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  1. ok I think I am finally giving up on this game, after playing around 25 to 30 games after the update, the ME still looks so bad, long ball over the top back at it again. buying the game since FM 08, last year is bad, fullback always crossing into opponent's leg, hoping for an update this year, there are none in the ME, in the beta it's long ball over the top, in the release its side netting, 20.2 is back to long ball over the top again, is SI think their customers are dumb?
  2. so i played 15 games after the update, two issues. every game is a shoot fest long ball over the top so often again
  3. Played around 10 games now, huge improvements overall, but long pass seems getting back to a little too overpowered
  4. played around 5-8 games and seems like its a lot better now, my striker seems to be involving more and wingers are not just one dimensional, seems good so far
  5. not even remotely close to what happens in game yet you trying to defend the ME by this example
  6. the match engine would not be able to create a Rondon at Newcastle last season type of striker, or a Giroud at France type, who is dropping back a lot, not exactly a target man, but involve a lot you cannot say it's a bug, but the ME flaws
  7. Okay, your wingers dont do it means its tactical related? What I mean is no matter what the settings are, they shouldnt be doing that in the first place
  8. no way tactic will encourage a player to shoot often from byline, its never tactics, if you tell me its because of tactics, i dont think anyone will buy this game anymore
  9. i understand you guys have acknowledged the issue, but whats the plan on the tuning, when is it likely to be released, these are the point customers wanted to know and tbf these issues are so obvious that the game shouldn't be released at this state
  10. so do you think team cohesion is related to shoot from the byline, shoots 1v1 towards the corner flag and defenders can make 10-15 tackles per game whole season, while in real life they averaged at most 6 per game?
  11. i pre ordered every single one since FM 15, and i will not be pre ordering anymore, i dont mind the ME isnt good enough, but the problem that i dont understand is, some of the current issues are already there in the beta, why are they still there on the public release? i refuse to believe the SI team dont see shooting from wide angels, wingbacks/wingers dribbles are too strong in their game, yet they release their game and refuse to communicate with us
  12. they will update it, but the way they are handling it, i mean they didn't try to interact with us at the forum, not mentioning what they are going to do is concerning. The PR is just not there at all
  13. because they shouldnt be doing that even if we give them the attack instruction?
  14. no one else realized insane amount of tackles occured?
  15. im going back to FM 19, never had such bad experience since started playing from FM 07/08
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