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  1. Great to see this continuing. 2 updates to the season works for me 👍
  2. Oh dear, clearly the weakest team in the contest. Maybe Nepal wasn't a great choice.
  3. All the way back down to 188. Nepal aren't doing well. 😣
  4. Jaziri seems to be performing steadily. Plenty of youth goals for Tunisia. Can't be long before full cap comes calling (hopefully)
  5. Nice climb up the rankings for Nepal and some decent wins. Hope it continues
  6. Bermuda Cuba Iceland Fiji Sweden India Png Argentina Draw Tahiti Suriname Draw Iran Turkmenistan Draw India
  7. Bosnia Denmark Poland Serbia Wales Angola Bermuda Cuba Belgium Fiji Guatemala Qatar Uae Nepal New Zealand Tahiti USA
  8. Hong Kong Singapore India Bermuda Cuba Draw Guatemala Indonesia Somalia Tahiti Canada Poland Wales Nepal Png Draw Trinida and Tobago India
  9. Missed the last few of these. Hopefully can make this a good 1 Tahiti Bermuda Barbados Fiji Guatemala Draw Indonesia Nepal Png Draw Dominica India Estonia Mauritius Austria Solomon islands Costa Rica Wales
  10. Bit better luck this time hopefully ☺ Png Bermuda Fiji Singapore Guatemala Australia DDraw Wales New Zealand Austria Indonesia India Barbados Cuba Costa Rica Draw Angola Denmark Poland
  11. Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia Sri Lanka Nepal Bangladesh Draw