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  1. Played 2 seasons but the 3rd season, league fixtures won't load in any of the Scottish leagues from Premiership to Conferences?
  2. No problem thanks for the quick support. Will it be fixed during the beta?
  3. Yes, any match that I play on any save, single player, online or single player draft. If I holiday the match its fine. I've tried 3D and 2D and it shows one highlight and then within first 3 minutes it always comes up with crash dump Around 3 minutes of match time
  4. Around 3 minutes into any match, a serious error is encountered and needs to close creating a crash dump, please help. This issue only started happening today. I had a save with Dunfermline that I played a few matches on Saturday and Monday and it was fine. 1) My friend joined my save and we were playing out first matches in the Scottish League Cup with Hearts and Hibs, after 3 minutes I have a crash dump. I tried reloading several times but same crash dump kept happening. I even added manager to Hamilton and same happened 2) I started a draft save test and same error happened. 3) I loaded my Dunfermline save up and it happens on this as well, I can't play any matches on this beta longer than 3 minutes without a crash dump? FM 2018 v18.0.2.1032507 (2017.11.01 01.30.02).dmp
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