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  1. Nice season, congratz on the title!

    With the new tactic how does that combo of wm-a(with cut inside?) and cm-a work? On paper it looks like they attack the same area and I'd suggest swapping the cm-a and cm-s. I allways use a left winger too create space for the cm-a to run into. Plus you'll have more cover from a supporting player on your exposed flank and you could if necessary occasionally make him a cm-d.

    I'd train luke anderson to one of your central mide roles, proberbly the supporting one. This because he has long range passes ppm, vision, passing and so he could set up attacks to wich the other four players can run into. If he had better defensive skills i'd made him a playmaking dm.

  2. 5 hours ago, hasdgfas said:

    Part of the reason I'm letting the bottom few youth intake prospects get nicknamed is because I genuinely enjoy seeing how the random players that don't make it at a big club fare after they've left.

    I'll always make a shortlist of players who used to play for me and at least once a season I'll go thru this list and check how they are doing

  3. 53 minutes ago, Cap'nRad said:


    I believe you've reinforced my point here: they don't need to give up on yearly releases, only replace them with FM touch. So assuming we start from FM17, the cycle would go like this: FMT17 & FM17 -> FMT18 -> FMT19 & FM19 -> FMT20 -> FMT21 & FM21... and so forth. Or, they could leave the touch version as is, and change the regular version. That way people can pick which they prefer, and touch will have served it's main objective of drawing in a different userbase. Either way, I doubt the current tactics creator should remain as is, with all the shenanigans Pep, Klopp & co are pulling tactically.

    That won't work.

    Skipping the full game will cost them greatly and touch is a version off the full game wich are sold together. So skipping touch is pointless. 


    Having said that some extra flexibility would be great!

  4. Really interesting thread! Just how I like to play my games so I will follow this one.

    I like the way you are not using the player search options outside your shortlist, will use that in my current Feyenoord save.

    One small tip I will give you, wich will help you earn some extra cash negotiate monthly fees when you loan out players. When a player is 4mil or less you can ask up to 10% of what there worth. Wich will add up to 100% of there starting transfer price when you loan them out for a full season. Every now and then I'll sign a bosman just to loan them out for 1 or 2 seasons, then you can sell them for a small fee to a scottish team. They in turn can make a good profit on said player.

  5. 9 hours ago, Rashidi said:

    It's for people like you, I did this thread and those experiments, those willing to see things in a different light. Thank you for restoring my faith in the community. You have no idea how your comments have provided some encouragement for me to continue. There have been days I have been wracked with doubt as to whether this was all worth it, your comment is very much appreciated.

    Keep it coming!

    I don't commend much, neither here or on your site but I have been a long time reader of your stuff. I would really mis your content because it gives me some clue every time I start with a new FM (I don't get every version I skip one or two years)


    1 hour ago, looping said:

    Minute 2 they had a ccc. If they had scored, bye bye. I had 2 shots from inside the box, both after set pieces. Juanpi scored a header when the last thing he has the ability to do is heading (this shows how on fire he is). Add to this, 2 absolutely key saves by Rajkovic (btw, I totally recommend this gk).

    Thats football. A lot of it is tactics, quality and money, but there's still a big part of luck involved. And luck is something you can have an influence on. In holland we have a saying "geluk dwing je af" wich means something like you force your own luck. I think thats form and your team has that at the moment.

    You will run in some form of bad results. You allready had one you had 3 games in a row you didnt win! But you came back with a 3-0 win against atletico, and I think in that result lies a part of the anwser to your question. In that game you where able to change momentum. 

    You've mastered the basics the next step in your proces is to alter those when you need too, A plan b or 'a formation 2.0'


  7. Wow that are some good results!!!

    Third in la liga (why is it calledfirst division?)

    17 against in 21 games inc 10 against from just the 4 games with most conceded. So that means 7 against in 17 other matches.

    35 scored in those 21 matches and you have some momentum because the numbers are now better the in the beginning.


    I think you need to be a bit more positive towards yourself. Maybe you think you don't understand, but I guess you know a bit more then you think. Good stuff, keep going!!

  8. Then there must be an instruction that restricts them, or maybe its the mentality that wont allow them to go forward.

    My fullbacks do support a lot and thats not allways because of the ti overlap. I usualy play with fluid and control, could that be the reason??

    @jazzyboy wm-a who cuts inside is usually my third goalscorer, he is like an IF who playes a bit deeper. Gives tactics a bit more stability defending without loosing attacking power.

  9. Being a manager in real life I can understand why you are being sacked. You are like a pitbull that just doesn't give up, but also like a pitbull when you bite something your jaws are looked down and can be opened.

    Meaning that I have to complement you on your sturdiness and that you wont give up. But I would have a problem with the fact that you cant let go of an idea if it doesnt work and either choose something diffrent or think outside the box. You need time to develop your managerial skills and that is something that in most topleagues isnt avaible, do your job and do it good right now. 

    Something other to consider is that at Arsenal you will never get away with playing like you do. Just look at the type of football they play, they choose beauty over prices. They are allmost a dutch team that cares more about a beautifull match where the were the moral winners than they actually care about the win. 

    Mayby Italy is a good place to start, serie B or a lower level serie A? They allmost all play the way you want to play


  10. What I've read so far in this threat is a lot of ideas coming thru and solutions and possible outcomes. But what I'm missing in al this is a reflecting on how the AI is going to defend you. Take a step back and think about how you are going to defend a team that playes the way you do. You've been so busy thinking about how you want to attack that this part seems like its been neglected.

    Remember you are a big side, that is an important point for the next part. Your plan is to attack down the wings where your wingers stay wide and cross. So what options do I have as defending team to counter your attack?? Simply make sure that

    a. Your wingers won't receive a ball and therefore they cant cross and wont be able to score

    b. Prefend your wingers from crossing making it impossible to score

    c. Placing enough bodies in front of goal making it impossible to score.

    I just need my wm to help defending and make sure 1 midfielder and the opposite fullback wil help in the box and I've countered a, b and c.

    A striker dropping deep and an unrushing midfielder exploiting the space that opens up if the centreback follows. Once again, how to stop this?

    A. A player in the dm strata who will either block the pass to your striker or cover your midfielder

    B decrease the space between defenders and midfielders so there is no room to exploit.

    You can overcome a lot of this problem with space or fast attacks. Space you wont have as Arsenal an fast attacks wont happen with a patient build-up. You can also give the opposition more problems by adding a third or fourt attacking route. This is why I suggested the wm cutting inside and an attacking fullback. The one screenshot where you said this is a tipical attack exactly highlights my points, you can also question why you need 5 players defending 2? Thats a loss of at least 2 players in the attacking third once again limiting your options.

  11. 4 hours ago, charisma_charisma said:

    Interesting advices, I play like this too.
    What's your AM-ST partnership (I'm using AM(a) + DLF(s), I'm thinking of using an SS(a)?

    Ap-s + cf-a or ap-s + af-a when I need my striker just to focus on the goal.

    I needed my striker to stretch the field and finish the chances the players around him created. So no support duty or creator type of player.

  12. "Call me slow, but this is what I'm facing."

    I started again with 13, and only in the second year of 15 I started to get a real understanding of what I was doing. So I was a bit slow aswell ;-)

    One suggestion I'd like to give is give your right wm instructions to cut inside and your right fullback an attacking role or duty. This will give you an extra weapon, walcott/bellerin combo is perfect for this. The cm-d and other fullback give good cover.

    You might also want to get a playmaker in your side maybe change the cm-d to dlp-d.

    I had a lot of succes with a similair set up (with an am-striker combo though). You'll have variations going forward and enough penetriation to unluck a defence

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