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    I\'m 21, love playing and watching football espically Arsenal and Newcastle as i support both teams.

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  1. Well where to start at the end of December we had an outside chance of a play off place at best with us needing to rely on other teams to slip up but after xmas what an amazing run we had till the end of the season we managed to get to the Quarter final of the FA Cup just losing out in injury time to a youthful Arsenal side at the Emirates which was an incredible achievement. After that we only had the league to focus on and I was lucky to not get many injuries at all that would cost us for the season. In the January window I decided to sell mageninis to give the transfer kitty and more importantly the wages abit of a boost to give us a chance of signing a few more quality players and that was the case aswell as getting a couple of frees in I also managed to bag another few free loans in which gave our defence more strength in depth as most of the early season I felt every game we were leaking a few goals so I hoped these little changes would tighten it up at the back but that proved to just be one of those things and we had to rely on outscoring the opposition to get a much needed win. Transfers We had a little wobble in mid march and I thought our chances of a top 6 finish had gone but in April and to the end of the season we went on an amazing run so it all came down to the final two games of the season. It was tight between 4 teams to get the last two play off spots but luckily we managed to beat Accrington which meant we were 5th going into the last game and with it being in our hands it was a relief knowing a win in our last game and we were in the play offs. It was a nervous win against Wycombe who scored with 5 mins left and were keep throwing everyone forward so we had to hang on but we managed it and other results going our way aswell meant we finished a great 4th place. With some big teams like Ipswich not making the play offs our chances looked good with Blackpool in our way in the semi finals. A thrilling game at Bloomfield Road felt more like a ride on a rollercoaster than a football game we went 2-0 down quite early on so it looked as if a long hard seasons work had all been wasted but a harsh team talk boosted morale and give the team just the kick up the backside they needed and by the time the 67th minute had come around of the clock we were in front it was another nervy game in the end and we were just hoping to hang on and keep the advantage and we managed to do so job done. The Home leg a few days later was a much more relaxed game we took an early lead and the job was pretty much done with Blackpool needing another 3 goals to turn the tie it looked unlikely. this time a more relaxed team talk knowing we were almost through was needed and early in the 2nd half Oztumer player of the season for me grabbed the 2nd and on our way to Wembley we went. So it all came down to this although I never expected to get to the play offs yet alone the final we had to take our chance and get to the championship. Again like the first leg against Blackpool we started slowly and found ourselves 1-0 down quite quickly. This time though we kept it at 1-0 and just before half time we snatched a deserved equaliser 1-1 going into the break and time to calm the nerves. We started the 2nd half like we ended the first and were in control and then out of the blue a 25 yard screamer from Menseguez on of our jan signings and we were up 2-1 but as what had cost us all season our defence didn't stay firm and a stupid pen was given away a few minutes later 2-2. It was then an even game and could of gone either way a few bookings and I knew I had to make some changes. I sent on a half fit lowe who him and murphy in the middle of midfield had been brilliant all season so I knew he was someone I could trust and wouldn't you know it 10 mins after coming on he grabbed the all important 3rd and from then on we started to dominate the game. Although we never looked in danger 3-2 was always a dangerous score and up until stoppage time you never could rule out Bristiol Rovers having one attack and it could of been 3-3 but as it turned out a swift counter attack and 4-2 it was and it was over! Back to the championship at the first attempt and an unbelievable season for us. The Board although gave me nothing to spend this season and have given me a healthy 9.5m to spend which is much needed and most of this season we had to rely on loan players. I know I will look at the loan market and even the free transfers again but hopefully I can buy some much needed quality to help us stay up next season Fixtures Squad Final League Table
  2. We have just reached over the half way point of the season and what a season it has been so far. I thought it would of been more difficult in truth than it turned out to be, after a dodgy start at Portsmouth where I was 1-0 up to then get hammered 4-1 it looked a daunting time was in store for me but after a string of really good results we got rid of that -12pts in no time and have been climbing the table ever since. Also we have managed to have a really good run in the FA Cup which sees us in the 3rd round and has given the bank balance a much needed boost but after my initial squad post I have managed to get Chelsea as a parent club and managed to get some promising youngsters on board more than anything I needed them in to just add some depth to my squad. Maddox however has proven to be amazing so far chipping in with a fair amount of goals and assists to help the team. Mainly though I think the most pleasing thing about my squad other than the results is that ive managed to get to January with no injuries or long term injuries what so ever which was the thing I was dreading the most given the small squad I have to work with. I have also been rewarding with a new contract from the board as I have done so well and they have vowed to improve the training facilities as a result of my fine run aswell. Hopefully I can add abit more quality in the team and who knows what I thought was going to be a season just to survive might actually be a season where we could make our way into the play off picture or even an automatic place given we are not far off at the moment. Fixtures Squad League 1 Table
  3. Decided for my final long term (hopefully) save of fm19 I wanted a real challenge and what a bigger challenge than Bolton. Starting on the most recent transfer summer update so we find ourselves just recently relegated from the championship and as everyone or most people know the financial problems at the club is dire to say the least so we start the season in administration with a -12 points to start the new league 1 season with. Luckily although not a tycoon we have been taking over by a local businessman who has cleared the debts so have a healthy 9.5m in the balance but I was given no transfer budget to start with and the few players I managed to sign were on free transfers with the biggest signing being 39 year old Diego Forlan who should be amazing at this level even given his age. I managed to get him signed without any agent fees or signing on fee but by paying him the max I could of 4.5k a week I had only £375 a week to offer other free transfers and that was impossible so I have got to stick with my bare bones squad and hope that we can make it to the jan window with in touching distance of the team just above the relegation zone or be out of the relegation zone by then. It will be tough as I have to hope we don't get any serious injuries as with no reserves and no youth players and I have asked for a senior club to get some loans in with paying a fee although this has still to happen and with the transfer window now shut these again will only be able to get in jan if we are lucky. Here is my squad as it stands
  4. Hey All, Maybe a long shot but thought i'd ask in here if anyone has had a similar or same issue with contracts and how they solved it. I've tried reporting error but si are not sure why bug keeps happening either. It's annoying but majority of players I offer a contract to after a bid has been accepted the agent asks for a ridiculous fee like the one in screenshot. it's just such a shame as it's ruining the game as you can't feel like you can get any decent players.
