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  1. I would be happy if: - a striker with 'Likes to Round Keeper' didn't just kick it directly at the keeper - no more goals bounce off the invisible wall that in net If I have a world class striker going one on one with the keeper, I know it's not going in. Ever.
  2. 1. U18s require a ludicrous overpay. 2. AI regularly refuses better offers from the player and turns around and accepts lesser offers from other AI clubs. 3. Clubs (especially Barcelona) regularly bid on your best players, but refuse to spend a pence more than the player's value, even if your player is a Ballon d'Or winner with 5 years left on his contract. The only teams that seem to give fair value on top end players are PSG and Man City. 4. When clubs actually do make decent offers, players refuse the deal way too frequently. If you are getting decent value for your players, please share how to do so because I've been getting crap offers on various iterations of this game since I started playing a decade ago. And yes, I've read online guides to selling players. The transfer mechanism in the game is just rubbish.
  3. Match engine should be better, although I'm looking forward to way too many chances being generated before SI does what they do every year and nerfs clear cut chances by the striker to offset it ... again. Transfer logic has been laughably tilted in the AI's favor for over a decade, and SI has regularly ignored any comments on this topic over the same time period, so why would it be updated for this edition?
  4. Let's hope the dev team actually reads Apple's release notes and updates the game, so Mac users aren't screwed over by the game being unplayable for months...
  5. So now that the game still hasn't been fixed a month after your post (at which point it had already been buggered for awhile), are we still an entitled mess? I just submitted a refund request through Steam outlining SI's inability/unwillingness to fix the game, and I would recommend others do so as well.
  6. Original post in this thread was from Mar 30. The fact that this still isn't fixed was ridiculous about 4 weeks ago.
  7. Translation: We took the weekend off ... again ... just like the last time the game was unplayable for over a week.
  8. Here's hoping it won't take as long as it took the last time (which was, what, a month ago?)
  9. I'm finding it a bit odd how Luke Shaw's PA is lower on the update even though he is pretty much United's player of the year so far and he's finally starting to live up to his earlier promise.
  10. Agreed. Sarcasm was intended in my post. Unfortunately, I think SI have taken the weekend off - after buggering their game mid-week for 20% of their player base.
  11. Half a week now and still not fixed. Will it be fixed before the winter update?
  12. Having the same on my Macbook Pro (2013 Retina 2.6GHz i5) running Mojave 10.14.2. Since the new update, even the 'leagues screen' before loading and main menu is choppy. No problems playing yesterday. Full Screen 1280 * 800. Graphics Quality Low.
  13. Lately, this game has become borderline unplayable. On average, my team generates 20+ shots per match. The opponent will get under 5 and win the match. Every. Single. Bloody. Game. Absolute garbage.
  14. Ok, this issue has been in place for a few years now, so my hopes of it getting fixed are somewhere between slim and none, but still... Common scenario: - you have a top notch player (in this case, Nathan Ake - 25 years old, 4.5 years left on contract, regular on the national team, key player, averaging over 7.00 rating) with a release clause (in this case, it's at 80 million) - both Man Utd and PSG are interested - both teams submit non-negotiable offers well below the release clause - I refuse - player is unhappy for a few months then gets over it - I re-sign the player to a new contract - Man Utd and PSG become interested again and submit lowball offers again ... etc. What I can't figure out is why, for the last freaking DECADE, SI hasn't figured out a way for AI teams to make big offers for player-owned teams. No Neymar/Pogba/Ronaldo/Higuain offers EVER, even if you have a 24 year old Ballon d'Or winner on your squad on a 5 year contract. It's ALWAYS lowball offers (Barcelona always seems to be the worst offender in-game) for half of what the player's release clause is or only a few mil above what their current value is. That's it.
  15. Jonny Castro from Wolves is both-footed (listed as having a weak right foot in my save) and has played primarily as a left wingback so far this season.
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