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  1. Are you still using the tactic you posted in the tactics forum? I'm on my 5th or 6th year with Everton with that tactic - just very minor tweaks - and it's still doing very well. Sorry for hi-jack.
  2. This is an area I think should be top priority and way overdue for a change. Good newgen faces just add so much to long-term saves, which is the only type of save I'm interested in. Last I played was FM16 and you could download a hairpack, not so for FM20 and that really is a shame.
  3. World (Globe icon) ---> click the World tab ---> Transfers ---> Youth intake in the dropdown menu. Lots of players there to scout.
  4. Had a foul happen to one of my players in the penalty area the other day and the ref consulted VAR on whether it was in or outside the box. I was like u wot, that was nowhere near the line. I rewinded and checked again just to make sure and yep, absolutely nowhere near outside the box, at least 3 metres clear. Just one of those cases where the graphical representation of what's going on in the ME isn't in sync at all I guess.
  5. It's mostly the same for me, but last season we had the VAR penalty decision turned down twice in the span of just a few games. Then it never happened again and was back to "normal" again. I thought they had somehow fixed it but nope. I can live with it, but it does seem a pointless feature when it just removes everything that VAR is irl.
  6. How do you scout individual teams? I can only scout nations, regions, competitions etc, but not teams. Edit: Nvm, I've had my chief scout making the calls all this time.
  7. Cause I never do. All the good ones are from the usual suspects. Liverpool & Utd get all the good newgens. Bayern and Dortmund in Germany, PSG mostly in France, in Spain it's a little more varied, Ajax and PSV only in Holland. Almost exclusively FCP in Portugal. Very few good Italians overall. Almost never a good scandinavian, and I've read threads on Reddit that seem to suggest Scandinavia should be good. Not in my save. Scandinavia is ass apart from the odd danish semi-star. Sweden is crap, even Norway is better. Where are the world beaters from weird central American nations? I saw a few in FM16 but now it all just seems to be streamlined.
  8. If he is really good, keep him and hope it doesn't happen again. I had a player like that just recently, I even made a thread about it and everyone was telling me to get rid of him. But it's only happened that one time and never again. He was 22 at the time I think. He's now 26, still in the squad, although hasn't progressed much beyond what he was. He was fined, got shocked about it, and I punished him by not playing him for a while. Turns out his backup did a better job and the nightclubber never really got back in the starting 11. And now, at 26, that ship has probably sailed for good but he is doing a good job as a backup. Maybe the hidden attribute that made him go to the night club and skip training the following day, is also the one responsible for his lack of progression as a footballer though.
  9. Agree on the scouts issue. They always bring you the same old crap and very rarely anything fresh and exciting.
  10. Yeah, once you overachieve in this game you've crossed the point of no return. Any bad season after that will make them want your head. That's a major flaw in the game if you ask me, one that I personally would cheat the game with via the editor if it were to happen to me.
  11. In a game with a large database I can only find five players with 18 or more in Corners, and only three with a Penalties attribute of 18 or more. This seems like an obvious flaw in the newgen algorithm. Good bravery seems pretty scarce as well unless it's a central defender, but not as glaring as corners and penalties. This isn't a game breaking bug on any level, but one of those things that could give newgens a bit more personality. I'd like to find a penalty specialist somewhere as my best players rarely go beyond 13 or 14, but it's just not possible.
  12. Yeah 2 weeks does seem weak in this situation and I'm also sure 2 weeks is the maximum for whatever happens. Guess I'm gonna have to play the club world championships next year, if I get there.
  13. Absolutely far too many, but I've not played all releases. 00/01 was my first, played the hell out of that and 01/02, but then didn't play until FM09. On Steam I have around 10k hours since FM09, that's an estimate though cause FM16, which I played to death, was played on a friend's steam. My numbers for FM12 (500 hours) aren't right eiher, the number should be a LOT higher. This is my most played franchise, only Rocket League and the Trials franchise come close and Rocket League might actually be beating it in actual playtime, a lot of FM time is idle time.
  14. Sure, I agree. Birinha is an ass for doing this. I'll give him a second chance though. If he pulls this again and I still need him in the team, I'll just get some sort of petty revenge later in his career instead. Like, if I no longer need him when he's around 30, I'll renew his contract for 4+ years and let him rot in the team and not even make him available for the U23.
  15. It just said Birinha "will be disciplined in accordance with the agreed code of conduct". This season I happened to be on holiday when the code of conduct settings news item appeared. It coincided with the Club world championship that I had no interest in going through, I wanted to get on with my silly season transfer business. When I came back from the holiday it just said something like "you have refused the code of conduct and will discipline players manually", something to that effect. I thought oh no, more hassle, but once players started accumulating bans in the league they were disciplined according to the code of conduct anyway. So I don't know what's going on there, and I can't find the code of conduct now in the myriad of info pages in FM. I can only hope he was fined 2 weeks wages. I had no manual option to fine him either.
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