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  1. Yeah, this highlights one of the most glaring flaws in FM in my opinion. Without exception, at 32 EVERY last player in FM will start to decline. Agility, acceleration and speed are typically the first to go. And it's a very rapid decline as well. An injury will turn it into a right free fall. In the FM world, you can't have players performing at 34-35. Forget having an Ibrahimovic at 39 playing regularly for a top side in Serie A. FM cannot replicate a scenario like that with the current model where every player more or less becomes useless a year or two after the decline. It's just not realistic that at 32, every player in the FM world starts to decline, and it's always the physical attributes that take the toll. Even strength drops by many steps in just a few years. Why? Do players really get that much weaker at 34 compared to 31? It's ridiculous. If I could choose just ONE thing for the SI devs to work on and change, it would be this. Not all players irl are molded in the same shape and a game that calls itself a football simulation and has been around for some thirty years simply needs to replicate this a lot better than it does.
  2. I like that the game acknowledges attempts for an unbeaten season in news items. It happens towards the end of the season if you're undefeated, and as a long-time manager of the same club, this was my only remaining goal after more than 25 seasons where I kept going on good runs but eventually losing a game somewhere late in the season. It's ridiculously hard to go unbeaten and I appreciate that the game gives you props when it finally happens.
  3. Selling my own youth prospects goes against everything I believe in in FM, and it's rare you get any sort of life-changing money for them. I would definitely keep him. As others have said, Bayern want him for a good reason. Keep him and watch him turn into something real good somewhere down the line. Hopefully.
  4. A young regen central defender named Jack Gibson for my Everton side a few seasons ago. £112 million. The club has a lot of money, but I almost never make signings like that. What's worse is I have plenty of good young defenders and he's not even close to the starting eleven. I'm looking to offload him and there's no doubt the club will take a massive economic loss in the transfer - if anyone's even interested as he hasn't played a game in two seasons. Awful signing.
  5. Carabao cup games, even the final. CL group games unless things get dicey and I need to take control of the ship. FA cup as well. My main focus after 27 years at Everton is the league games, and more importantly to go through an entire season unbeaten. Still hasn't happened. And don't get me started on the Super cup and the awful Club world championship or whatever it's called.
  6. To spin-off a little, I think Penalties is an attribute that shouldn't exist. Not only is it unrealistic that we would know how good every player is at penalties when most players don't ever take them, it would be more fitting if we had to somewhat guess our way to selecting penalty taker, like any real life manager. A mix of composure, finishing, pressure, concentration would give us a decent idea as to how good a player is at taking penalties. The way it is now is boring and too straight-forward.
  7. Alright, thanks @HUNT3R, that’s basically everything I wanted to know summed up. As long as the team keeps performing I’ll leave it to the assman.
  8. That's a thread from 2010. Can I trust that to still be relevant?
  9. They just seem inconsistent and illogical to me, and yet if I do them myself I feel like whatever I say, it's 75% guesswork as to what the FM engine feels is beneficial for my players. So this season I got a new assman, one with 20 motivation. He is a bit different from my old 10 motivation assman. He seems to not be very keen on praise, and when he does go that route, it's for games where we barely scraped a win. But the reason that finally prompted me to make this post was a 7-0 pummeling of Crystal Palace where the assman felt we didn't need to say anything and we'll "address everything in training". A few players were demotivated. It's happened before. And I know that all green reactions isn't always good, and red reactions are perhaps not always bad either. But how are you supposed to make any sense out of it all? Is my assman's team talks as far out there as his tactical advice, an area of the game that's been non-sensical for years? Basically, can I trust him?
  10. Way too many news items that cannot be removed from the game no matter what. Clickfest. Several options available to welcome a new signing to the club (what's the difference between the 4 options you get??), several options to tell a player you're going to rest them due to fatigue but not one option for "hey, I want to try this other guy in your spot for a while, see how it goes you know". That's basic management stuff. Players that are "Star players" want to play every game, Carabao cup, FA cup, easy CL group games, or they soon become concerned with their playtime. Out of context interaction crap, i.e a player asking for a transfer for a long time, then when I let him go I tell him "you've earned this chance" and he goes "what are you on about, I would much rather have stayed" etc. There are so many nonsensical things where players moods and comments are plain bugged that you just wonder if SI are ever going to fix it. Replacing a captain after several years, and some of his closest friends in the squad are appalled that the player wasn't given a chance as captain for longer. Gimme a break.
  11. Same. This would ruin the immersion completely for me.
  12. For me, when I offer players what I envision to be their last contract with the club, I don't want it to increase by any % per year. They will already be on a high wage at that point and offloading them at 32-33 will be tricky if their wage demands are too high.
  13. Yeah, I knew about those. Really too bad there's no way to see a list, but I imagine that would eat up some resources and increase the crunching time for the computer if it were available for every club in the game.
  14. As a long-time manager of Everton, going on 24 seasons now, I've seen many players come and go under my reign. Just now as I finally sold a 32-year old midfielder who's been with me for ages, I checked his history screen and noted that he's got 379 apps for the club. That's probably among the top 5 for the club, at least with me at the helm. It would be interesting to see a list of players with most games played and remember all those great players, is there any way? I can't find it anywhere under the Club screen.
  15. For Windows, there's a quick option that lets you screenshot whatever you want, i.e crop out a certain part of the screen only if you want. Shift+windows button+S. Very handy tool. It also automatically copies the image and you can just ctrl+v it into a forum post, for example.
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