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  1. what does it mean real fixture? Does ıt fix the congested fixture bug ?
  2. I swear ı just purchased the game to add my collection. It is on the shelf with the label. It is first time ı have not played the game since new versions release date. Im just stuck in dreadful stadium design.
  3. Dear SI modes, I dont want to play with my favourite team(Fenerbahce) because of our unrealistic stadium. Is there any way to reduce plenty of player tunnel that appear on the pitch?
  4. Im totally agree with u. Even I did not take the label off and started yet. Just added game box into my collection. Do you think it can be changed with update ?
  5. Likely our stadium has been designed for all concert activities in istanbul.
  6. Actually ı want to learn what stadium designer purpose? It is really annoying to see plenty of exit door in tribunes! By which stadium you have been inspired ?
  7. Am ı only one who find stadiums are very unrealistic? There are many exit door in one tribune. Fans look like in concert area
  8. I added new version into my collection but not started to play yet.Nevertheless my first impression about stadiums. The tribunes are consist of many exit doors. Especially goal-back tribunes look like bus station. Its really annoying
  9. Am I only one to think about there is big space between two tribune stairs of 3D match engine?
  10. Probably ı will not purchase next year too. I suspended my all save due to congested fixture issue. No solution no satisfactory answer even though report.
  11. Actually ı dont know this league rules but because of congested fixture my unbeaten serie was over in italy serie. I raised an issue in various competition topic but no solution so far
  12. Dear FM moderators , in my humble opinion most fm players became detailer in the game.because you raised the level and the game gone beyond the limit.Thats why even minor issues can be looked annoying. I remember that we used to focus on just db issue approximately 10 years ago but now many users are detailer and live in the game.(For me ı suspended the game due to congested fixture issues) Please understand us and accept our kindly criticisim. All feedback is just for our games development.
  13. hello guys , ı wonder if it is bug or not. Second half fixture is not ranked respectively just as 1st half fixture.( spain ) I had raised an issue about bundesliga fixture , apparently it is solved. Thank you for your interest
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