and woodbun (21) all scored over 20 goals overall in the season. Salah registered 31 assists in all competitions with 23 goals. Lemar contributed 4 goals and 12 assists in the league, playing central midfield (APs). I plan to overhaul several players: Milner, Klavan, Solanke (loan), Lallana and Demiraby as first team causalities. I have made one addition to the team, spending 57m on Asensio to play AP(s) next to Lemar. I also want to move TAA to central midfield, my team so far looks like this: I need a new right back with TAA in cm, tempted to sell on Henderson if any good offers come in as well. I have several young players to integrate as well however non at right back or good enough to play upfront. My midfield three are made up of AP(s) DLP(d) AP(s), my front 3 are made up of CF(s) CF(a) CF(s). Currently looking to sign Cutrone or Pellegri, i missed out on Belotti to city. A back up centre back could be useful, i have a young LB regen in my youth team that i might rotate in, especially if i get any good offers for Moreno. Van Dijk was very disappointing in my second season, Romagnoli was supposed to replace Matip (Sold to Real in Jan) however a string of Mistakes and sendings off from Van Dijk saw De Ligt come in and impress at the back, as first choice now.
  10. Halfway through my second season now, currently in first place and still in all of the cup competitions (league cup semi, CL R16 and FA cup 4th round) Still using the 433 narrow at home, to great effect, scoring a lot of goals Firmino has 32 goals in 18 league games which is ridiculous. He got 40 goals in 48 appearances the previous season and looks like he will smash that record in the league alone. He won the ballon d'or in 2018 for his goalscoring efforts, scoring 48 in 40 games and registering 15 assists. Salah has been excellent scoring and assisting, Mane has been less effective but still chips in with goals and assists. I use a more defensive 433 wide away from home which has also been successful. my starting XI is below: GK: Donarumma RB :TAA (Clyne) CB:Van Dijk (De light) CB: Romagoli (Gomez) LB: Moreno (Robertson) RCM: Lemar (Lallana) CM: Keita (Henderson) LCM: Oxlade-Chamberlain (Demiraby) STR: Salah (Solanke) STC: Firmino (Dolberg) STL: Mane (Woodburn) January transfers 2019: In > 10x 3m U20 players (mainly regens, some look very good), Romagnoli 32m Out > Matip 65m (Real Madrid) My net spend is very low which I am pleased with, I have recouped a lot of money from selling players. Despite this, I have still spent big on a lot of players, like Lemar (100m+).
  11. Anyone else struggling away from home? I'm in my second season now, halfway through the first I was top of the league and 6 points clear, come to the end of the season I scraped 4th place on goal difference... I play a 433 narrow (found on another forum) and at Anfield the results are unreal... Defensively always likely to concede goals, but going forward always notched 3 or 4 goals a game, won every game at anfield in all competitions bar a 3-3 draw with Manchester United. The tactic focuses on counter pressing, most of my goals came from winning the ball in midfield playing it forward to salah or mane who would then work it into the box to firmino. The front 3 of Mane (CFs) Firmino (CFa) and Salah (CFs) got so many goals, firmino with 40 in all competitions! All 3 had 10+ assists in all comps. Solanke, Breswster and woodburn all played well in this formation as well, solanke (first half season pre loan) scored 12 times, woodburn scored 14 times and brewster got 4 in 2 starts. Away from home started well with this tactic, however a run that started with a 7-1 away defeat to Porto in the final CL group game (i'd already qualified and played the kids) and went onto the second to last game of the season where i finally got an away win. In the league, i finished with the following away record: P(19) W(5) D(9) L(5) My home record in contrast: P(19) W(18) D(1) L(0) For my second season, i am looking to use a new away tactic, probably a 433 with a holding midfielder, and wide inside forwards, still looking to press but with more bodies defending. Heres the tactic I used ( i removed get stuck in, too many cards): http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-18-tactics/368164-crazy-433-v.html As for signings, Ive tried to use what i have as much as possible, with Ox playing excellently in central midfield, Milner was also incredible. Here are my signings in and out: January 2018 in > Dolberg (25m), Maguire (35m), Demiraby (24m) January 2018 out > Lovren (40m), Ings (loan), Solanke(loan), ward (5m) Summer 2018 in > Donaruma(33m), Lemar(100m+addons), De ligt (14m), Keita (60m) Summer 2018 out > Maguire(17m), Wijnaldum (40m), Can(70m), Sturridge (20m), Ings(12m), Flanagan (4m), Markovic (7m), Grujic(7.5m), Mignolet(17m)
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