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  1. Generally I'd say you're paying your players way too much. You shouldn't be having multiple players at around £500k per week. What Kone Youssouf did to convince you to pay him £500k per week I don't know, but it's players like that who are driving up your wage budget something terrible. As it stands, I think Javier Pinzon is your best player, and he's "only" sitting on £300k per week. I'd play him at central midfield because you have other options at AMC. I'd play him as a Mezzala (attack) and would expect him to score a good number of goals for me every season. His only weakness is his n
  2. Well first of all what you need to include are the attributes for the players. Don't be afraid to screenshot them all individually. I mean, we get an idea of how good they are if we compare their wages and value, but that's still a guessing game. I do hope Vorm at 550k is worth all that cash. Also, include what currency you're playing with. I've got a very long-term save as well, I'm in 2076 with Everton and I've got the same type of issues as you do. Generally, you want to keep as big a squad as you can without making too many players unhappy. That means you can't have 6 or 7 world class
  3. Agree with all above. Also, fringe players all of a sudden thinking they're good enough to be a star player. Usually you can talk them out of it, but sometimes they won't budge even if they've done nothing for the club. I mean I get if they want to play more, but jumping from fringe/squad to star player is just not gonna happen. Players are utterly unrealistic with their demands and it all simply comes down to lazy coding imo.
  4. Winning the league with my Everton side some 20-25 seasons ago via more goals scored than Arsenal. It all came down to the last game. We were in very weak form, drew our game 0-0, forget against who, Arsenal won theirs 4-0. If they had scored one more they would've won the league. Doesn't get any closer than that!
  5. Thanks, that tells me all I need to know I can't believe they're not trying to fix this.
  6. I haven't bought FM21 for two reasons; I'm having an epic FM20 save, 40 seasons long and still going, and also because of reading about so many game-breaking bugs. I have one question though. What is player decline like? Same model as previous iterations? Do players still start to lose their physical attributes at 32, pick up speed at 33 and freefall at 34+ ? This is the biggest issue for me of all and if they haven't improved it I don't see a reason to buy FM21 at all.
  7. It's stuff like this that's in dire need of fixing in FM. I don't see how you can call this anything but broken.
  8. I always stick to one club and play for as long as I can. I've hit a record in FM20 with Everton and I'm in the year 2075 currently. For me, it's all about squad building and planning for the future. I stick to the same tactic so I can keep good track of individual player records. Most goals scored for a wingback in a season, most games played for the club, most league goals in the club's history etc. I only buy youth prospects. It's fun to guess what my squad will look like in five seasons, and there are always many surprises, both good and bad. Some players that you thought for sur
  9. Yep, I've done it in the past with a USB drive.
  10. Embrace all of it. The good moments as well as the bad. Just like real football, it's the whole experience that makes it worthwhile. I don't stress over FM, I don't play that way, the game is easy to "break" and I play for things like squad building over the years in long-term saves, but take a game like Rocket League where I have well over 10k games played. I've been trying to improve for years now and hit Champ rank, and whenever I've gotten close I've also felt the stress aspect of it. The fear of losing takes over the desire to win, and I'm constantly fighting with this. I want a winn
  11. One thing outside of the tactical approach that I would like to add is to really pay attention to players that aren't comfortable playing in big matches. It really makes a difference and you're a lot better off picking a worse player over a, normally, better one, if the latter isn't comfy in big games. I had an absolute beastly central defender in my current Everton save, played well over 400 league games for the club, but towards the end of the season when the big matches piled up, he would always crumble. He had "doesn't enjoy big matches" on his report card. All in all, he wasn'
  12. I had this problem in FM20, with some £900 million in the bank with Everton, far and away the best team in the world in the save. I felt it was so dumb that the board didn't wanna upgrade the youth facilities that I did it myself in the editor.
  13. Mine is a simple one where players have more individuality, specifically newgens for me since I only play long saves and holiday to a date when all or most real players have retired. By individuality I mean players in the same position that aren't modelled the same, especially things like point of decline. As it stands now, all players will have their physical stats drop from age 32. At age 33 the decline picks up speed and by 34 it's a right free fall. They're unusable at this point and their natural fitness doesn't seem to come into play enough. A player with 19-20 natural fitness should dec
  14. As backwards as it sounds, now I kinda wanna keep him just because he's not moulded in the same shape as everyone else. It adds some variety at least. But yeah, I don't know either. I mean, I must have had so many players with similar hidden attributes as him that never caused any problems. I don't think it's enough to report as a bug and frankly I wouldn't want to, we need more troublemakers imo.
  15. He's fairly determined, the other two are Perfectionist (which I believe he was at the time of the dislike as well) and the legendary striker is Resolute. I checked Bryan's dislike page and the only one listed there is me lol. It's a mild dislike though. I think I had a talk with him about his attitude at some point, possibly to get a reaction from him after I saw his listed random dislike.
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