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  1. You don't put your best taker last either. You want a good start to set the pace, and remember what happened when C.Ronaldo was set to take the last peno vs Spain in some old Euro? By that time Portugal had already lost and he didn't get to take one. You don't put Saka last though, that's for sure. It's an even worse decision than France putting Mbappe, who's had a disappointing tournament, last.
  2. England scores a 4th and Southgate still has the facial expression of someone who's preparing a power point presentation.
  3. Switzerland 0-2 Spain. Spain have grown into the tournament and while it's not the Spain of 10 years ago, I expect a comfortable win here vs a Switzerland who have already done their upset win. Xhaka missing will be a game changer. They might hold 0-0 at half time but sooner or later Spain will score. Belgium 1-1 Italy. The hardest one to predict for me. Really could go either way. Italy have had a way of emerging victorious from these, historically. But sooner or later it has to be Belgium's time to shine. If I had to predict, I'd say 2-1 Belgium AET. Czech 0-1 Denmark. As a Swede it's time to root for rivals Denmark. But rivalry has many layers. There's Scottish vs English rivalry and there's the friendlier nordic rivalries. I would expect most danes to root for us had the situation been reverse. I also genuinely believe Denmark will win this, but they won't shut the Czech down completely. Both teams see this as a favorable draw considering how deep into the tourny we are, and what's at stake. Denmark feel stronger for me. Ukraine 0-3 England. The most one-sided game in the quarter finals for sure. England weren't convincing in the group stages but still won their group comfortably and still haven't conceded. I thought as the Germany game progressed, England were looking more solid by the minute. The best team won, without a doubt. Absolutely could be their time to win the whole thing, and if it wasn't for all the dumb "it's coming home" bs which really has outlived itself I'd join in the plaudits. Ukraine put up a good fight vs us and we never got started, but they were more than a little fortunate to win. It's gonna be all over for them after 90 mins here and I'd bet my life on that.
  4. I’m checking out now but come on Sweden, this is the type of game we typically scrape through and I expect nothing less here. Don’t give two ****s if it’s boring, just get us through to the quarters. See you after the game, bye.
  5. Yeah that's what they've been saying. With the covid situation and Swe fans not being allowed into Scotland we need all the support we can get. But yeah no Jordan tonight. Hopefully no Lustig either as he's struggling imo but our coach isn't famous for making a lot of changes so I'm sure he'll play.
  6. That's the most mesmerizing and thrilling Euro game I've ever seen. It had everything. Pogba's fantastic goal, Xhaka's genious pass to Gavranovic for 3-3, an underdog coming back from two behind with some 10 mins left, the biggest(?) star missing the fifth penalty. Also, I know hindsight is 20/20 but what are they thinking having Mbappe take the fifth penalty? Whoever decided that (himself most likely?) made a bad decision. He's not had a good tournament, he's still young and in this situation simply has everything to lose. You can't say you EXPECTED him to miss, but it wasn't shocking when he did either. Fantastic day of football, and to think the main event of watching my beloved Sweden play is yet to come. Now I'm just scared that both Eng and Swe will make it through, cause we will lose another quarter final to them I'm sure but I'm not so sure I can take the banter from my English friends for another few years, the WC quarter final was enough
  7. I’m just overjoyed that I haven’t missed these two games today, what a fantastic day of football
  8. So many skied shots this tournament, what kinda ****ed up ball are they playing with?
  9. Yeah let’s calm down, that’s not a red card by any stretch
  10. Well done by Chiesa but you gotta feel for Austria, hope they can come back from this, doesn't feel like it though
  11. Promise to eat my hat without garnish if Italy don't win this
  12. @Hazzaj That's interesting. And this particular tournament I just think Denmark are hard to pin down as either strong or weak, mostly due to the Eriksen incident. Even now whenever they're mentioned, the first thing you think of is that. Their game vs Finland is a write-off for me, and I missed the game vs Belgium unfortunately. The Eriksen thing just messed up the whole dynamic, and it surely did for the team as well. But when they're good, they can be very good indeed. Wales have looked average and I count Denmark as favorites, but.. ..Italy are the team to beat in this tournament, for me anyway. I've seen most of all their games. They might not have been properly tested yet, but they look incredibly vibrant, quick on the ball, passing it around well, creating chances. They're just in the zone, and you can tell they believe in what they're doing as well. I would bet my life on them vs Austria, who imo have been struggling. Even vs Macedonia they didn't convince me. They're distinctly average. I would put Italy as the strongest favorites in the next round, well ahead of France vs Switzerland (where I'm willing to place a small bet on Switzerland tbh) or any other tie.
  13. You really think Den-Wal is more one sided than Ita-Aus? Edit: or even Net-Cze?
  14. How can there be any sort of incentive to win this group as that simply means you'll be playing the 2nd team from the group of death?
  15. Yeah pretty sure he is, won’t be expecting him to play at all though
  16. As much as you can’t demand a win against any side in a tournament like this, I expect a semi-comfy win today. The whole team will be wanting to set things straight and show they have attacking qualities and I expect Forsberg and Isak to show some promise here. Would have preferred Claesson over Olsson for sure but I think we have enough quality to win anyway. I’ll be a nervous wreck as always but in the case of a disaster we can possibly bail ourselves out in the last game. Cmon Sweden!!!
  17. As expected, France are looking like a super team from the lab, they just seem to have everything covered. And how good is Mbappe? Just runs circles around defenders, is so quick with the ball at his feet, with a little luck he would have scored at least two yesterday. Italy too, but hard to say as Turkey were so lacklustre. Portugal I had pegged as this year's flop but now I'm not sure anymore. I thought Jota would be better though. As far as my own team goes the first game was terrible to watch and that might have been the first time I've openly questioned the manager's decision, subbing Isak and slashing our chances to actually try to win the game is inexcusable. Obviously vs Slovakia and Poland it will look different, but we're just one bad game away from a fiasco. I think we'll make it out of the group though and after that anything can happen. Good tournament so far, I've enjoyed most games. Best goals so far Schick and Yarmolenko!
  18. It was 2-2, the exact result needed to take both us and Denmark through. Hard to say they rigged it like that though, all goals seemed completely genuine. But yeah, something like that obviously raises suspicions.
  19. Penalty though, but sure. Finland were disappointing, really thought they'd be more of a threat but the gap still seems big. Not that friendlies prove a lot but still.
  20. No doubt we would have been better off if he had played. I don't care about the whole coming out of retirement to join a big tourney, plenty of ppl have done it, Larsson as mentioned and it wasn't a problem then, and isn't a problem with Zlatan. He's still quality, offers so much to any team, and would have helped us I'm sure. We'll probably make it out of the group and then go out on a respectable loss to a better nation and that's that.
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