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  1. Hi Lucas, are you planning on releasing this for FM20 Touch? I'm from the old school era (04-07) so I really like the green/grassy type skins.. so I loved your amazing classic tweak. I had a go at editing some files, but couldn't get FM20t to pick the skin up,
  2. You need to edit various 'menubar' panels to get the text and icons to the teams secondary colour. I've uploaded them all here to get the coloured sidebar and coloured text/icons: https://www.mediafire.com/file/aup5j47xtk7slqd/panels.rar/file Put them inside the panels folder of the skin your using.
  3. Oh yeah, I agree with you on that. The one sidebar colour (for the team your managing) that goes off even if you click on a player from your own team, is pretty annoying. It's like a constant blinking light.. managing team colour/dark colour/managing team colour/dark colour/managing team colour etc. Just having that team coloured side bar for that one part is strange, even in past when they've had it just for the team you were managing.. it was coloured on every part of your team (so every screen including players etc)
  4. Thanks, I managed to sort it.. I never had the panel inside a generic folder. Think I might change it to one fixed colour too, I love having the teams colour nice and bright for each team you are on.. but it's abit overwhelming with the 3rd colour bar we have now (across the top of the attributes) It doesn't look too bad on some teams, but other teams (especially those in white) it all explodes at your face. I need to figure out how to get it like it was on FM19, where the entire background changed colour for each team you were on (subtle in the background) I really liked that, without it this year it's too bland and purple.
  5. This is exactly what I want (for the sidebar to colour to the teams colour for every team) how did you manage to do this? I deleted the id=colm but it never worked for me.
  6. I tend to get this crash when I'm watching videos in the background (YouTube/Skygo or Twitch) when ever I have music or other videos loaded FM20 is highly likely to crash. I also get it if I don't interact with FM20 for a while (which was mentioned in the bugs for it) so if I do other stuff then come back, after 5 or 10 mins I get this error. Really frustrating as I have often always left previous FM's idle without problem. Are you using a laptop? I assumed it was because I'm using a laptop after what SI say, even though my laptop meets the min specs (above them tbh) but yeah, I've uninstalledand reininstalled my graphic drivers, made sure they are up to date etc. All my other games work fine.
  7. Thanks for the response as far as I can gather he's not at both clubs, he's left Stevenage completely.. every report and article says about him leaving. Speaking about his departure, Ronnie Henry issued the following statement. “First of all I would like to thank all the fans and the general Stevenage public for their amazing support over the years I doubt he would find the time to train with Billericay/ regularly travel/play for them (which he has been doing since joining) and do coaching at Stevenage
  8. Not sure if this is the right thread, but on the latest DB.. Ronnie Henry [564944] is at Stevenage as a Youth coach. He signed for Billercay [4002011] last summer as a player and captain, https://www.echo-news.co.uk/sport/18113595.ronnie-henry-no-regrets-move-billericay-town/ Here is a link to their most recent game which shows him in the starting line up (he's played 20 times for them this season) https://www.phoenixfm.com/2020/03/01/draw-eastbourne-sees-billericay-slip/
  9. Hope not, he put lots of effort into helping the skinning community over the years.. and made tons of great guides.
  10. Are League Two teams not allowed to use terraces anymore? Recently got promoted to League Two and in every single game on the match engine, the terrace stands are completely empty. Looks bizarre when like 2 (sometimes 3) stands are just empty.. didn't want to post it in the bugs forum as I wasn't sure if they have been banned in real life.
  11. Also I realise SI will be working hard on fixing things that are actual 'bugs' and may not have time to even look at recommendations etc. Perhaps why last years post about this exact same thing got ignored. I did look around for somewhere else to post this issue, but couldn't see anywhere.. so apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place.
  12. I posted a thread in last years beta forum requesting this, but got no reply. On the match overview screen, can we have the attendance. This is how I have it when I click on other teams results, to see the goal scorers etc and match stats underneath. But I like to see the attendance of games too, so I'm forever having to change the match stats tab, to the overview to see the attendance then change it back to the match stats for every result I'm checking. Could we please have it so the attendance always shows at the top, something like this.. or
  13. Noticed they have changed the rgb values for players attributes with the beta release. In a lot of the preview videos it was blue/yellow. Does anybody have the rgb values for these colours? As I really don't like the yellow/green ones we have now.
  14. Yep it's a much later release date than usual, but I find it stranger that it's not the usual Thurs/Friday release date.. 19th is a Tuesday.
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