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  1. The sentence OP posted is indeed correct as others have already said. In FM/CM I've never spotted a grammatical error and only once have I spotted a typo, don't remember exactly what it was but it was in FM14 for some news item and it was clearly just a typo. Re: what Chinook said, that scandinavians speak english far better than englishmen/americans. This is very untrue when actually SPEAKING the language. More true when typing on the internet though. We won't do as many mistakes with your/you're, they're/there/their. But when we speak, you will hear that it is not our native language. Some local dialects/accents I will not pick up on easily. Scottish, Welsh etc I have to make an effort to understand. On the internet I can join any discussion in english and understand what everyone is saying (9 times out of 10), but irl I would have trouble making my case without stopping mid-sentence many times to come up with the right words, and imo this is true for other scandinavians as well.
  2. Living: Jönköpings Södra. A city that is by size top 10 in Sweden but has never had a team in the highest division (I think), which is quite poor. Born: IFK Göteborg
  3. Nevermind, I figured it out literally 5 seconds after posting this. For some reason I've had him as available for the U21 squad and they've had a game today. That's so sloppy of me. Delete or lock thread I guess, if we lose due to a few keeper errors now, that one's on me boys!
  4. My Man Utd team are up against Liverpool in the CL semifinal 2nd leg. Drew 1-1 away and my very promising newgen keeper Ross Fillery, who came from our own academy, played in that game, and has been playing for most of the season in all competitions. Now for the 2nd leg he's ineligible, seriously what's going on? Gotta play my 35-year old veteran keeper who imo is past it now. I don't feel like we're gonna lose, and if we do it probably wont be due to this, but I'd like to know exactly what's going on here. Bug?
  5. I dont go near them, just tedious as hell and far too focused on silly mind games between managers. Even when you make it a rule never to comment on opposition managers, the media will cook something up and the other manager will say stuff like "X had no right to question my methods" or whatever.
  6. I have a question for you beta people. What's player interaction like? Is it the same as FM14 or has anything changed? Do players constantly want to go on loan, but in 99% of the cases accept it when you say no? Any new useful things you can tell your players? Like for example, "I want to play this guy in your position to test him out for a few games, you're gonna have to accept sitting a few games out" (not likely but I'm hoping for it). In FM14 we had two or three options to tell players we were gonna rest them, but they were all linked to players being tired. Basically if there's anything new in player interaction, I'd like to know about it!
  7. I'm 37 and have played manager games for as long as I can remember. "League Soccer" by Dave Barnes from the C64 is the first memory. Tracksuit manager (C64) - Great game The Manager, on Amiga500 I think? Premier Manager on Amiga500 - fantastic series, I remember my bro being somewhere around the year 2500 on it USM as well certainly Missed the first few CM's though, jumped in for 00/01 I think and found it too big to grasp at first but once it hooked me, it hooked me good.
  8. My worst striker was actually recently and I was gonna post a screenshot here on this forum to ask WHY he's so crap. But I'm lazy so I didnt. But now I will. So answer me this: why is this player so crap? All I can point to is his poor physical attributes, but other than that he should be class imo. His personality is Model Professional, he's got good striker attributes but he just never scored for me. Had to ship him off to Forest as I just got sick of him.
  9. Judging by attributes, I have better players, but going by match ratings (which perhaps you shouldnt be doing) this guy is far and away my best player on FM14. Ladies and gents, I present to you the fantastic Dutch/Turkish left back Serkan Elmas. Joined us at age 15, now 31 and is doing possibly his last season as a first team starter. The pinnacle of his career were the two amazing seasons where he ended above 8.00 in ratings. Almost never injured or tired, Elmas was the cornerstone and the most important player of the team for many seasons. ----
  10. I'll most likely do what I always do - let the computer run on its own until 2030/2035 when the real players are mostly gone and then take charge of Man Utd and play with regens only, and never leave (voluntarily).
  11. 1912 hours. I feel like more than half of that is time idling though.
  12. Everything involving player interaction and player personalities, especially deep into saves far into the future. I want players to have some kind of personality and individuality, not just all streamlined the way they are now. I want some trouble makers. Maybe it's too easy to mold everyone into a professional/determined/model professional etc? The way it is now, players will ask to go out on loan ---> you'll tell them no --> they'll accept. Rinse & repeat many times over the course of a season. This should just disappear. And like I said, more players should kick up a fuss over this. You can have players from ages 15 to 25 who play virtually no games for the first team, and they're ok with this, more or less. They're ok with not getting any first team football for 10 years. Sooner or later they might actually demand something and make life tough for you, but not nearly enough. They're relinquishing their entire careers and that's just not realistic. But most importantly I want a squad with a diverse set of personalities. I want some Balotellis, some Cantonas and whatnot. Just makes things more interesting.
  13. Voted no cause more added leagues will inevitably just steal dev time and there are far more important matters for them to be doing, I feel we have enough leagues as it is.
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