  5. Hi, Ok Ben thanks for reply, I look forward to hearing from yourself or someone else from si in the future. It is a very strange bug but hopefully something can be found to resolve it in the future. Kind Regards
  6. Although it doesn't happen with every player, it's a mixed bag happens with quite a lot but then again doesn't happen with a lot either. Like this one
  7. Hi, Here are 3 screenshots of what happens when I go to offer a player a contract.
  8. Hi Ben, I've done what you suggested and removed all custom graphics and skins but it still hasn't resolved the issue.
  9. Hi, I've also removed all custom leagues I had installed and restarted the game with a new save to see if that would resolve the issue but it didn't. I then have unistalled and reinstalled football manager and again started a new save and it still hasen't resolved the issue so i'm not sure why it happens in my game but in other peoples games it doesn't.
  10. Hi, Thanks for reply, I've uploaded game ' Sunderland Strange Agent Fees' to the link you sent me. Hopefully you have received it and I look forward to hearing from you in the future. Thanks
  11. Hi, I've been playing as Sunderland but whenever I go to offer a contract to a few players who are hardly on anything at current club, some players on £375 a week they either want massive wages £24k a week or more or which happens all the time the agent fees are ridiculous coming upto £12m to £30m. Here is an example of one. I think this therefore is a bug and just wondered if anyone knew a solution to solve this problem? Many Thanks
  12. Anyone had anything like this happen in game? I mean why is the agent fee so ridiculous or is this just an unfortunate bug?
  13. Clan Name - Written In The Stars 2018 Game - FM19 Times - GMT not decided on days/times yet but hopefully looking to do at least two nights or days a week Leagues - England down to Van North/South, Spain - Top 2 divisions, Italy - Top 2 divisions, France - Top 2 divisions, Germany - Top 2 divisions so the 5 best countries in the world are playable throughout the game but not decided where to start yet but will be agreed with majority of the clan. Additional Info - Looking for people who will show up and play the game week in week out, who don't take ages to press continue and are not slow players, we want a free flowing game but an enjoyable game aswell, looking for people who don't just play the game like they are playing by themselves and don't speak on steam during the game, you don't have to speak every single second of the game but to know you are enjoying it as much as the rest of the group and try and join in will make the game even better. Also need people with a decent internet speed so that although the online game is a lot slower than you would be used to playing offline which you will have to bare in mind, we still hope you'll have a decent speed so again it doesn't make the game slow down waiting for someone to press continue. And Lastly but by no means least we really don't want any time wasters here who will just show up for a few game weeks then all of a sudden quit without telling anyone why or rage quit if they lose a few games, this is a long time game that we will be looking for and to achieve that everyone who joins will need to be dedicated and willing to play every time/day we ask. I am therefore looking for upto 6 people to join me on this new adventure in FM19 when the latest patch is released in March 2019. I believe from the last few years of the game that this could be as soon as the 1st March 2019. I'm posting this ad now so hopefully I can get everyone in quickly and we can iron out all the details before the patch is released and therefore we can all know which teams we will be as soon as possible. I hope you find what I plan to do interesting and if you like what you hear please can you drop me a private message on here with your age and steam information and I'll hopefully be in touch soon Rules Please find a link to my clan thread from 2017 This thread has a list of all the rules that will still be applied in the new thread so if you are interested in joining the game please could you read this rules before sending me a message. Thanks
  14. After the match is finished I keep getting this message after done team talk. The game then completely freezes and the only result is pressing ctl, alt and delete and closing the game that way. If anyone knows how to solve it then that would be great
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