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  1. PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

    Barca have done it again, another league title in the bag this one going down to head to head record. Sabadell pushed the title winners all the way and even though the team had the title wrapped up with two games to spare Seans team clawed and fought right to the end. Barca added a Spanish cup too this years trophy haul and narrowly lost on penalties to Recreativo in the champs league final. It was a hugely succesfull season with Barca stayin undefeated well into February in the league. The stand out player this year was Victor Prado who really is startin too show his true class scoring important goals in big games and controlling the midfield.
  2. PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

    BARCA SPLASH THE CASH Barca have spent a whopping 95 million on what the manager hopes will be the next superstar in his star studded midfield. Alao was always on the teams radar and after it was mader clear by the player he wanted to join the champions league wineers the manager told the board he is my one and only target this summer.
  3. PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

    BARCA BACK WITH A BANG.... The faith the Barca board should in Akinbiyi was unlikely as much as it was risky, but wow did he return on it. A record breaking season where the team was pushed all the way by a young Sabadell team and trophy hungry Recreativo resulted in a four trophy haul. The highlight of the season was returning the league trophy back where it belonged in the Barca trophy cabinet. Closely followed was the Champions League success over a top Sabadell side who had won the league the two years previous. A record league points total for our clan off 103 points says it all and the reality of the situation just now is that its going to take points totals like that too win the league every year the standard is so high. I have to give a special mention to Ali and Sean who pushed Barca all the way this year and I fully expect the same next year too.
  4. PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

    AKINBIYI SURVIVES DESPITE ABSCENCE Barcelona have decided to keep faith with manager Akinbiyi despite him missing the entire season. The manager had to serve 10 months of an 18 month conviction for transporting frogs illegally over the Spanish border too France. Animal rights campaigners had expected a tougher sentence saying the manager knew full well the frogs were going to end up cooked in breadcrumbs with a little lemon juice but Akinbiyis defence team claimed the manager thought they were going too a frog sanctuary of some kind to live out there days in a luxury setting. The managers team did an excellent job without him and played out the tactics left by Akinbiyi to an extremely high standard. They only lost out on the league title on the last day of the season and after putting out the mighty Sabadell they then beat underperforming recreativo in the final to win the champions league. Akinbiyi has vowed to steer clear of any more trouble and hopes to be in place in the dug out for all of the coming season.
  5. PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

    MAJOR OVERHAUL AT THE NOU CAMP..... After last seasons disappointment the manager wasted no time in moving out the players he felt were not performing..... over 200 million pounds of talent was moved out of the club including top goal scorer Andre and midfield superstar Ticinovic. Victo prado arguably the best Spanish player in the national team at the moment signed on at the considerable cost of 75 million pounds and 400k a week. The player once of Real madrid admitted it was a dream come true too sign for Barca and he was here too win trophys. Loric Enkangemene signed on from Spanish champions Sabadell, the player was a major part of the teams title push and really filled a problem position for Barca. As an attacking midfielder who can play behind the strikers he will give barca an extra option in attack when marquez is injuried or struggling for form but to be honest if he plays like he did last season he will find himself first choice soon enough. With the team now looking more solid as a unit and the players all complementing each other better than last year hopefully the team can perform too the high levels it has in the past and push on too claim another title for Akinbiyi
  6. PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

    A SEASON OF STRUGGLE FOR BARCA It was a tough season for Akinbiyi and Barca, the barca manager found him self on the wrong end of a bogus drug charge and spent 6 months on remand instead of in the dugout where he was sorely missed. The newspapers have had there say but it seems a rival manager had made up a rumour about the barca manager and then planted a criminal amount of ketamine in his office after an unruly party got out of hand. The barca manager however refused to hide behind his absence and blamed a lack of team cohesion and effort in big games behind his teams predicament. The league table didn't lie and barca fell short of there previous seasons accomplishments. the team failed in the league lost in the cup final and went out too man u in the champions league semi finals to be honest Akinbiyi is lucky to still be In a job. The manager can look on his past achievements as probably what saved him and this will be a huge season ahead for the team the staff and Akinbiyi....................
  7. PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

