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  1. Great patch!! It is better to have captain and vice captain assigned to the Japanese teams. And it is better to have the nick name for the Brazilian players in J leagues.
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LKPChwb7UNYmcJAGrmp6XXR3bwW3A3a8/view The patch 1.0 for FM 2021 has been done by Karins. Look forward for your translation and league patch.
  3. This is the twitter of the author of the J league patch of last year. https://mobile.twitter.com/karinshiratori He is going to prepare the FM2021 J league patch. You can cooperate with him to make the great patch for FM2021.
  4. Musashi Suzuki, Sei Muroya, Kento Hashimoto, Gu Sung-Yun, Koji Miyoshi are the duplicated players
  5. Based on your patch, I tried to revise the Chinese league to the reality one. China (D3) - By Timo.fmf
  6. Support. The patches are amazing. I found that Arsenal and Liverpool have huge amounts of transfer budget after the first season. It is unrealistic since Arsenal and Liverpool, in reality, have seldom buy players for huge amount without selling any players in the club. I hope you have the method to fix this issue.
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