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  1. Well where to start at the end of December we had an outside chance of a play off place at best with us needing to rely on other teams to slip up but after xmas what an amazing run we had till the end of the season we managed to get to the Quarter final of the FA Cup just losing out in injury time to a youthful Arsenal side at the Emirates which was an incredible achievement. After that we only had the league to focus on and I was lucky to not get many injuries at all that would cost us for the season. In the January window I decided to sell mageninis to give the transfer kitty and
  2. We have just reached over the half way point of the season and what a season it has been so far. I thought it would of been more difficult in truth than it turned out to be, after a dodgy start at Portsmouth where I was 1-0 up to then get hammered 4-1 it looked a daunting time was in store for me but after a string of really good results we got rid of that -12pts in no time and have been climbing the table ever since. Also we have managed to have a really good run in the FA Cup which sees us in the 3rd round and has given the bank balance a much needed boost but after my initial sq
  3. Decided for my final long term (hopefully) save of fm19 I wanted a real challenge and what a bigger challenge than Bolton. Starting on the most recent transfer summer update so we find ourselves just recently relegated from the championship and as everyone or most people know the financial problems at the club is dire to say the least so we start the season in administration with a -12 points to start the new league 1 season with. Luckily although not a tycoon we have been taking over by a local businessman who has cleared the debts so have a healthy 9.5m in the balance but I was given n
  4. Hey All, Maybe a long shot but thought i'd ask in here if anyone has had a similar or same issue with contracts and how they solved it. I've tried reporting error but si are not sure why bug keeps happening either. It's annoying but majority of players I offer a contract to after a bid has been accepted the agent asks for a ridiculous fee like the one in screenshot. it's just such a shame as it's ruining the game as you can't feel like you can get any decent players.
  5. Anyone had anything like this happen in game? I mean why is the agent fee so ridiculous or is this just an unfortunate bug?
  6. Clan Name - Written In The Stars 2018 Game - FM19 Times - GMT not decided on days/times yet but hopefully looking to do at least two nights or days a week Leagues - England down to Van North/South, Spain - Top 2 divisions, Italy - Top 2 divisions, France - Top 2 divisions, Germany - Top 2 divisions so the 5 best countries in the world are playable throughout the game but not decided where to start yet but will be agreed with majority of the clan. Additional Info - Looking for people who will show up and play the game week in week out, who don't take ages to press continue a
  7. Hi, I do have an amazing team but first match with this tactic was unbelievable the best result I've ever had in a season that I can remember. I was using the other argus tactic and its working well for me, won quite a few trophies with it including the world cup with France but I think this new Argus tactic looks to have topped that giving this result.
  8. Final Table Squad Looking at squad I think most of the loan players will go and with me just getting a new budget to finish mid table of £77m but having no wages to spend and not being able atm to put any of transfer kitty into the wages its going to be a busy some of ins and outs but hopefully I can build a squad to keep us in the league.
  9. After taking over Villa at Christmas, I knew it was going to be a tough task to build on my promise to the board that I would not only get them into the play offs but also get them into the top 2 giving how many points we were off at the time. Looking through the squad and although it was a strong squad I felt with a few additions in the jan window, mainly on loan as getting a few permanent deals might be tricky to pull off giving how tight the wage budget was. However I knew for sure that some of the squads contracts were up in the summer and a few of these players were on big wag
  10. I didn't get the Sheff Wed job but they were in a relegation battle so it would of been tough at the start but on boxing day I got the best Christmas present I could of wished for this Christmas and Aston Villa offered me the job and with the team they have and 5.5m to send although they are struggling in 10th place I couldn't resist and now i'm looking forward to hopefully taking Villa back to the prem
  11. After having a busy transfer window with loans/frees we started the season in a positive fashion and quickly moved up the table to be around the play off places. However that form didn't last long and I found myself going on a terrible run of form which saw us slide down the table to be sitting in mid table although the table itself was quite tight at that point with only 6pts separating 10th place to 1st. Fixtures After that poor run of form it was getting tough and tough to find some consistency with both tactics and results and with the club constantly cutting my tran
  12. I know haha, just got used to it I guess but I wish I could make squad list text bigger, i'm sure it used to be better and more zoomed in on previous fms
  13. After a busy summer window and with only 380k to spend I had to balance the squad out which took a while, I managed to raise quite a lot of money 12.5m in player sales and I decided against spending any more as I only got 35% of transfer income but the wages were a massive stumbling block being only able to offer upto 8k. I therefore decided the loan route would be my best option to bring in some premier league quality players and a few decent free transfers mainly ben arfa who i'm looking forward to seeing also added to the quality of the squad. Squad Here is my
  14. After taking charge in late Feb and Finding Forest in 22nd place I managed to hit the ground run and went on a great run of results which saw us not only close the 6pt gap we had to safety but go beyond it and shoot up the table finishing in a respectable 18th place. It could of been a lot better but after losing to the eventual champions Bristol City 5-2 the confidence in the team just drained and I ended up finishing with 4 defeats in the last 5 games so plenty to build on for next season. Looking through the squad at my disposal the only real quality in the team that showed in m
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