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  1. yeah just wondering how like we will scroll and stuff like that
  2. I was looking at buying google stadia for fm as i would love to load alot of league up but just wondered say i wanted to play fm20 on google stadia on my computer will i be able to use the controller that comes with google stadia or only be able to use mouse and keyboard?
  3. I'm a bit confused so just an example.... if i wanted to play fm 20 on my computer with google stadia will i be able to use the controller or only k/m?
  4. So been playing football manager 2019 since the beta dropped and I've been doing surprisingly well like i mean surprisingly well! previous football managers(been playing since fm12) i have really struggled to give tactics a fair go so just ended up downloading ones offline. For me that kind of killed the game somewhat because i didn't really see it as my achievement as its someone elses work.... anyway i said at the start of football manager i would only use my own tactics and will not download any and I've stuck to my words 100%. anyway here is how my season is going i'm in somewhat disbelief
  5. Second Season, Knap you are a tactical god! amazing work as always. Tactic going well so far....
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