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  1. Clan Name - Written In The Stars 2018 Game - FM19 Times - GMT not decided on days/times yet but hopefully looking to do at least two nights or days a week Leagues - England down to Van North/South, Spain - Top 2 divisions, Italy - Top 2 divisions, France - Top 2 divisions, Germany - Top 2 divisions so the 5 best countries in the world are playable throughout the game but not decided where to start yet but will be agreed with majority of the clan. Additional Info - Looking for people who will show up and play the game week in week out, who don't take ages to press continue and are not slow players, we want a free flowing game but an enjoyable game aswell, looking for people who don't just play the game like they are playing by themselves and don't speak on steam during the game, you don't have to speak every single second of the game but to know you are enjoying it as much as the rest of the group and try and join in will make the game even better. Also need people with a decent internet speed so that although the online game is a lot slower than you would be used to playing offline which you will have to bare in mind, we still hope you'll have a decent speed so again it doesn't make the game slow down waiting for someone to press continue. And Lastly but by no means least we really don't want any time wasters here who will just show up for a few game weeks then all of a sudden quit without telling anyone why or rage quit if they lose a few games, this is a long time game that we will be looking for and to achieve that everyone who joins will need to be dedicated and willing to play every time/day we ask. I am therefore looking for upto 6 people to join me on this new adventure in FM19 when the latest patch is released in March 2019. I believe from the last few years of the game that this could be as soon as the 1st March 2019. I'm posting this ad now so hopefully I can get everyone in quickly and we can iron out all the details before the patch is released and therefore we can all know which teams we will be as soon as possible. I hope you find what I plan to do interesting and if you like what you hear please can you drop me a private message on here with your age and steam information and I'll hopefully be in touch soon Rules Please find a link to my clan thread from 2017 This thread has a list of all the rules that will still be applied in the new thread so if you are interested in joining the game please could you read this rules before sending me a message. Thanks
  2. After the match is finished I keep getting this message after done team talk. The game then completely freezes and the only result is pressing ctl, alt and delete and closing the game that way. If anyone knows how to solve it then that would be great
  3. Hi, I do have an amazing team but first match with this tactic was unbelievable the best result I've ever had in a season that I can remember. I was using the other argus tactic and its working well for me, won quite a few trophies with it including the world cup with France but I think this new Argus tactic looks to have topped that giving this result.
  4. Final Table Squad Looking at squad I think most of the loan players will go and with me just getting a new budget to finish mid table of £77m but having no wages to spend and not being able atm to put any of transfer kitty into the wages its going to be a busy some of ins and outs but hopefully I can build a squad to keep us in the league.
  5. After taking over Villa at Christmas, I knew it was going to be a tough task to build on my promise to the board that I would not only get them into the play offs but also get them into the top 2 giving how many points we were off at the time. Looking through the squad and although it was a strong squad I felt with a few additions in the jan window, mainly on loan as getting a few permanent deals might be tricky to pull off giving how tight the wage budget was. However I knew for sure that some of the squads contracts were up in the summer and a few of these players were on big wages so I decided to try and move them on now although I knew I wouldn't get a big fee for them it was still better than nothing and then hopefully the extra wages I could use to help me to get some deals in aswell. One of the biggest earns was Micah Richards who was on 60k and in a way it was sad to have to get rid of him giving how much of a good player he was back in the day irl and I liked him as a defender but obviously not playing irl for a while meant his stats weren't upto much and then u added his wages on top of that. I thought it would be a struggle but it was pretty straight forward to get him out the door, other top earners were hutton, steer, de laet but again after a few weeks I managed to move them on. Whelan and Jedinak didn't want to go but with them both again being on high wages and jedinak who was going to retire in the summer I eventually managed to release them on frees. All these outs allowed me to bring in some extra quality to the squad, Rhodes in particular who although I wanted him on a permanent deal, I failed with a few attempts due to lack of wages but managed to convince him to come on loan eventually and in the end it proved a master stroke, he was rusty at first as sheff wed had dumped him the under 23s and with no real match fitness it took him a while to get upto speed but when he did and the team gelled to my formation, the team and Rhodes really took off and with 15 goals in 18 games he fired me to promotion. Transfers Table When I took over Fixtures
  6. I didn't get the Sheff Wed job but they were in a relegation battle so it would of been tough at the start but on boxing day I got the best Christmas present I could of wished for this Christmas and Aston Villa offered me the job and with the team they have and 5.5m to send although they are struggling in 10th place I couldn't resist and now i'm looking forward to hopefully taking Villa back to the prem