    BARCA CONTINUE TO DOMINATE A good season for Barca with 5 trophys heading to the cabinet. The league was always the most important and the hardest to win, Lagostera provided stiff opposition in the first half of the season and Recreativo in the second half. Barca held firm though and kept up a narrow lead throughout the season eventually pushing on in the final weeks. The cup was won with relative ease as was the club world cup, and the 2 supercups. the champions league was somewhat of a disappointment and the fact that It was PSG who won the semi final will leave a bitterness in Barcas mouth as they had stole away there star striker for 116 million after activating his release clause. The Barca first team wasn't the only team to cover itself in Glory this year, The B team and the under 19s also won there respective leagues which is an amazing achievement in itself considering the quality in these leagues. the under 19s had the league wrapped up by Christmas and many of these players have been promoted into the b team with star strikers popovic and knoester scoring over 70 goals between them they will be hoping to make the step up to the first team soon. STAR PERFORMERS Barca has many stars and the team prides itself on being able too attract world class talent but this seasons star performers have too be world class centre back Manuel Rescaldini and Cristiano Viega. Rescaldini is a rock who makes few mistakes he improves every year and I would say he is probably the best all round centre backing in the world at this point in time. Viega too falls into that world class bracket, one of the first signings Akinbiyi brought into Barca the player has settled well and despite his huge fee he has played well enough too merit it. he scores great goals provides assists and tackle's hard, everything u want in a midfielder.
  8. PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

    BARCA MAKE THERE MARK IN EUROPE A tough European campaign was finished in relative ease by Spanish champions Barca. The final was everything the fans had hoped for but barca ran out deserved winners and took the trophy back too the Nou Camp where many believe it belongs. The outstanding player has to have been powerful Barca forward Jonas Pederson who has scored goals for fun at home and abroad but special mention goes too Alfonso Marquez who pummelled Recreativo into submission in an earlier round. The final itself was no let down..... both teams attacked from first too last and the fans received a great spectacle and definatly got there moneys worth from the fortunes they paid for tickets.
  9. PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

    BARCELONA ARE THE TEAM TOO BEAT what a season for Barcelona... A near perfect campaign ended up with a famous treble, including the super cup, the league title and the Champions league trophy. The team made the final of the Spanish cup also but were edged out in a tight game by Sabadell who really did deserve something from a season that promised so much. The team is finally starting to look like the dominant barca team of years gone bye, The team is finding the net on a regular basis while keeping it tight at the back it is an attacking team built too soak up pressure then punish there opponents with a mixture of pace and power up front. BARCA SPEND BIG BUT THEY SPEND WELL Success has come at a cost with some huge investment taking place in the playing squad however Akinbiyi has balanced the books by removing the dead wood and working the transfer market as best as he can selling for profit and trusting in young hungry players too come in and prove there worth. the stars of this season are too many too mention but here are a few standouts - JONAS PEDERSON CRISTAINO VIEGA MANUEL RESCALDINI The team is expected to win the league every year now that's the way it is and the difference when you are at a big club.... it has its own pressures and the vast resources available cant counter the fact things need to be won every season or the axe will fall.
  10. PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

  11. PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

    BARCELONA ARE BACK ON TOP A tough season has ended with Barca finally claiming back there crown as the best team in Spain.... serious investment in the summer allowed Akinbiyi the room to manoeuvre with his team selection and tactics. Barca started the season well and almost led from the front the entire season Sabadell ended up pushing hard in the final months of the season but the league was won with 3 games too spare and quite comfortably in the end. The new arrivals at the club really made the difference it has taken 2 years but the manager has reshaped the club from top too bottom. he has moved on all the 30+ players bringing in exciting hungry youngsters. This is also the case in the youth teams with major investment being made in the under 19s squad and the Barca B team and the efforts have reaped immediate rewards, with the under 19s running away with there league racking up over 90 points. Special mention goes to player of the year winner Manu Portoles who played very well all season especially during the run in where his goals took Barca on to the title while the strikers were struggling to find the net.
  12. PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

