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    Football Manager fanatic since 10 years pobaly, I like to manage low leagues team in England. Specially AFC Flyde. My philosophy in FM is a mix of what I saw in the real life Football, Pep Guardiola, Special One, El Loco, Tiki-Taka, Sarri, Masia, Cruyff and more. I try to reproduce all of this experiences in the game.

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    Never stop trying


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    FM, read, travel, sports

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    Paris Saint-Germain

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    AFC Flyde

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  1. Hello, I'm still playing FM17 and I want to know what happen when a member of my backroom staff reach the Continental Pro Licence qualification? They will progress in the future or it's over for them? I used FM Genie Scout to find some informations but nothing. Just CA & PA like player but without future evolution. How SI manage this in the game? Anybody can give me informations or directions to find some answers? Thank you.
  2. Hello michaeltmurrayuk, I'm sorry for the time i took to answer you. Thank you very much for your help, since long time i'am looking for this file. Best regards
  3. Hello FM players, I want to know where i can find all the tips who appears when you save your game. It is a .xml files? If yes Where i can find it? Thank you.
  4. Hello, Maybe i did not understand properly your post but this is my anwser... When i look a full match game it is for see what is good or not good in my team (Players, Tactic). Tactic: I try to see if my team play like i want (pressing, defending, attacking...). Players: I try to see if my players respect what i ask them If nothing is how i like, i try to change the team instructions or the players instructions.
  5. Hello, I really don't know where i have to post this question so i post it here. I want to know how i can choose coachs? DDM still work?
  6. Hello evrybody, I want to know how do you set the individual training for the players? thank you
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