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  1. minimum attendance for crowd to show?

    Hopefully that will work for you. If not, I have no idea.
  2. minimum attendance for crowd to show?

    Try setting it to what the stadium holds 8000, see if that shows any fans. Having a 8000 capacity stadium, with a maximum of only 10 seats being able to be used of that stadium could be causing an error or something. Or if there are more than 10 fans in attendance at the game, maybe it can only display the full amount of fans in attendance and not a small proportion of the total fans in attendance etc. Also is the stadium still used in real life? What I mean, is I remember Man Citys Maine Road stadium still being in the database (despite being knocked down in real life) on a previous FM (14 I think) and I played around setting a team I was managing to play at Maine Road.. and even though it was set as my teams stadium, there was never any fans in attendance as the stadium was extinct.. or something along those lines in the editor.
  3. minimum attendance for crowd to show?

    You can get a view of hard to see areas with the 'behind goal' and 'behind corner' camera, and you can also set it to 'reversed' to see the stands at the otherside. So you will know if you have any fans in the stadium or not. Looking at this image, the part for 'used capacity' which is set to 0. Maybe that answers the question to why no fans are being displayed, if the used capacity of the stadium is set to 0.. then surely no fans could be at the game? Not sure if this is how it works with FM16 though, would need to check other teams stadium 'used capacity'
  4. [FM16][SKIN] g2 fmskin

    Really nice well put together skin, my favourite. One slight thing though, how can I make the kits on the matchscreen smaller? They are abit too large for my liking, and seem to overshadow everything else at a first glance because of the big size. On both the overview and pitch inbetween highlights screens: http://i.imgur.com/ZHjNSMS.jpg http://i.imgur.com/YeToqKp.jpg
  5. Just did a quick search for you. Instant Gaming have it for £19:99 right now. www.instant-gaming.com/en/1025-buy-key-steam-football-manager-2016/?currency=GBP&igr=1420133
  6. How to change Sidebar text colour?

    Ah I see what you mean. I don't mind doing them one by one, for the end result. Thanks for the link.
  7. How to change Sidebar text colour?

    That worked, thanks. I can't seem to find a panel in Alavanja panels folder to change the colour of the icons too. Would you be able to send me your panel? Saves me having to use the resource archiver to extract the default panels, then try and find the panel I need.
  8. Hi, I'm using the Alavanja 16 Alternative skin. It has sidebar recolouring enabled for all teams, but the text colour doesn't change.. it is always White. So when clicking on a team in white (such as Real Madrid or Leeds) the sidebar text is unreadable. I was wondering how I would go about making the text change to the teams foreground colour, like in the header. For Norwich the team colour bar is yellow and the text is green in the header, or for Villa the team colour bar is claret and the text is blue in the header etc. It used to involve the coding tbcl and ttcl to make the colours change to the teams background or foreground colours back in the days when I did abit of skinning. Not sure how I woud go about adding this into the right panel to make the sidebar text colour work this way. Does anybody know? Thanks.
  9. [FM16][SKIN]Alavanja 16 Alternative

    Really nice skin, thanks. Is there anyway to make the header team colour, the same shade as the sidebar team colour? The header colour is noticeably duller and darker than the sidebar colour.. looks abit mismatch.
  10. FM 2011 Update - Completed

    Hey, has anybody done a new update for FM11? I still always end up going back to FM11, almost an all round perfect version.. so smooth & fun.
  11. [FM16][SKIN]Andromeda 1.9

    Ah I never knew that, thanks. Yeah it's just the scoreboard I was after (not the title bar) looks really smart.
  12. [FM16][SKIN]Andromeda 1.9

    Just tried copying the 'match title bar.xml' too, and it looks like this now: Edit: Thanks just read that now. I'm after getting the scoreboard exactly the same as the image above in the top left. With the team names, the competition logo.. and the time underneath etc.
  13. [FM16][SKIN]Andromeda 1.9

    Hey, just tried copying those 2 and it looks like this:
  14. [FM16][SKIN]Andromeda 1.9

    I love that scoreboard and time border in this screenshot, how would I go about adding it to the default skin? I'm being abit boring and using the default skin at the moment. I'm using the downloaded baseskin to enable backgrounds, which folders/graphics would I need to add from your skin to just get that scoreboard? Thanks.
  15. Enjoying FM16 so far, match engine is looking good. Only downside for me is the user interface and alot of the games layout. I've never really got used to the UI in recent versions, just can't get into the game like I could with FM12 and backwards. (hours spent on FM have steadily dropped with each version since FM13) Also, still no way to get the matchday screens to switch between the 'overview' and 'pitch' screens between highlights, which people have been asking for ever since FM14. We've got all that information now on the default overview screen, but no auto switch while there are no highlights.