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  1. So basically it seems since the last update or maybe the one before that ever since i've had stuttering/lag issues, they seem to be when more players are on the screen cause it lags heavy when the camera is at the halfway line. i've downloaded the latest graphic drivers and tried other ways and still nothing. currently running a gtx 960 graphics card.
  2. yeah just wondering how like we will scroll and stuff like that
  3. I was looking at buying google stadia for fm as i would love to load alot of league up but just wondered say i wanted to play fm20 on google stadia on my computer will i be able to use the controller that comes with google stadia or only be able to use mouse and keyboard?
  4. I'm a bit confused so just an example.... if i wanted to play fm 20 on my computer with google stadia will i be able to use the controller or only k/m?
  5. So been playing football manager 2019 since the beta dropped and I've been doing surprisingly well like i mean surprisingly well! previous football managers(been playing since fm12) i have really struggled to give tactics a fair go so just ended up downloading ones offline. For me that kind of killed the game somewhat because i didn't really see it as my achievement as its someone elses work.... anyway i said at the start of football manager i would only use my own tactics and will not download any and I've stuck to my words 100%. anyway here is how my season is going i'm in somewhat disbelief as i am usually awful at tactics!
  6. ah i cant tell you how much this makes me happy! haha currently into december and salah has only played 5 games due to continually getting injuried i even wait until he is 100% on both match fitness and sharpness. November 27th and I've had 41 injuries already and expected to have 91 even got the best medical team i could cause i thought it was me haha..... anyway apart from that issue the game is amazing so thank you
  7. Second Season, Knap you are a tactical god! amazing work as always. Tactic going well so far....
  8. Hi seb, gonna start my main save now with like yourself Manchester United just a couple of questions. what training do you do during pre season and during the season?
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