    STRONG START FROM AKINBIYI This was always going to be a season of transition for Barca and there new manager Akinbiyi, however the manager has set his stall out early and with the team finishing second in his first season Akinbiyi has shown he isn't going to be wasting anytime in his chase for the title. The team performed well considering all the changes and Barca pushed Albacete all the way , it was always going to be tough though especially with Albacete's superior head to head record thanks too a lucky crash. Barca did not however perform well in the cups and this is something the manager will have too look at going forwards. its going to be another big summer with the manager looking to make the team his own now that he has removed the big wages from his wage bill. a reported transfer budget of 46 million will be supplemented with a lot of free wages too work with.
  13. PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

    Samuel Umtiti was one of the players expected too survive the axe at barca, but after moaning about leaving for man united and questioning the teams ambition the manager immediately placed the player on the transfer list. Removing his 125k a week wage was important and replacing him with Turkish international star Gokan Sezgin might actually be the best piece of business done by barca in this first transfer window. Marc Andre Ter Stegen looked like retaining his place in goals for Barcelona but his wages of 250k a week were always going to be an issue and with the Spanish international teams 2nd and 3rd choice goalkeepers both on the books at Barca there was going to be plenty of room to manoeuvre in the goalkeeping area off the pitch. It was always going to be a hard choice but it looks so far like 23 year old Jordi Aguada has one the starting jersey. Wesley Houdt was another surprise departure as he was still regarded as one of the best defenders in the league. His advancing years and huge 325k a week wages were a problem for the manager and he was offered out at a reduced fee just to move the player on.
  14. PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

    FANS FAVORITE AKINBIYI GETS THE TOP JOB Fallen giants Barcelona bravely picked out Ponferrada manager Adebajo Akinbiyi to return the club too the summit of Spanish football. Akinbiyis former side had dominated Barca in the cup final recently and this may have helped the board lean towards him as there new manager. it is obviously a great job to step into but it is no easy task. Underperforming players on huge contracts and the wrong side of 30, a team not in the champions league and want a way superstars are just some of the problems the manager will have to contend with. With a rumoured transfer budget of just 10 million the manager will have to sell players and remove some of the massive wages at the club.
  15. PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

    BARCA LOOK FOR A NEW MANAGER The once mighty Spanish giants Barcelona are now looking for a new manager. After this seasons poor performance resulting in a 6th place finish and a defeat too Ponferrada in the cup final the board have decided enough is enough and fired the entire management team. Rumours are rife with who will be in charge next season and a huge shortlist seems inevitable but here we can run through some off the favourites - STUART ABREY Stu has had a tremendous few years he really has taken Albacete so much further than ever expected. His team is fast attacking and full off talent and would make for an excellent choice as there next manager SEAN BLACK Sean has recently jumped ship from Logrones too former champions Sabadell. The in demand manager has an amazing ability too find the best in the transfer market and with an ageing underperforming squad at Barcelona he really would be an asset to the management team. ALEJANDRO SANTIAGO Ali has had his best season yet and was looking like winning his first title in the top flight. Going into the last day Ali was at home too struggling Atletico Madrid and needed a draw or better, his team struggled though and succumbed to a 2 - 1 defeat. The manager despite this setback though would be an excellent choice as manager his ability at bringing youth players through to the first team and working from the under19s upwards would be perfect for Barcelona. ADEBAJO AKINBIYI This manager is definitely on the up and destroying Barca in the cup final this year is only going to help. Akinbiyi has taken the club from the lowest level of Spanish football all the way too the top, he has a keen eye for a bargain and spends his money wisely. The manager has been quoted in the media as an early front runner but has so far remained silent.