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  1. Just happened to me too, won my first cup final 6-2 tried to upload video and it hung at the encoding video bit. Needless to say I lost 1-0 when I tried again from a previous save Dunno if it helps, but I tried to link FM (at different times) to youtube in both the preferences screen and when I try to upload the clip after the match has finished and both times it presents a code that I have to copy and paste somewhere for a split second (don't get chance to read the entire message let alone copy the code). I'm assuming I have to paste this code in my youtube account to validate the upload process? Its literally blink and you miss it, gone before you get chance to copy it.
  2. I probably can't see the wood for the trees but I'm damned if I can find any concrete info on what you actually get in FM17 Touch! I haven't played a Football Manager game since the short lived FML days but recently bought FM17 - only to refund it a couple of hours later. All of the social media stuff, meetings, etc just made it feel kinda tedious - it may be a better representation of being a football manager but my game time is more limited than that! Is there a features video somewhere or links to a webpage? I'd like an idea of whats in it (and whats not in it!) if possible. Ta.
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