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  1. Yeah pretty sure he is, won’t be expecting him to play at all though
  2. As much as you can’t demand a win against any side in a tournament like this, I expect a semi-comfy win today. The whole team will be wanting to set things straight and show they have attacking qualities and I expect Forsberg and Isak to show some promise here. Would have preferred Claesson over Olsson for sure but I think we have enough quality to win anyway. I’ll be a nervous wreck as always but in the case of a disaster we can possibly bail ourselves out in the last game. Cmon Sweden!!!
  3. As expected, France are looking like a super team from the lab, they just seem to have everything covered. And how good is Mbappe? Just runs circles around defenders, is so quick with the ball at his feet, with a little luck he would have scored at least two yesterday. Italy too, but hard to say as Turkey were so lacklustre. Portugal I had pegged as this year's flop but now I'm not sure anymore. I thought Jota would be better though. As far as my own team goes the first game was terrible to watch and that might have been the first time I've openly questioned the manager's decisi
  4. It was 2-2, the exact result needed to take both us and Denmark through. Hard to say they rigged it like that though, all goals seemed completely genuine. But yeah, something like that obviously raises suspicions.
  5. Penalty though, but sure. Finland were disappointing, really thought they'd be more of a threat but the gap still seems big. Not that friendlies prove a lot but still.
  6. No doubt we would have been better off if he had played. I don't care about the whole coming out of retirement to join a big tourney, plenty of ppl have done it, Larsson as mentioned and it wasn't a problem then, and isn't a problem with Zlatan. He's still quality, offers so much to any team, and would have helped us I'm sure. We'll probably make it out of the group and then go out on a respectable loss to a better nation and that's that.
  7. Generally I'd say you're paying your players way too much. You shouldn't be having multiple players at around £500k per week. What Kone Youssouf did to convince you to pay him £500k per week I don't know, but it's players like that who are driving up your wage budget something terrible. As it stands, I think Javier Pinzon is your best player, and he's "only" sitting on £300k per week. I'd play him at central midfield because you have other options at AMC. I'd play him as a Mezzala (attack) and would expect him to score a good number of goals for me every season. His only weakness is his n
  8. Well first of all what you need to include are the attributes for the players. Don't be afraid to screenshot them all individually. I mean, we get an idea of how good they are if we compare their wages and value, but that's still a guessing game. I do hope Vorm at 550k is worth all that cash. Also, include what currency you're playing with. I've got a very long-term save as well, I'm in 2076 with Everton and I've got the same type of issues as you do. Generally, you want to keep as big a squad as you can without making too many players unhappy. That means you can't have 6 or 7 world class
  9. Agree with all above. Also, fringe players all of a sudden thinking they're good enough to be a star player. Usually you can talk them out of it, but sometimes they won't budge even if they've done nothing for the club. I mean I get if they want to play more, but jumping from fringe/squad to star player is just not gonna happen. Players are utterly unrealistic with their demands and it all simply comes down to lazy coding imo.
  10. Winning the league with my Everton side some 20-25 seasons ago via more goals scored than Arsenal. It all came down to the last game. We were in very weak form, drew our game 0-0, forget against who, Arsenal won theirs 4-0. If they had scored one more they would've won the league. Doesn't get any closer than that!
  11. Thanks, that tells me all I need to know I can't believe they're not trying to fix this.
  12. I haven't bought FM21 for two reasons; I'm having an epic FM20 save, 40 seasons long and still going, and also because of reading about so many game-breaking bugs. I have one question though. What is player decline like? Same model as previous iterations? Do players still start to lose their physical attributes at 32, pick up speed at 33 and freefall at 34+ ? This is the biggest issue for me of all and if they haven't improved it I don't see a reason to buy FM21 at all.
  13. It's stuff like this that's in dire need of fixing in FM. I don't see how you can call this anything but broken.
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