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  1. Simone Moretti (coach) 43268500 and 837396 (player) seems to be the same person. I guess it would best to keep the original one and update him?
  2. Missing player AGF: Thomas Kristensen https://www.transfermarkt.com/thomas-kristensen/profil/spieler/698259 https://www.dbu.dk/landshold/landsholdsdatabasen/playerInfo/8205
  3. Had the same issue, i opened steam and deleted the editor, the re-installed it and now it works.
  4. Cannot resist this. Missing transfer to Viborg ID 65045257 https://www.transfermarkt.com/bernio-verhagen/profil/spieler/655811 😂😂
  5. Another observation: Tochi Phil Chukwuani - I was under the impression he is one of the biggest talents in denmark, he has already made his debut in the Superliga this season at 16 years old, yet I dont think his PA reflects that?
  6. Missing player: FILIP PANJESKOVIC http://dbu.dk/landshold/landsholdsdatabasen/playerInfo/7992 https://www.transfermarkt.com/filip-panjeskovic/profil/spieler/610403
  7. Hi MS, what about these issues? It is unclear what your take on this is?
  8. Hi there First initial thoughts on Ajax CT - why is develop youth players not part of the club-vision? Or is it covered by "maintain the best youth system in the country"?
  9. Some initial thoughts on brøndby: Their clubvision does not include "develop youth players" which I think conflicts with Masterclass. Also, I think "play entertaining football" is missing from their club vision (or what would otherwise fit according to the strategy?) It is of course difficult without the editor, but some of the youth players seem a bit underrated. Anis Ben Slimane is highly rated by Brøndby: https://3point.dk/carsten-v-jensen-om-slimane-han-er-en-interessant-type/ The same is the case with Mathias Kvistgaarden, who is also showcasing this at the danish u18 team https://3point.dk/broendbys-kvistgaarden-dansk-redningsmand/. At least two player seem to be missing from the youth squad, Filip Andersen https://www.transfermarkt.com/filip-andersen/profil/spieler/610435 and Cornelius Allen https://www.transfermarkt.com/cornelius-allen/profil/spieler/666214.
  10. Started this topic in the bug section as well, but have not gotten a reply, so will ask here as well. Yesterday the editor crashed while is was editing my DB. I reloaded the editor, and was promted if I wanted to reload the unsaved changes. I pressed yes, and emediately merged the changes and saved them to my master file. The problem is, that somehow in this proces my masterfile vanished. As I had spent a good time editing it, I tried to figure out if the file could be found somehow. Using "recuva", I have been able to recover a previous version of the file, but when I try to open the file, I get the message that the file "could not be loaded". I have attached the file, Does anybody know what I can do to recover my file? Patrick.fmf
  11. So for the last two versions, fm2017 and fm2018, the game has not been running smoothly on my computer. This is both during and between matches. The game is slow to respond and matches are lagging, and the overall feeling is that something is not right. I always run a big database with many Leagues, but here is the thing. Whenever Windows releases an update, the game runs flawless the first time i turn on the computer and play after the update has been installed. When i shut down the computer and turn it on again say the following day, the game is sluggish again. It sometimes helps a bit to restart the game, and the nvidia workaraund has helped somewhat during matches, but the performance is never as good as after a windows update. How Can that be? And do you have any suggestions to stabalize the performance?
  12. hehe I gues thats true
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