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  1. thank you i will do my best to figure it all out.
  2. thank you do i need to do the longitude and latitude in the advanced rules section?
  3. im wanting to make a north and south sub division but im unsure of what to write in the south boundary box and the north boundary box. Do i write in a the most southern place i want to be in the north boundary box and the most northern i want the south boundary? hope the question makes sense, thanks.
  4. Would you be able to suggest any good online tutorials whether it be on youtube or otherwise help me learn about xml?
  5. Awesome thank you. The xml editing tool has been discussed a fair bit on here so i think maybe i should learn about it. I will try and get my head around it and learn. Thank you.
  6. Its offen been said that merging custom edits is not a good idea as it can mess with the game but is it black and white or are there grey areas to this subject??? What can be merged? (if any) Continental club competition edit merged with a Scottish league edit? A spanish league edit merged with an english league edit? An english league edit with a Brazilian league edit? World cup edit with a continental club competition? Wholesale football player edit with an existing league edit? Stadium design edit with a football player edit? Stadium design edit with an existing league edit? How far can the merging feature be taken before the game encounters problems?? Would anyone know what the game designers were intending this merging feature to be used for??
  7. Im now under the belief that banning a club is hardcoded and impossible to do as an editor.
  8. Thank you so much for your reply and help bud.
  9. Thank you. This is what i was looking for.
  10. Oh awesome. Have you created a nation in the last couple of verions of the game??
  11. Oh awesome, have you created a nation in the last one or two verions of the game??
  12. Oh yes my friend thats what i ment, in a previous football manager editor when creating a new nation i would use lreland pre 1921 as the template for the new nation. When setting up the league i would need to assign chosen nation to a drop down box but that box was written in grey and non responsive so i had to go to the back end of the game and change one word (i cant remember what the word was tho or where i had to go lol.) Do you follow me sir???lol. It was a couple of years ago now so my memory of the circumstances are fuzzy but to achieve the edit of a new nation i needed to change something on the back end of the game.
  13. History is littered with clubs being banned from European Club Competition one of which is panathinaikos who are currently serving a three year ban in european club competitions. I would love to know where in the pre game database editor i would be able to find the page for the option of club or even nation/league ban on playing in a continental club competition. Any info or clues would be most welcome. Thank you.
  14. Do you still need to change some of the coding to create a new nation? If so can anyone direct me to a post which will show me how to do it as i am not knowing the steps i need to take to do it. Thank you.
  15. hello and thank you for reading. On this years game im wanting to understand tactics to a deeper level and inturn design my own tactics with all information to hand. i dont just want push buttons on the tactic screen just as a guess or because i think it looks good, i could make a tactic with a 4123wide with pass into space, push defensive line up, play narrow etc and the tactic might do well for abit but in all honesty i wouldnt really know why im doing what im doing so the big question is can anyone point me in the direction for proper hardcore information on styles of football and why you would use certain team instructions to achieve a particular tactic style whether it was a possession tactic, a pressing tactic,defensive tactic or attacking tactic etc etc i would be grateful for any info this community could give me whether it was personal info that was learnt or an article. Any help would be awesome thank you very much.
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