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  1. Great to see you are returning to creating content!! Can't wait to see what the end result will be. 

    The thing I always struggle with is prioritizing attributes outside the logical ones (tackling for defenders, passing for a playmaker etc) 

    And I do mean that in a tactical way. What set will work better for a gegenpress or for tiki taka? To which attributes do I look when choosing between to similar players for a match. Especially mentals and physicals. 

  2. I play a 2 striker system with a AF-DLFa or AF-AF partnership. And whenever the keeper of the opponent gets pressed its almost always with both strikers. Which isn't necessary and I prefer the other to keep the CB's occupied. But how do I prefend this from happening? 

    I use FM 20 touch

    I have no PI's or OI's on marking or pressing specific players. I play a positive mentality, use counterpress, counter, a higher LoD & LoE, narrow DW and the offside trap. No further off the ball instructions

  3. Sorry but I'm really not that good with under the hood stuff on computers :idiot::confused:

    @okerekehow do I change xml files? If i open the one you've mentioned it has a diffrent look to yours. I dont have a specific reader so it opens in IE 

  4. What a great save and write up! Glad to hear you've slaid your demons and are capable of building and rebuilding squads.

    I'm trying to the same with Arsenal atm, the goal is for the first time in almost 25 years of playing fm winning the PL with them. I never succeeded, came real close but my tactical skills (and compusere) let me down

  5. Wow that's an impressive list! I think you collected more silverware in one save then I have during all my years playing FM. 

    I've had a couple of saves where I've become as big as you are now. And at that point (or sometimes on the way too) I usually come at a stage where my youth graduates are only getting a back-up or rotation status. I don't know why but I never ever produce elite players out of my academy. I can buy them at a young enough age so they count as own youth, but that's it

  6. Yeah I know, I've been there myself. I always want to be tactical mastermind and if I'm not then I'm no good. I wish there was an option to differentiate in level like you can do at fifa. I'm not really interested in a really tough game. I just want to win some matches, find and or develop young talent and that's it. 

    Lately though I've taken a more relaxed approach to this part. I can get furious if I see my players "standing" and watching the other team play the ball around or simply walk through my defense. Or when I'm superior and they score from an impossible angle or free kick by someone who's never scored before. 

    My usual response to that now is to let my assistant finish that game (I play touch). Whatever the result is I take it. Sometimes I continue after sometimes I quit and get back when I'm calm. 



  7. Don't beat yourself over that restart. In the end it's a computer game and its there to have a little fun. Some people exploit the ME, some people use preset tactics, some people use scouting tools (like me) and some people use occasionally restart (like me). 

    Having read many blogs and many threads here I think in the end everyone that plays this game somewhere down the line uses a potential option to "cheat" the game. That includes all the big names floating around these forums. 

  8. 5 hours ago, NotSoSpecialOne said:

    I'd assume Celso Borges as the starting playmaker, if only because I'm managing Super Depor too and that's how I use him. :brock:

    Titbit contribution: Focus play isn't useful just for generating attacking overloads. It can also be beneficial to sides who look to counter-press and win the ball back immediately, as players drift toward the ball carrier giving them ideal positioning to close passing lanes and pressure opposition when possession is lost.

    Is it useful for the team that counterpress or against a team that counterpress? 

  9. Your HOYD has something with goalkeepers, every year their is a great prospect in intake. 

    Where do you rank financially in the competition? A reckon Glasgow and Celtics are miles ahead of you and will be for a long period. But you must be closing on om the rest of the lot

  10. @VinceLombardi

    I just found both of your threads about your way off playing. Such a fresh approach to the game and one I'm going to take inspiration from. I've been trying to implement some NFL principles into the game, but being a soccer fan first I've struggled. These explanations have given me so many pointers :onmehead:

    Aside from that you've also thought me a lot about how NFL teams approach there game. I've watched the NFL on and off for 20 years (packers "fan") but this part always remained a mystery to me.

    Are you still playing fm atm? 


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