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  1. Sorry to see this end, was enjoying the updates, however if you’re not feeling it then fair enough.
  2. With dual nationalities, do you accept it if the player is Dutch with a different 2nd nationality. Or only if Dutch is the 2nd?
  3. I’m playing as VV Helpman in Dutch tier 7. My man from NMI was Joe Wang Millar, he’s a real play not a newgen.
  4. Thanks, approaching half way through first season and have managed to tick off 5 countries. Netherlands America East Timor Northern Mariana Islands Samoa Have a fair few other countries in play, but it’s the mom that is hard to get.
  5. Doing a great job of this, I have been inspired to start my own version. Hope to do as well as you.
  6. What will you do if you are sacked? Carry on with new club or start all over again?
  7. I’m considering giving this a go. Sounds like a very tricky but fun challenge.
  8. Do you try and complete each country with a single player or would you consider using 2 players,(1 getting goal, different 1 mom)?
  9. Have downloaded and starting a save with the mighty Farway United In level 17! 👍🏼
  10. Excellent work, look forward to downloading and playing this. do you have more to add still or is it now complete?
  11. Looking forward to downloading this, Team I’m waiting for are level 17, so waiting patiently for this . Keep up the good work
  12. Hiya, I'm new to this downloading stuff but thought this looked amazing, so sorry if this seems a really stupid and basic question. Once I've clicked on the link on the first post, how do I then get it to my game? I'm not brilliant on computers so I'm sure this is a fairly daft question Thanks for any help
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