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  1. First season finished with East Kilbride in Scotland. Managed to finish 8th League Table which was good considering I only had 11 players to use. I got quite a good youth intake with some potential Best Youth Candidate. Looking forward to having subs next season but will probably be another season of Consolidation. Squad first season Transfers page
  2. Starting the challenge with East Kilbride in Scotland. Only have 11 players...
  3. Would this be ok for FM 20? I only usually load 2-3 leagues. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Apple-MacBook-MD101LL-13-3-inch-Renewed/dp/B00VQR7MVQ/ref=pd_sbs_147_3/262-6458247-9045016?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00VQR7MVQ&pd_rd_r=9b203ab1-2216-48a1-9046-20f5fe728b56&pd_rd_w=ikD7H&pd_rd_wg=X4a9a&pf_rd_p=cc188cba-1892-42b3-956f-6c67d0ab7a00&pf_rd_r=Y91FCXGKMAB4QEY044ZW&psc=1&refRID=Y91FCXGKMAB4QEY044ZW
  4. Hello guys, I decided to start my first thread updating on the progress of a challenge that I saw posted by @CTID86 which left me intrigued. A new spin on the Hexagon Challenge. Is it the hardest challenge ever? The idea is simple, you start unemployed with no coaching qualifications and Sunday league player experience. You have to win all 6 Champions Leagues (CONCACAF, UEFA, Oceania, CAF, Copa Libertadores and AFC) in the world but... here is the tricky part. You have to win each one with a club based in a country that has never had a Champions League winner before! So kiss goodbye to clubs in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea etc! After some research and league expansions from Steam I have started a game and loaded up 2 nations from each continent that have never had a Champions League winner. I will try and win the Champions League of each continent with a club from one of these nations. Asia - Kuwait and Lebanon Europe - Belgium & Greece Africa - Kenya and Senegal NA - Jamaica & USA (Canadian team only) SA - Peru Oceania - Fiji & Solomon Islands None of those countries have ever had a club win their regions Champions League. Club 1 - Solomon Warriors I decided to start my career by applying for jobs in the Solomon Islands as it was probably one of the easiest countries to get a job in as all the clubs are amateur level. I applied for three clubs and luckily Solomon Warriors offered me the job.
  5. Played 2 seasons but the 3rd season, league fixtures won't load in any of the Scottish leagues from Premiership to Conferences?
  6. No problem thanks for the quick support. Will it be fixed during the beta?
  7. Yes, any match that I play on any save, single player, online or single player draft. If I holiday the match its fine. I've tried 3D and 2D and it shows one highlight and then within first 3 minutes it always comes up with crash dump Around 3 minutes of match time
  8. Around 3 minutes into any match, a serious error is encountered and needs to close creating a crash dump, please help. This issue only started happening today. I had a save with Dunfermline that I played a few matches on Saturday and Monday and it was fine. 1) My friend joined my save and we were playing out first matches in the Scottish League Cup with Hearts and Hibs, after 3 minutes I have a crash dump. I tried reloading several times but same crash dump kept happening. I even added manager to Hamilton and same happened 2) I started a draft save test and same error happened. 3) I loaded my Dunfermline save up and it happens on this as well, I can't play any matches on this beta longer than 3 minutes without a crash dump? FM 2018 v18.0.2.1032507 (2017.11.01 01.30.02).dmp
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