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  1. Updated. Match engine lag (during preseason friendlies at least) should be renamed Laggy Lagerson of Lagerback. The game starts off fine. Then, after substitutions and tactic changes, the game slows to a crawl in the second half. No lag on the UI (at least, no more than usual). And yes, I've cleared my cache.
  2. This might be the case, as I always play with a large db. Still, I think there is something wrong with the transfer logic there. It's not like Liverpool said, "Let's not buy Van Dijk/Alisson for 70+ million because we can get Vestergaard and Guaita for a fraction of that price."
  3. So, for the umpteenth year in a row, it appears that the AI sticks it to the human manager on the transfer market. But it's good that we have a new screen for the Development that basically adds little value to gameplay and a match engine downgrade for this version. If you have a world class defender with multiple years left on their contract who has an average rating of well over 7 with multiple big teams interested, you tend to get "maybe" 10% over their value - if you're lucky. I have never gotten more than 60 million pounds for a defender or 45 million for a keeper. Perhaps transfers should be updated so that they no longer represent transfers in 2016?
  4. Because I didn't see a thread on it on the main page on this forum?
  5. Did you read the part where I stated I was playing with a balanced mentality and a low defensive line? In what world is that known as being too offensive?
  6. Ah, the "it's your tactics" guy has arrived. No, it's not my tactics. It's the fact that the ME is garbage. The fact that I am basically required to play with a low line to have a functional game isn't an error on my part. But thanks for the attempt to disparage my point.
  7. I have no issue with the fact that opposing teams set up that way nor that they attempt the long ball, but the frequency with which these long balls are accurate is a bit over-the-top (pun unintended). When I've set up with a low defensive line without an attacking mentality or using the 'push forward' shout, there is also no reason why the ball should get over my defenders that easily.
  8. ... the match engine doesn't play through the middle anymore. Seriously, every match seems to result in 5-10 perfectly crafted 50+ yard accurate passes to the feet of an attacking player for a scoring chance (generally, but not always, by the opposing team). Apparently an in-form Paul Scholes now plays center back for every team in the world under a various number of guises. Right now I'm playing with a balanced mentality and a low defensive line, even though I have one of the top teams in the world, because to do otherwise would be suicidal. And I'm still seeing a constant barrage of touch-perfect long balls past my "low" defensive line. Quite simply, it's now almost 2020 and, despite being released almost 2 months ago, this game still sucks.
  9. I think he's trying to get a job at SI by emulating their style of dealing with other people.
  10. It's not my tactics making my strikers fire the ball 20 yards off the net in a 1-on-1 situation. They're also not creating the 'invisible wall' in the net that the ball keeps bouncing off of. I also don't remember instructing my fullbacks/wide players to run all the way to the goal line to fire the ball into the side of the net.
  11. I call BS. I've reloaded saves pretty frequently after 'weird' events and find another negative event gets swapped in 99.9% of the time.
  12. My honest belief is that pretty much everything in the game is run through a random number generator, with semi-scripted 'negative events' corresponding to a 'roll of the dice'. A few years ago, after one of my players had a training injury on a day off, I loaded my previous save, played up until that date, and lo and behold, an injury to another player (who also wasn't training). Basically, at certain points, the game is just going to screw you according to a roll of the figurative dice - with a loss, an injury, a player throwing a temper tantrum, etc - no matter what you do.
  13. I pointed this out earlier in the thread - the problem isn't that his DET is 4, it's that his DET has no set value so it's randomly generated (I tried 2 games, his DET was 4 in the first and 19 in the second). IMO, he's too old and has too much game experience in the Championship for this to be the same. Honestly, he's the same player he was in FM19 - it seems like neither the Man Utd researcher nor the Aston Villa researcher updated him.
  14. Why is it a random poster's responsibility to correct a database when it has a lot of errors? Shouldn't that be the responsibility of the researcher?
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