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  1. After years of struggling to make a successful 4-4-2 tactic in FM I finally seem to have cracked the code in FM18 with Bournemouth, as I managed to win the league in my first season in charge (on just 81 points, but to be fair I had a very good record against top sides). Quite pleased to have Moussa Dembele, my 18m signing from Celtic, win the golden boot with 29 goals and chip in 15 assists as well. 35 year old Jermain Defoe also managed 25 goals and 10 assists. Ibe was perhaps my best player, starting on the left wing, where he nabbed 17 goals and 14 assists, and playing the key balls for many more. He struggled a bit in January when he was unsettled by City but thankfully they never came in for a bid and he was able to move on quickly enough. Wilson missed the first couple of months and struggled for fitness in general but still managed 16 goals and 7 assists. Ryan Fraser was our fan favorite, with 18 assists and a goal to his name. We had the best offense in the league as well with 84 goals overall. Our defense was 7th best with 42 conceded, with 1/3 of those coming from frustrating corners. Areas to improve upon, but overall I'm ecstatic. League finish: 1st League Cup: Semi-finals, lost to Chelsea FA Cup: Semi-finals, lost to Man United Award Winners: Jordan Ibe (Player of the Year, Players' Player of the Year, Players' Young Player of the Year), Harry Arter (Goal of the Season, a screamer from outside the box off a corner), Moussa Dembele (Top Goalscorer), and of course I won Head Coach of the Year. Transfers In: Moussa Dembele (18m, Celtic), Isaac Hayden (22.5m, Newcastle United), Ivan Cavaleiro (12m, Wolves), Ibrahim Amadou (8m, January signing from LOSC), Rob Holding (January Loan from Arsenal). Really fun and rewarding season. Looking forward to strengthening the squad for what should be a challenging European campaign and League title defense.
  2. Perhaps you can find another way into Champions League...
  3. Expectations met, well done. Will have to strengthen the squad quite a bit to contest in Europe and the league next season.
  4. Oh come off it, this is a bragging thread. Your last few posts have nothing to do with tactics. More than 100 points and goals scored, only 15 goals allowed. Sounds like you need to have a youth revolution or change jobs to me to keep things fresh! Let's see how this tactic does at a club with fewer resources and less quality.
  5. I went with Suso (backing up either Mane on the left or Salah on the right) and Fekir (to back up Firmino) in my first window and went on to win every trophy. Your mileage may vary. I'd be careful about putting to much value into speed. You're likely going to face a lot of deep-sitting sides so having someone with high technical ability who can dribble through defenses and make something happen in tight spaces will be more valuable.
  6. I think you definitely want to have "Float Crosses" on if your whole attack plan is to cross the ball to your big men.
  7. If it makes you feel any better the AI seems to have the same problem in away matches. In my current season I was really annoyed to see my few draws and losses were all away, but then I looked at the other teams around me at the top of the table and it was the exact same situation. Well okay then, at least it's fair.
  8. I guess this thread is dead. Oh well. Third season finished, and we've finished 2nd in the Premier League with 85 points, which would have been enough to win the league the last two seasons. Alas, Man United finished with close to 100 points in a truly dominant season for them. We also successfully defended our League Cup title in a rematch with Arsenal, and won the FA Cup as well against Man City on penalties in an unlikely 0-0 draw that saw many chances for both sides but no goals. Our Champions League run went decently, as we topped our group (which included Leverkussen and Basel) with 15 points. We drew Barcelona in the first knockout round, and despite an incredible 2-1 victory in Spain, we were soundly defeated 0-2 at home. It was disappointing we couldn't hold on but overall can't say I ever expected we would beat them, and the board was just pleased we made it to the Group stage. My standout player was Luciano Vietto, who netted 47 goals in 49 appearances. Aiming to make a serious title challenge in our 4th season as well as hopefully go deeper in the CL. We've also got our domestic cups to defend. Should be fun!
  9. Thanks for the lightning quick response Cleon. I was going by Rashidi's article about determination where he rated it to a great degree. I am mainly building a professional/resolute squad though so I may just go through with the tutoring. I don't use the editor so I have no idea about the hidden attributes. Thanks again.
