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  1. Could be that you currently have a transfer/contract negotiations going on or waiting to be accepted or rejected by the agent that usually messes thing up in regards to budget changes. maybe dof has offered contracts to ur current players?
  2. You can play the highest line possible but your fbs will never follow a winger into his own half without the ball instead they will opt to stay in line with cbs who stay just behind st play 442 or 424 and every goal kick ur 2 cms hog the throw in lines leaving balls to the midfield easy (complainer about this long time ago and so did jack shot) You are always the team with the most woodworks during a season Your tactics aren’t followed half the time (example put on gk distribute to fullbacks most the time he’ll pass to the cbs) Man marking a
  3. 1 yes this is absolute garbage half the time you offer the low end of the scout suggested wages and you’re on amber “the gap is too big next offer is your last chance”. 2 the worst thing is these aren’t even starts players getting double their initial wage for being subbed on for 2 3rds of their matches is an absolute joke. 3 dunno bro I’m the Jose/Pep type 😂😂 every trophy counts 😅 I take pride in my septuple seasons 😩😂😂
  4. Sounds like Xhaka or Ozil 😂😭😭😭 Edit They don’t do much on the pitch, but have the manager harping on about how the team see them as a leaders. winning captaincy votes From teammates over lacazette (who captained Lyon if I’m not mistaken) and Aubameyam (who the fans love and is usually the player doing his job on the pitch).
  5. To be fair I think Liverpool are the one team other plays similar to real life The match engine is literally just long ball and press no tiki taka no Brazilian flair no Wenger walk it into the net just park the bus and get a set piece to score or Liverpool press and score long shots and far post headers
  6. I’m playing a game right now watching vardy miss 2 and tilamans miss 1 one v one v Adrian. defender did close in from the side and they had run from half way in the ops half. meanwhile I had mane run from his own box past 2 players made it to the outside of my box curl the ball round my defender and schmeichel, at most there was a meter between scheichel and the post when the shot was taken. now I accept this could happen mane is an amazing player but in this game it doesn’t surprise me that I missed those 1 on 1s which were deffo not as difficult as the goal I conceded i have v
  7. This isn’t really the case 1 v ones are the worst type of shot you want to have after a 2 v 1 both instances the attacker is more likely to not score
  8. As a goalkeeper you’re luck to play 5 games as the cup goalkeeper how can a backup goalkeeper expect 5 to ten games? where are these 5 to ten games coming from?
  9. I’m sure wolves manager’s agent is the guy scouting/suggesting these player for the club. So I doubt he isn’t giving his client a heads up or even asking what type of player he needs. The only “funny” signing I can imagine was the curtrone guy (the st from ac Milan that’s now at florentine I think) he was only there for 6 months seemed like he was never gonna fit in.
  10. I’ll check again but I’m sure the value isn’t there
  11. I promised a player can leave if a value is met. i then set his asking price higher, naturally. a week later real time I forgot what the price was. checked previous convo it showed no figures discussed i checked promises that shows no value where do I find the agreed price? maybe something to look at for future fms it must be somewhere since player will get upset if the value is offered
  12. I find they just accept any loan Totally pointless just a way of you not having to go to every player and tick accept all loans
  13. well done you I bought him the next window his physical stats remained pretty much the same since he’s a keeper and 30 they weren’t high to begin with. So I don’t see what the problem is he only had a couple weeks of rehab left when I tried to sign him
  14. The game is actually really baffling, there are so many misconceptions and si don’t do much to help people understand how the game works. at this moment of time I buy players with stats I “believe” are beneficial to how I want to play and have good personalities. i do not buy players on their ratings. i was under the impression that that was only significant if the team they play for will play like you. also the rating system is also all over the place defenders don’t get rewarded for clean sheets Yet some players can do nothing all game except score and they’re now
  15. Just shows how much of a joke stats and the match engine is. I wouldn’t touch traore with a barge pole with them stats yet he’s actually decent, 🤦🏾‍♂️
  16. happens all the time As well as CBs standing still on the ball and letting the strikers tackle them
  17. This seemed like the most obvious thing to do That or make the contract start date the end of the season Or give him a huge wage
  18. Thats all well and good But playing the game you make probably twice the amount of chances as real life yet The goals scored from these chances are probably less frequent then real life. More of the goals come from long shots or setplays. A high amount of misses happen inside the 6 yard box or in 1 v 1 situations. If you were right about strikers are at a disadvantage on 1 v 1s why are they expected to score then in real life?
  19. No one thinks this What we believe is top players in their respected leagues shouldn't be missing up to 4 or 5 times more than they score I get games where I'm scoring 1 out of 7 1 v 1s only to score from a corner or pen if at all. The top players in the world only need 1 half chance to score a goal. In this game that isn't the case
  20. Strange I usually get a yellow offer after the first offer even when I use dof suggestions 😒
  21. This is something I don’t understand, how can tactics every effect a players 1 v 1 finishing. tactics can dictate getting into that position but once I’m having that chance that’s all about the player and the keeper. i don’t think I’ve ever heard people say “ToRReS kEepS MisSInG THeSE ChAnCEs coZ OF Chelsea TAcTicS!” ”ThEyre ATTaCkinG tOo MUcH”
  22. First it’s a online save and I’m not the holder. second yes I know this would be the player reaction, my issue is I didn’t drop him to sell him I dropped him coz he’s being a baby and trying to disrupt harmony. Just like van dijk at Southampton. I have brought the issue up with ratings after giving away a pen and it’s been ignored. giving away pens don’t count as mistakes leading to goals.
  23. Sorry but have you ever seen the ball cross the line, get cleared then the ref gives the goal????? have you ever seen a replay showing the ball actually crossed the line???? im betting both answers are no. so literally this is just something added to annoy the user.
  24. I dropped Ake into the u23s after Liverpool didn't meet his release clause. Not being funny but when i rejected the offer Where is the "Your agent negotiated a release clause and until its met we aint accepting" option????? That's right it doesn't exist instead it has me negotiating prices when i already done that nonsense in the contract negotiations. Anyway he kept trying to negotiate down the price so I said Forget it And he left in a huff Since then drop n form, penalties conceded (that doesn't affect rating btw, another bug) and mistakes leading to goals along with a b
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