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  1. As an Ipad user, I have to say that I am really disappointed so many bugs that can be detected within an hour of gameplay still exist several months after the game is released. I wanted to give SI benefit of the doubt for rushing the release on IOS initially, but it is clearly a matter of this version being an afterthought probably because of a much smaller customer base compared to PC. It should not be my job to report bugs every other day still or provide my save files to developers (which is not a straight forward process and one I am unable to do at the moment anyways). I won’t g
  2. Stars for role suitability are never shown for the second player in comparison screen. I am on Ipad Air 4, and can confirm this is the case for multiple saves.
  3. Every time I untick this option it keeps going back to ticked automatically, hence unable to see my club’s players in those searches.
  4. Hi @Harry Dunning Thank you for getting back to me. Unfortunately I am not able to provide a save, as it seems like accessing to save files directly is only possible through a PC. However, I have started a couple of new games in the most recent version to be sure and I can confirm xG is still showing 0.00 for individual players stats. I assume this would be the case for other people as well and developers should be able to replicate this problem from any random save.
  5. I can confirm the same on Ipad Air 4. I think I have reported this a while ago as well.
  6. I can confirm sorting has been an issue for me as well, however not limited to age unfortunately. Appearances, goals, assists and several other columns do not sort most of the time even if change column size or use Apple pencil/fingers.. I am on Ipad air 4.
  7. Just bumping this because neither issue is resolved for me after multiple patches. Thanks.
  8. I am not sure if these are related, but my issue is not being able to move players who are on loan to B team, and vice versa.
  9. iPad air 4, v 21.2. xG function is still not working on squad screen. And is the stats (chalkboard) category supposed to have assists per 90 only?
  10. See below. I believe there are supposed to be jerseys for players, and switching to last season makes the button disappear. iPad Air 4, v 21.2.
  11. Same case for me.. I was really looking forward to this year’s game after my very pleasant experience with FMT20 following years of break from the game, and it did not even take a week for my enthusiasm to wear off already. Releasing a ‘beta’ game is one thing, and as frustrating as it is, at least I know those issues will be fixed at some stage, but I just cannot comprehend why so many features that have such high approval rating from us, players, have now been removed without a reason.
  12. Only option seems to be to start ET (same case in both halves of ET).
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