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  1. I think removing Work Ball into box will not help. More crosses and long shots. As Hunter said earlier little tweaks will help. Overall tactic is not far off as a decent base to work from, maybe a role or duty change or 2 (I would review your midfield set up). From my take of your post I think your reading of the game and changes you could make are what you should develop, depending on your opponent for each game.
  2. Looking at your results and that you say you want to be more solid I would suggest: Drop from control to standard to give overall more team solidity. Change wing back to full back as more conservative. Change treq to attacking mid as I find this role drops in to midfield nicely when defending but also gets forward. Change wide midfielders to attack duty to support striker and stretch defence. Change BBM to cm as a link rather than crowd the box. I would also look closely at your players attributes and ppms as each player will play the position slightly differently and you may need to try players out. There are other options you could try, attacking fullback on one flank, different role for the striker, etc but I would advocate making one or two changes at a time. Have you tried pausing, highlighting all your players (hold control and tap left mouse on each player) as I find this great at seeing who is where at different match points. Then if you see a player not where you want him you can think about roles, instructions, ppms,etc. I still play Fm15 so hope I am not giving awful advice!
  3. I have noticed this a couple of times. For example I am Leeds and just played Huddersfield. Nothing on my screen but Leeds are fierce rivals on theirs. Just seems a bit odd to me. Any reason why this is?
  4. I have worked out the issue. I had a HOYD, myself, u21 and u18 team managers and senior gk coach doing the training. But no specific u18 coaches. I hired one and can now train ppms for youth players. Carry on the good work and don't mind me! Cheers.
  5. Ah I see thanks. In my current squad , league 2, I can teach ppms to senior and u21 but the option is greyed out for my u18. What is the criteria that allows ppm training?
  6. Great thread. On your customised training screen you have way more fields than I can get. Is this possible with the default skin?
  7. Captain Bob

    Total Football Thread

    Total football? Total instruction overload more like! Wow, are there any you haven't used! Anyway as herne says think you need to post this somewhere else. Enjoy though!
  8. Read one of Jambo98 threads to give you some ideas for 451.
  9. Thanks Jambo. I currently use a DLFs, and at conference level the strikers available to me tend to be advanced forward or target men types. I am getting more out the more mobile AF type, so I think as you say to be able to get players with the right attributes to play wide midfield or as the attacking CM as an alternative position will be the plan.
  10. Hi Jambo. My tactic has evolved from 442 to 451. What is your take on the squad balance for the striker position. I have my best striker and then two back ups, one younger one older, both with back up status. Obviously they both asked for more game at more or less the same time! So currently trying to involve them but need my main striker to keep my Hereford team in the conference play offs! This is the only area of the team that I have this problem as you can only play one of them. So was wondering if you have had this issue. I do have a 352 where I could play two of them as my third tactic but it is a bit Kevin Keegan and not good for my heart!
  11. Hi all. Is reputation a generic layer or specific to the actual region you are working in? For example. I have managed two Midlands Conference sides and have a regional rep, so would other Midland clubs be aware of me and not other regions such as London or North?
  12. Captain Bob

    Sacked for Media handling

    Does the OP have a save prior to the sack. Would the board confidence page or promises show if you weren't meeting expectations. And if you do have a save then perhaps try some media yourself just giving honest answers and see if there is any improvement.
  13. Captain Bob

    4-1-4-1 to 4-4-2

    Good job we dont work for The Samaritans hey!
  14. Captain Bob

    4-1-4-1 to 4-4-2

    Hang in there! Have realistic goals. As low rep team you will have limitations. Perhaps experiment ideas with a top side to gain some confidence. One great tip I read from a mod ( sorry can't remember which one but thanks!) is highlighting your players on the screen. If you press control and left click you can highlight more than one players name. I used this to study different parts of my team. For example click all your defence and watch. You easily see their relative positions, and if you don't like it, change a role or duty or TI and see what happens then. Maybe do this with a throwaway save and analyse without any pressure.