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  1. David Weir (2016215) needs his son Jensen (29199549) added to his relationships
  2. Bradley Dack (29088322) was on loan at Ramsgate (5103801) in the Isthmian Division One South (30004923) from 03/02/12 - I thought it was only for a couple of months but it says for the rest of the season here. Not sure on his stats for the loan http://kentishfootball.co.uk/news/soccershortswhitstabletownsignhessenthalerfromgillingham http://www.kentonline.co.uk/kent/news/gillingham-teenagers-jake-hessen-a67522/ He was also loan at Brackley (5100088) for about 5 weeks, playing 4 league games, scoring once 01/01/13 to 10/02/13 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/20912764 https://www.gillinghamfootballclub.com/news/2013/january/dack-joins-braintree-on-loan/ https://www.soccerbase.com/players/player.sd?player_id=66118&season_id=142
  3. Hollands & Blair (29158020) Bryan Greenfield was sacked as player/manager and has since moved back up to Scotland, not sure if he's still involved with football in any way. Simon Halsey (who's now not in the game, but was (89038223)) is now manager - he also holds a UEFA B badge. Luke Harvey (5118330) is assistant manager/player. George Howard (29067789) is goalkeeper coach. They've signed; Ricky Freeman (89052174) Harry Goodger (89054315) Darren Cooper (89061723) Ashley Brown (89052335) *Connor Heffernan (89023853) *Cameron Heffernan (89054194) they should also have each other down as brothers. www.hollandsandblair.co.uk/item.php?pg=results&pd=1026&it=2968#report Luke Rooney (29056296), Kiki Oshilaja (former Welling/Dulwich Hamlet) & Ryan Hall (former Crystal Palace/Southend) are playing at Beckenham Town (5103790)
  4. The K Sports Cobdown (90070252) facility that Dover & Ebbsfleet use for training should be listed as 3G https://ksports.co.uk/book-our-facilities/
  5. Manchester United's Zidane Iqbal should have his Indonesian second nationality removed and Pakistani + Iraqi added https://twitter.com/indoftblscout/status/1146030623120695297
  6. Good update, but your opening post could of been clearer about what it does It's changed a lot of competition, club, nation, etc names some of which aren't what they're called in English (for example Northern Ireland was coming up as Noord-Ierland in my game). It's also added youngsters/wonderkids which has caused duplicates in my game (due to other files I use).
  7. Doesn't Benelux include Luxembourg? Is there a way of including a single semi with their champion? Possibly alternating between them facing the Belgian or Dutch champ each year
  8. All the ones I could find yes, with Ovelar, Zidane Iqbal, Aidan Gorre & Ethan Hazard added & Gilsenan at Blackburn Updated again wonderkids.fmf
  9. Found quite a few duplicates - Matthew Bondswell, Kais Ruiz-Atil (Kays Ruiz), Amar Dedic, Jakub Iskra, Csaba Mester, Nikola Miljkovic, Adam Obert, Sandry, Emincan Tekin, Otto Valentin (Otto Vallentin), Willy Vogt, Giovanni Manson Ribeiro, Cristian de Lima, Enzo Millot, Arthur Zagre, Pierre-Emmanuel Ekwah Elimby, Kamal Bafounta, Ferhat Cogalan, Marton Dardai, Leon Peto, Jannis Turtschan, Hugo Da Cunha (Hugo Cunha), Famana Quizera, Tiago Ribeiro, Pedro Silva, Ivan Brdar, Marko Domancic, Matej Mamic, Nikola Pavlovic, Fran Tomek, Mario Vuskovic, Kane Patterson, Cavan Williams, Cian Tyler, Scott Pengelly, Emre Aksit (Nuriemre Aksit), Melayro Bogarde, Koni De Winter, Jeremy Doku, Senne Lammens, Eliot Matazo, Dario Oger, Evangelos Patoulidis, Tibo Persyn, Lukas Bejger, Hubert Idasiak, Kacper Kowalcyzk, Szymon Mayasiak (Szymon Matysiak), Maksymilian Tokcz (Maksymilian Tkocz), Tomasz Wozniak, Benjamin Bockle, Matthias Braunoder, Nicolas Binder, Alexander Briedl, Patrick Brownlow, Denizcan Cosgun, Marko Dijakovic, Berkay Dogan, Alejandro Dominguez, Mehmet-Talka Ekiz (Mehmet-Talha Ekiz), Stefan Feiertag, Andreas Fuderer, Jakob Gerstl, Christoph Gruber, Christian Hauptmann, Felix Holzhacker, Maximilian Jaindl, Philipp Jorganovic, Can Keles, Paul-Friedrich Koller, Fabian Leitner, Nik Maslowski, Tobia Moser (Tobias Moser), Edin Mujakinovic, Pierre Nagler, Simon Nelson, Valentin Neuhold, Moritz Oswald, Oguzhan Ozlesen, Deniz Pehlivan, Lukas Pipp, Nicolas Polster, Josef Pross, Simon Radostis (Simon Radostits), Stefan Radulovic, Dino Rusovic, Yusuf Sahin, Noah Samer, Milos Savic, Matthias Schmid, Maximilian Schmidt (Maximilian Schmid), Johannes Schriebl, Kilian Schrocker, Tomas Schwartz (Tomas Schwarz), Julian Selmeister, Armand Smrcka, Antonio Sokcevic, Kevin Sostarits, Andreas Spadt, Fabian Tauchhammer, Paul Tschernuth, Fabian Windhager, Paul Wustinger, Bernhard Zimmermann Zak Gilsenan is now at Blackburn You should add Fernando Ovelar - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernando_Ovelar - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46094403
  10. You can do this with what City the clubs have assigned to them & then the Local Region of that city So the City does the main nation, while the Nation of the Local Region is the second nationality - because you can't create Local Regions I tend to steal/rename them from Zambia (remembering to unlink the Zambian cities from these local regions) I'm kinda tired so may not of explained it that well..
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_football_club_mergers - it happens quite a lot, but doesn't happen at the higher levels often anymore - mainly because of fan backlash (imagine your rivals suddenly becoming part of your team) You are right though, the only way would be to pick one team, add all players over etc & extinct the other
  12. When I've created the Kent cup before what I've done is; Create a competition - 'Yorkshire' Then under the Teams (Secondary Division) tab, add all your teams Then create another competition - 'Yorkshire Cup', add in all the info, domestic cup, reputation etc. Then through basic rules (or advanced), add the Yorkshire Cup in & with basic rules you can then just select it to choose the teams from the 'Yorkshire' competition There may be a simpler way, but this has always worked for me
  13. Can I edit the amount of prize money a club gets in the editor? Yes you can but it would involve having to recreate the entire nations league structure and adding in the prize money you want. It's doable, but most likely more trouble than it's worth @kingrobbo - there's not much point posting if you're gonna be so utterly unhelpful
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