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  1. Hope not, he put lots of effort into helping the skinning community over the years.. and made tons of great guides.
  2. Chesterfield v Carlisle. Made us play in our away kit at home, looks strange with all the crowd in red too.
  3. Are League Two teams not allowed to use terraces anymore? Recently got promoted to League Two and in every single game on the match engine, the terrace stands are completely empty. Looks bizarre when like 2 (sometimes 3) stands are just empty.. didn't want to post it in the bugs forum as I wasn't sure if they have been banned in real life.
  4. Also I realise SI will be working hard on fixing things that are actual 'bugs' and may not have time to even look at recommendations etc. Perhaps why last years post about this exact same thing got ignored. I did look around for somewhere else to post this issue, but couldn't see anywhere.. so apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place.
  5. Yep, I remember it was a few versions ago I first noticed it. I always thought they would notice it soon and sort it with the next patch, then the next patch. Then next years version, then the next versions next patch.. but the fix still has not come years later. So thought I would post something to see if SI even knew about it.
  6. I posted a thread in last years beta forum requesting this, but got no reply. On the match overview screen, can we have the attendance. This is how I have it when I click on other teams results, to see the goal scorers etc and match stats underneath. But I like to see the attendance of games too, so I'm forever having to change the match stats tab, to the overview to see the attendance then change it back to the match stats for every result I'm checking. Could we please have it so the attendance always shows at the top, something like this.. or
  7. I know I'm probably one of the remaining few that still play with match sounds on, but anyway, something that's niggled me over the past 2/3 versions is that the away team match day sounds are exactly the same loudness of the home team. I don't mean they are slightly too loud for an away team, I mean they are exactly the same level as the home team. So when a goal is score, it sounds exactly the same whether it's by the home team or away team. Would be good if the away team volume level could be reduced, with maybe some smartness like it used to be.. louder sounds for larger away followings, quieter sounds for smaller followings etc. Also, it would be nice if the goal scored sound was removed during in match goal replays, I play with tweaked sounds. and hearing the goal scored sound triggered again from the replay, when the current goal scored sound hasn't even finished always seems glitchy.
  8. Noticed they have changed the rgb values for players attributes with the beta release. In a lot of the preview videos it was blue/yellow. Does anybody have the rgb values for these colours? As I really don't like the yellow/green ones we have now.
  9. Yep it's a much later release date than usual, but I find it stranger that it's not the usual Thurs/Friday release date.. 19th is a Tuesday.
  10. I expect Arsenal's stadium will look identical to the Emirates stadium on the match engine in the Arsenal edition? Or is that expecting too much.. Newcastle's st James Park looked like st James park on FM18, but then nothing like it on FM19.. so they do have the ability to make stadiums look like real life on FM, so for a specific club edition you would expect the home match day stadium to be realistic too? Also like as already been said, this is nothing new. we had an Arsenal edition of FM before.. infact we had it 2 years in a row (Football Manager 2010 and Football Manager 2011 both had Arsenal editions) Which just included the team logo, kit, player images and a different main menu image. Which was also all stuff you could get from fan sites back then too.
  11. Would it be possible to add the ability to change attribute colours on the Football Manager Touch 2020 Switch version? Like on the main FM you can change skin colours in the preferences. If not, then can we get more than one skin with the Switch version? As there is no way to edit any graphics (logos, kits, skins) with the Switch version.. I think it would be better to come with the default 3 skins like the normal versions, as there will never be another way to change the skin on the Switch. I like to change up the appearance from time to time after a long time of playing.. Also, I really enjoyed the Switch version.. nice work With travelling a lot this year , been really nice to just pass the time with the Switch version.
  12. Sorry, only just seen this. I've re-uploaded it here: http://www.filedropper.com/madscientist0304databaserealfixtures
  13. Is there anyway to export the fixtures this way? I only find the option to 'copy the fixtures' via the edit option at the top, which can only be pasted into the editor.. no where else. I'm looking for a way to export the fixture list from the editor, but there is only an import option (Add Import Duplicate Remove Clear) I would have assumed that the Export option would be next to the Import option.. plus I also assume that the fact it's possible to import fixtures from txt files, then surely it must mean it's possible to export fixtures into text files?
  14. Does anybody know how to change the attribute colours on FM Mobile? I've had a look in the fmhi skin/ gui images but I can't find any files to edit the attribute colours. There was a skysports style skin available for FMM18, which changed the default attribute colours, so I'm assuming this is possible..?
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