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  1. On the bright side, that’s Australia out of the Test Championship
  2. Ffs 75-7 incoming again (well if we recover) Stokes looks like he just wants it over
  3. Been here with my 91 year old mum, ours got resolved when mum went into hospital and it got done there, but the issue with the housebound is apparently the vaccine comes in batches, not individual syringes, and as we know it's got a pretty limited life span after seals are broken, and the district nurses can't see enough patients in a day, after waiting 15 minutes with each one, before the effective life of a number of doses is over. It's a real problem for the house bound as they are reluctant to 'waste' a number each day. At least that's how my local GPs explained it to me when I kicked off
  4. This. It's almost as if they got the 2 team sheets mixed up when submitting them. Ok Archers elbow being made of glass isn't helping but still
  5. Just watched the New Years Day special, agree with most of you, it was ok, without ever achieving ignition, and the sudden appearance of ‘Special Forces Daleks’ was frankly bollocks. I really wanted Jodie Whitaker to work, I’ve really liked her in lots of things, but she’s been undone by some of the material she’s had to work with by Chibnall. I’ve loved Doctor Who since before some of you were born, but unless it can recapture some spark quickly, it’s beginning to move towards a second death I’m afraid.
  6. There’s an old mathematical equation. Guilt, is directly proportional to the fallout, multiplied by outrage, caused by original action. 2 weeks ago he didn’t give two ***** about the photo. I agree there’s no place for personal abuse in any of this but his crocodile tears mean **** all really.
  7. No I don’t remember that, even google didn’t stir the grey matter, must have been on when I was down t’pit
  8. I do, I had nightmares over the dwarf and that bloody bear ( was it dubbed, or is that my mind playing tricks?)
  9. I was just going to post some clips, but I realised nobody would have heard of them. Peasants Plus it was more Listen With Mother (“are you sitting comfortably, then I’ll begin”) than tv stuff. We didn’t even have a tv
  10. Sounds good @Jorg, if you have the time to run it, I will certainly play. Might even stop me throwing money away on 3 legged donkeys as well
  11. It’s a hell of a strong start...... but..... can you keep it up? JD did 20+ a month for a whole year (the sad bastard)
  12. Blimey if I'd have known this was coded in the game I'd have started playing again years ago tbh
  13. Thanks squire. Will the laptop make them any better? You should venture into OTF, we need all the support we can get there
  14. @kevhamster, appreciate all the help you’ve been giving everyone, and without getting you to repeat yourself, I’ve picked out the two that appeal most from your recent recommendations.... the price difference isn’t much so.. irrelevant.... so am I right in thinking the AO Lenovo is the better choice of these 2? Its only going to be FM and some Excel project spreadsheets, that are are a bit formulaic heavy, but not earth shattering. https://ao.com/product/81yq0015uk-lenovo-laptop-grey-77769-251.aspx https://www.box.co.uk/30030226-Medion-Akoya-E15301_3554510.html
  15. See I put 20 to start with, then decided it wasn’t actually a good thing, and changed to 1
  16. Did you reduce him to 1 for scouting on his staff attributes?
  17. Yes I just came back to post something similar with lots of swear words. Hope they throw every book they can find at him and every owner starts removing horses, utter scum tbh, the statement was bollocks anyway but when you see the hand gestures and laughing face it's even worse
  18. Ah right, I hadn’t heard that, Saturday he was claiming it was two pictures photoshopped, so his excuses are getting worse. Up shyte creek sans paddle methinks, hopefully gets hammered for it then
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