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  1. Kelvin Jack (147966 in the database), Liam Ridgewell (5104215) needs adding to the Dover coaching staff as well. Lee Worgan (5114489) could do with some non-player attributes added, when he was at Maidstone & Dover he was player/GK coach & also whilst playing for Maidstone he coached the Gillingham first team goalkeepers part time for a period. He could probably be added to Maidstone's favourite people as he was club captain, played about 250 games in a row & was a big part in 2/3 promotions when he was there. He's got on his twitter that he's a UEFA Qualified coach, no
  2. Welling United Kareem Isiaka (29177371) born in Thamesmead (29061918)
  3. Sam Bewick (28059823) - D.O.B. 13.10.93, and is playing at Faversham (30007807) Jordan Perrin (29181113) is playing at Sittingbourne (711)
  4. Bristol Rovers Josh Hare (29107060) born in Canterbury (5128027) Charlton Freddy Barton (29223081) born in Sidcup (5114511) Gills Jack Tucker (29181570) born in Whitstable (29027467)
  5. You have obviously not seen Shoretire play, he's entirely there on merit.
  6. Millwall Jordan Gilmore (29243904) was born in Canterbury (5128027) Billy Mitchell (29194057) was born in Orpington (123516)
  7. Harry Laing (29217719) is playing for Sheppey (94035376), not in DB now? Lex Allan (31037730) is playing for Sheppey (94035376), was also on born in Sheerness (29118710)
  8. I've basically turned Kent into its own country, with only the national team made at the moment with anyone born in Kent (plus Greenwich, Lewisham, Bromley etc (historical Kent)) made 'Kentish' I will be creating a national league system (with awards), with Gillingham & Charlton 'B' sides competing with the likes of Dover, Maidstone etc. in what will most probably be 3 tiers with 10-12 teams in each. I've put Dover into the Champions League, with Bromley, Ebbsfleet & Dartford into the Europa. I'm just trying to remember how to put the Kent national side into the international
  9. Good update, but your opening post could of been clearer about what it does It's changed a lot of competition, club, nation, etc names some of which aren't what they're called in English (for example Northern Ireland was coming up as Noord-Ierland in my game). It's also added youngsters/wonderkids which has caused duplicates in my game (due to other files I use).
  10. Doesn't Benelux include Luxembourg? Is there a way of including a single semi with their champion? Possibly alternating between them facing the Belgian or Dutch champ each year
  11. All the ones I could find yes, with Ovelar, Zidane Iqbal, Aidan Gorre & Ethan Hazard added & Gilsenan at Blackburn Updated again wonderkids.fmf
  12. Found quite a few duplicates - Matthew Bondswell, Kais Ruiz-Atil (Kays Ruiz), Amar Dedic, Jakub Iskra, Csaba Mester, Nikola Miljkovic, Adam Obert, Sandry, Emincan Tekin, Otto Valentin (Otto Vallentin), Willy Vogt, Giovanni Manson Ribeiro, Cristian de Lima, Enzo Millot, Arthur Zagre, Pierre-Emmanuel Ekwah Elimby, Kamal Bafounta, Ferhat Cogalan, Marton Dardai, Leon Peto, Jannis Turtschan, Hugo Da Cunha (Hugo Cunha), Famana Quizera, Tiago Ribeiro, Pedro Silva, Ivan Brdar, Marko Domancic, Matej Mamic, Nikola Pavlovic, Fran Tomek, Mario Vuskovic, Kane Patterson, Cavan Williams, Cian Tyler, Scott Pe
  13. You can do this with what City the clubs have assigned to them & then the Local Region of that city So the City does the main nation, while the Nation of the Local Region is the second nationality - because you can't create Local Regions I tend to steal/rename them from Zambia (remembering to unlink the Zambian cities from these local regions) I'm kinda tired so may not of explained it that well..
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