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  1. I had a similar situation, 1 of my midfielders complained about lack of first team time, so I told him he would get his chance in team soon. About 5 weeks later he put in a transfer request as he had not been playing, which was true. However he had been away with Cameroon at the African nations for the whole time, so I couldn't pick him! Stupid player!
  2. Thanks guys, will see if I can sort it that way
  3. I have been playing FM14 offline on my laptop as it does not have wifi access, it had been working fine until yesterday. When I press play now to load it up it comes up with message saying "completing installation 0%" and after couple mins it says "the steam servers are too busy to handle your request for fm14. Error code (3)". I'm guessing that cos has Internet access that its no longer gonna work. Is this my career on fm over?
  4. When a son does come through, does it say straight away on their profile that you are fav and the father? I had player come through with my surname but nothing on profile about me being father?
  5. Can I join this with a father and son team please Name Paul Holt. Dob 12/02/74. Staff member (manager if poss) Nationality English Born luton Name Luke Holt Dob 08/04/96. Player (striker if poss) Nationality English Born. Luton
  6. Surely Luton and Southend should be in east Anglia?
  7. This all sounds pretty confusing, but fun to try! May have a look when I'm sacked by Paris FC (which probably won't be long!)
  8. Have gone for Paris FC in French national, with Oz and USA also loaded.
  9. Thanks all for your suggestions, have narrowed myself down to 3 posibilities, USA, Australia or maybe India.
  10. Looking for some advice! Pretty much all my playing of Fm I manage in England (usually Luton). I now fancy trying a totally different country, any suggestions on a fun league to play?
  11. Thanks very much for quick and helpful reply.
  12. I see in news reports, stories about so and so being a wonderkid, but I can't find this description on the player profiles. Dies anyone know where in a profile this is?
  13. I'm struggling to find the editor, have gone to program's, steam, steam apps etc, but the tools option does not come up at all? Any ideas anyone? Please.
  14. In 2018/19 Arsenal got relegated and then the following year ran away with the championship.
  15. I have a 2 1/2 year old, and still manage a fair bit of fm time. I'm the stay home parent, so if he has his nap I can get an hour or so in then(if housework is done of course)!!! Can't play when he is about as he is very keen to press keys on the keyboard at random. Once he goes to bed in evening also then get couple of hours, wife either has work to do, watching some rubbish on tv or reading a book.