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  1. Same ás @Footix, those 30 yard screamers are perhaps too often... replacing the goalies doesn’t really do the trick either. @Marc VaughanHow do I do that?
  2. While you guys are at it Botka Endre extended his contract which expires in2021. It doesn’t mention for how long, 2 years (atleast) most likely. https://www.fradi.hu/labdarugas/elso-csapat/hirek/szerzodest-hosszabbitottunk-magyar-vedonkkel0203 Any chance of NBIII being officially playable in the future?
  3. Played Wolves’ reserve team in the Leasing Trophy... I admit i was confused when the first goal of the game went in.
  4. Wish we had the possibility to arrange friendlies or have the assistant manager suggest a few, rather than only having one or two games in the pre-season. Also, is it possible to manage a nation that doesn't have its league activated? (Hungary, in this case)
  5. Hopefully there will be more to the partnership, DAC wants to develop youngsters and play european football (euro league 2 might come in handy).
  6. Shouldn't Wolves have DAC 1904 as a feeder club? 3 players were loaned out last season, Ronan till December this year.
  7. Noticed this while being offered a new contract. What is it? Like board requests can be part of a deal or something?
  8. Haha same. Seriously tho, shouldn't need any instructions for similar situations and it happens far too often. Usually it's wingers who shoot rather than pass.
  9. They're just scouting without any restrictions, I thought it's more simple for them to pick up any decent prospect within a certain league. I skipped a few fm versions, I might add, so gonna need some time till I figure it out.
  10. I assigned a few scouts to look at the U19s league and can't seem to find any player. Even the one scouting the english U19s, has only managed to find just one player (in almost a year). Scouting package is set to 'World', both of them btw. What are your strategies to finding the best youth?
  11. Good luck, they got promoted first season on my save. No pressure there!
  12. This worked for me. After the update last night, I started a new game and only had 1 star estimated game speed, compared to 3.5/4 stars shown previously for the same amount of nations and leagues selected.
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