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  1. Been following this thread for weeks, love it guys. Where is my Beta? 🙏🙏🙈
  2. Cosmos FC Season 25/26 We dominated domestically again winning everything but our 64 wins in a row in the league was ended by Domagnano who had a 93rd minute winner after I went down to 10 men. However we did have our highest ever win. 16-1 with 8 different scorers and 10-0 at half time. >> 16-1 << In the Champions League we qualified for the group stage again but had a group of death! Arsenal, Bayern, Atletico. We managed to beat Atletico but lost the rest and went out. Our facilities are slowly getting better each year, it's just a case of waiti
  3. I hate Domagnano, I think they ended my 64 game winning run last season
  4. Cosmos FC Season 24/25 Finances Overall Best 11 Champions League Group Facilities Cosmos 2-1 Man Utd Shakhtar 1st Leg We heavily strengthened in the summer with 12 new players to join our 19 man squad. Spend around 800k but a few came in on free and loans. Starting in the Champions League 1st Quals round for the first time we progressed easily to the 2nd round. Astana provided stiff opposition, we lost the 1st leg away but won at home and went through. The 3rd quals were easy but then we got Shakhtar in the Play off round. I thought that would be us ou
  5. Cosmos FC Season 23/24 Overall Best 11 Won every game Euro Campaign Nanni I won every game domestically to win the treble for the 2nd year in a row. Nanni scored 59 goals from 34 starts. In Europe I got to the Euro Cup 2 Group Stage again. Managed to finish 3rd but went out. Progress though. The aim for next season is to strengthen the squad further and progress further in Champions League. Achievements to update
  6. Cosmos FC Season 22/23 Treble Winners Started in the Champions League Preliminary rounds before progressing to the 1st and 2nd Qualifying rounds before going to the Euro cup and unfortunately losing in the play off round to Motherwell. I was 2-0 up from the 1st leg but lost the 2nd leg 4-0, my 2 goalkeepers left the day before the 2nd leg...nightmare. Ended up in Euro Cup 2 group but lost every game. Euro Quals
  7. Cosmos FC Season 21/22 Double Winners!! Cosmo's FC go the whole season unbeaten! I released my whole team in the summer window and had a new approach to signing players which definitely helped. Instead of just using the player search, I went with DOF suggestions and also scouring over released players on 1st July from Serie A teams. We won 21 out of our 24 league matches and finally qualified for Europe at the 3rd attempt. The final play off game vs Juvenes Dogana was our toughest all season, we twice went behind but managed to overcome them in the end 3-2. We also defeated Doma
  8. Cosmos FC Season 20/21 After last seasons disappointment of losing in the play off and cup semi finals we were hoping for a better 2nd season. I signed quite a few new players, none that stand out though. The first stage went brilliantly, we went undefeated winning 4 and drawing 3 to finish top of our group. The second stage saw us hit a slump in form but we managed to regain it with January signings helping to finish 3rd and qualify for the play offs. In the cup we progressed to the semi finals again but Domagnano who always seem to beat us knocked us out. In the pla
  9. Always been interested in this Challenge and decided to start it with Cosmo's FC in the San Marino League Completed season 1 - Lost in the quarter finals of the final league stage play offs, after finishing 3rd in the first stage and 2nd in the final stage. I also lost in the cup semi finals. No Europe for me next season. With the National team, I won my first game vs Kazakhstan 3-1 in the WC Qualifiers with heavy defeats v the rest. In early 2020 I beat Liechtenstein and Somalia in friendlies. Achievements to be updated please: @duesouth National team Win a game and w
  10. I used the Fusion DB from the OP. in 2nd season now and it seems fine
  11. First season finished with East Kilbride in Scotland. Managed to finish 8th League Table which was good considering I only had 11 players to use. I got quite a good youth intake with some potential Best Youth Candidate. Looking forward to having subs next season but will probably be another season of Consolidation. Squad first season Transfers page
  12. Starting the challenge with East Kilbride in Scotland. Only have 11 players...
  13. Would this be ok for FM 20? I only usually load 2-3 leagues. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Apple-MacBook-MD101LL-13-3-inch-Renewed/dp/B00VQR7MVQ/ref=pd_sbs_147_3/262-6458247-9045016?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00VQR7MVQ&pd_rd_r=9b203ab1-2216-48a1-9046-20f5fe728b56&pd_rd_w=ikD7H&pd_rd_wg=X4a9a&pf_rd_p=cc188cba-1892-42b3-956f-6c67d0ab7a00&pf_rd_r=Y91FCXGKMAB4QEY044ZW&psc=1&refRID=Y91FCXGKMAB4QEY044ZW
  14. Hello guys, I decided to start my first thread updating on the progress of a challenge that I saw posted by @CTID86 which left me intrigued. A new spin on the Hexagon Challenge. Is it the hardest challenge ever? The idea is simple, you start unemployed with no coaching qualifications and Sunday league player experience. You have to win all 6 Champions Leagues (CONCACAF, UEFA, Oceania, CAF, Copa Libertadores and AFC) in the world but... here is the tricky part. You have to win each one with a club based in a country that has never had a Champions League winner before! So kiss goo
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