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  1. I feel the Norwegian translation can be improved significally... much of the syntax isn’t right at all and just feels like a Google Translation from English. One example: »Mickelson sikrer seg ny kontrakt»... this is a news item of a player who has signed a new contract. Why is it in progressive? It doesn’t work like that in Norwegian, even if it does in English. The right translation would be «Mickelson signerte ny kontrakt». Countless examles of similar translations....
  2. nevermind, he's on 239k. .. I guess he really loves the club!
  3. He's got around 500k a year. I guess I have to ride out the red balance for a while then
  4. I offered him out without transfer listing. A Chinese club came in with a 35 million offer, but he turned it down
  5. Most of my players are happy to stay. Which is fine, since I get to keep a 20+ goalscorer. But some of the talents are knocking on the door now and are becoming way too good to send out on loan
  6. I manage in the Eresdivisie, and I've spent 3,5 seasons building up the facilities and the scouting network. My squad is now young, with many 5-star potential players knocking on the door. Recent investment in infrastructure has left me in the red, though. And I want a positive balance. However, not many clubs seem to be interested in my players. My 21year old striker (Postema) bangs 20+ league goals every season, but interest seem to have disappeared. Last season, Liverpool was interested and Milan made a decent bid of 25 million (which he turned down). I've put the asking price at
  7. Absolutely loving the beta! Great work everyone! The game feels much faster than FM19, but I was stuck on a post-match calculation screen for about 15 minutes. Anyone else experienced this?
  8. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! ... hello? ...hello? I anyone here?
  9. steam just auto-updated. New interface Don't know if it's related to FM, though!
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