  7. After having a busy transfer window with loans/frees we started the season in a positive fashion and quickly moved up the table to be around the play off places. However that form didn't last long and I found myself going on a terrible run of form which saw us slide down the table to be sitting in mid table although the table itself was quite tight at that point with only 6pts separating 10th place to 1st. Fixtures After that poor run of form it was getting tough and tough to find some consistency with both tactics and results and with the club constantly cutting my transfer budget despite me bringing in 12.5m I went from 3.8m at the end of august to now having 550k and that started to irate me as with no real budget and very little to offer in wages aswell I didn't feel I had the resources to strength the squad where I feel I needed to in Jan. Current Squad Therefore with some of the relegated premier league clubs really struggling I was thinking it would be only a matter of time before one of these jobs might be available and that was starting to turn my head as with the resources at them clubs it would of been impossible to turn them down. Other big clubs in the division were also struggling and by the middle of December both Sheff Wed and Aston Villa jobs were up and I thought I fancy managing one of them with the squads they have, the great clubs they are and with my stock still high in the media giving how they feel I was overachieving after finishing low mid table last year I felt the time was now to move on. League Table
  8. I know haha, just got used to it I guess but I wish I could make squad list text bigger, i'm sure it used to be better and more zoomed in on previous fms
  9. After a busy summer window and with only 380k to spend I had to balance the squad out which took a while, I managed to raise quite a lot of money 12.5m in player sales and I decided against spending any more as I only got 35% of transfer income but the wages were a massive stumbling block being only able to offer upto 8k. I therefore decided the loan route would be my best option to bring in some premier league quality players and a few decent free transfers mainly ben arfa who i'm looking forward to seeing also added to the quality of the squad. Squad Here is my current squad going forward and I don't think I need to improve it much more.
  10. After taking charge in late Feb and Finding Forest in 22nd place I managed to hit the ground run and went on a great run of results which saw us not only close the 6pt gap we had to safety but go beyond it and shoot up the table finishing in a respectable 18th place. It could of been a lot better but after losing to the eventual champions Bristol City 5-2 the confidence in the team just drained and I ended up finishing with 4 defeats in the last 5 games so plenty to build on for next season. Looking through the squad at my disposal the only real quality in the team that showed in my 13 games where the widemen of lolly and McKay who delivered some excellent crosses that to no surprise Daryl Murphy finished off superbly, without them 3 players I think it would of been a real struggle to of got out of the drop zone. The midfield does have abit of quality with Osborn in particular standing out in some games but overall the team lacks a lot of pace and that's something I will try to address. Fixtures I took over from the QPR game and as you can see from the screenshot I went on a decent run of results early on before tailing off come the end of the season. Squad This is my current squad atm but most if not the majority of these players I will try and ship out in the summer and hopefully can recoup most of the transfer fees I can get and improve the team next season. Final Table
  11. Hey All, After a spell in America with Atlanta United where I won the MLS Cup, Supporter Shield and US Open cup, I decided that I couldn't do much more with them and having won the first trophies for that club decided i'd look for a new challenge and with my reputation ok starting with the lowest badges and earner 1 star rep from winning them trophies I was offered the chance in the championship with both Birmingham City and Nottingham Forest as well as a chance in Serie B with Parma, I was tempted by Parma but with some awkward rules in signing players like in the U.S.A I decided against that route and then looking over Birmingham and Forests squad I couldn't see too much difference in them in fact Birmingham's had a slight edge but with very different transfer budgets. At Birmingham I would of had a pitiful 5k and at forest 380k so not a lot to work with. I decided to go for Nottingham Forest, with the team 22nd in the league with 33 games played 6pts adrift of Sheffield United and with now the transfer window closed given it is the 22nd Feb I decided to embrace this challenge and hopefully with 13 games left I can save them from the drop this season and then in the summer have some more funds to make the squad a lot better than it currently is.
  12. Hi, Is this database based on fantasy sides or real life ones? only reason is I noticed a side called Prudhoe youth at level 13, well Prudhoe youth don't exist, the team in Prudhoe is Prudhoe Town who play in the Wearside league. Also although I know it would maybe be impossible or take a long time to achieve it would be great if someone on the forum could make a logo pack with all the club badges for these teams and in a dream world the kits although I know trying to get pics of the kits would be hard to do unless you go and watch some of the clubs. Also do you have to create the clubs in the editor from scratch and give them a unique id or simply by unlocking the levels somehow in the editor does this open up all these sides. Kind Regards
  13. Hey Lads, Great thread, I've decided to throw my hat in the ring of an EFL Club and decided to start with Mansfield, watching L1/L2 goals every week it was either between them and Shrewsbury for me to start with as both seemed like a good challenge and I like both teams kits but in the end starting in L2 felt a better challenge. Looking through the squad I don't think i'll need to strength the team that much as in the majority if not all positions the squad looks very strong and hopefully this will stand me in good shape to push for promotion and take them back to L1 where they have only been once in recent years.
  14. Game: FM18 Type of Game: Clan Age: 31 Timezone: Newcastle When can you play: anytime apart from weekends until after 7pm Steam Username: mjhewitt14
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