  10. Here's a youth development question. I missed the update that determination (the attribute,) has a lot to do with players reaching the potential so I'm still experimenting. I have two players. Andrew Robertson, 25 who has a Resolute personality and 15 determination, and Trent Alexander-Arnolid, a Driven player with 18 Determination. Would having Roberton tutor TAA result in a positive, neutral, or negligible effect? While this is a specific example I'm curious about the balance of positive personalities and determination as a whole in player development.
  11. Well, despite our form tanking in the last couple of months of the season, we managed to hold on to 4th, as well as defeating Arsenal in the League Cup final, all in our first year back in the Premier League. Quite satisfied with that! It was truly an incredible cup run as we defeated Chelsea and Tottenham, both away, and overcame an incredible Man United squad (which won the league by miles and miles) over two legs in the semi final. Berardi was my best player by far, scoring 22 and assisting 15. He was hardly injured all season, and I shudder to think how we might have done without him. Grujic was also key for us, scoring 12 (mainly from set pieces). Hoping to get a big transfer budget so I can rebuild my striker corps (Mitrovic, Perez, and Gayle all massively under-performed for me) as well as get in another quality midfielder and defender.
  12. Newcastle is a really fun club to play as in FM17 (also played as them a lot in FM16!). I found I actually had a lot of room for error in winning the championship, experimented a lot tactically and lost/drew way more matches than I was happy with, but still won it by 10+ points, finally settling on a 3-2-3-2 formation which led to a long spell of dominance and me selling all of my wingers. Signed Berardi in the January window fairly cheap as he was unsettled and transfer listed, and he became a revolution, scoring and assisting consistently. Gayle was mainly used in matches where I expected to be pressed (thus giving us space in behind the defense) and his return was 15 goals and 10 assists. Not bad at all given his limited outings. Also loaned Grujic from Liverpool and set up my corner routine around getting him the ball on the edge of the box and letting him have a go with his 15 in long shots. It's proven pretty effective as he netted 10 times in the Championship and is on course to do the same in the Premier after I brought him in a permanent deal. First season we made it to the quarter final of the league cup after defeating both Leicester and Liverpool in huge upsets, but got knocked out by Man United in the 120th minute of a heartbreaker where we led 1-0 for much of it. Got knocked out early in the FA Cup by a Championship side (or maybe even League 1) I can't recall. Was a pitiful performance. Was handed a 50m budget after winning the league and brought in quite a few players. Got Henriksen from Hull and Paredes from Roma to boost my central midfield, Cedric as a right wingback, and Elvedi to bolster my defense. Also brought in Fraser Forster from Southampton to be my GK while Woodman develops. Sold Sels and Grul as they were both crap. Keeping Darlow around as a back-up for now as he was solid for me. Right now my best XI is looking like: Berardi CF(A) Perez DLF(S) Shelvey BBM(S) Parades DLP(S) Grujic BBM(S) Lazaar WB(S) Cedric WB(S) Elvedi CD(D) Mbemba BPD(D) Lascelles CD(D) Forster GK(D) (Gayle starts as a AF if I expect to be pressed, otherwise Berardi as a CF(A), if Gayle is starting then Berardi takes Perez's place as DLF(S)) We play a controlling, short passing, pressing style. Really high possession numbers but don't always get the breakthrough. If we do though, and the AI tries to push back, watch out because that is when we start scoring for fun! In January of my second season now and after 21 games I'm sitting in 4th, ahead of Liverpool and Chelsea only on goal difference. Teams are starting to park the bus against us so I'm not sure I'll be able to keep this up! Also no money for January transfers which is a bummer! Thankfully the board only expects a top half finish so I should be fine. Also am in the League Cup semi-final against Man United after disposing of Tottenham and Chelsea, both Away victories. Not confident at all as United have already hammered me 2-0 at home in the league. Meanwhile have drawn Man City away as my first FA Cup hurdle, so needless to say the domestic cups aren't looking too promising! My best and longest save of FM17 so far. Having a lot of fun with it.
  13. I think squad personality is like an average of all the personalities of the team, not sure how it's weighted. I could be wrong. In general though, according to Cleon's Ajax thread, you want players with professional personalities (including Spirited and Resolute) for the best chance of reaching their potential.
  14. I use a flat 3 midfield (in a 3-2-3-2) and my CMs are all pretty evenly spaced out most of the time. You should post the details of your tactical set-up as well as the PIs for those individual players.
  15. Maybe tell the DM(S) to Get Further Forward to link up better with the SS, or if you have a creative player, change it to RPM?
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