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  1. Great work, thanks for this. Playing as Padiham and there away kit colours are the old ones, this is there new away kit for this season a pink/red ish one: https://twitter.com/Padiham_FC/status/1322981244636987392?s=20https://twitter.com/Padiham_FC/status/1322981244636987392?s=20
  2. Yeah they really ruined the match day information in FM21, the 2 screen tablet thing is very limiting and awful. Thankfully Michael is working on a mod:
  3. @michaeltmurrayuk Is there anyway to change this colour (the new sitv pre match league table for tv games) it's using the 'human controlled' colour but I want to change it as I've changed my human controlled to yellow, and it's hard to read on this one screen.
  4. I always prefered the original FM style skins (FM05 - FM07) so just tweaked the base dark skin abit. Could really do with figuring out how to add the team colour back to the title bar, I think it looks so bland on FM21 without the team colours and only the small icon thing.
  5. Great news, I really dislike the default match screen right now. I'm playing with 1920 x 1080, 100% zoom (standard size)
  6. Very nice looking skin, thanks. I have one question, on the default FM skin in the player overview screen we have the extra 'technical' attributes for goalkeepers, showing their technique and dead ball stats. But in the Heffem skin, these attributes aren't showing on the player overview screen for keepers, and I can't find how to get them to show..
  7. Oh wow, yeah I see it there now for other teams. Seems abit more hard work, I used to like just seeing the attendance for games by clicking on the result. Anyway, thanks guys.
  8. Quick question, how do I find the attendance of other games now? I can't seem to find it anywhere when clicking on results of other games...
  9. Hi Lucas, are you planning on releasing this for FM20 Touch? I'm from the old school era (04-07) so I really like the green/grassy type skins.. so I loved your amazing classic tweak. I had a go at editing some files, but couldn't get FM20t to pick the skin up,
  10. You need to edit various 'menubar' panels to get the text and icons to the teams secondary colour. I've uploaded them all here to get the coloured sidebar and coloured text/icons: https://www.mediafire.com/file/aup5j47xtk7slqd/panels.rar/file Put them inside the panels folder of the skin your using.
  11. Oh yeah, I agree with you on that. The one sidebar colour (for the team your managing) that goes off even if you click on a player from your own team, is pretty annoying. It's like a constant blinking light.. managing team colour/dark colour/managing team colour/dark colour/managing team colour etc. Just having that team coloured side bar for that one part is strange, even in past when they've had it just for the team you were managing.. it was coloured on every part of your team (so every screen including players etc)
  12. Thanks, I managed to sort it.. I never had the panel inside a generic folder. Think I might change it to one fixed colour too, I love having the teams colour nice and bright for each team you are on.. but it's abit overwhelming with the 3rd colour bar we have now (across the top of the attributes) It doesn't look too bad on some teams, but other teams (especially those in white) it all explodes at your face. I need to figure out how to get it like it was on FM19, where the entire background changed colour for each team you were on (subtle in the background) I really liked that, without it this year it's too bland and purple.
  13. This is exactly what I want (for the sidebar to colour to the teams colour for every team) how did you manage to do this? I deleted the id=colm but it never worked for me.
  14. Hope not, he put lots of effort into helping the skinning community over the years.. and made tons of great guides.
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