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  1. Football Manager Touch 2017 Feedback Thread

    What are the differences between the tablet version and PC version of touch?
  2. Getting a son...

    Grandson maybe?
  3. The GUI. It has been horrid the last couple of years and this years has to be the worst.
  4. Yes. If you have no knowledge of that country they will not show.
  5. Stars

    I added an extra subfolder and it works, thanks for the tip.
  6. Stars

    Working for everything except in the coach/scout report screen, they still show in that.
  7. Stars

    Thanks mate.
  8. Stars

    I have tried searching but can not seem to find what i am looking for. I would like a way to remove the PA/CA stars from the scout reports and player profiles, is this possible?
  9. FMC skin for FM 2013

    Thanks mate makes the game much more playable.
  10. Not sure whether its been mentioned before or if its a bug, but i have found that in the BSS i have scored a fair few goals directly from a crosses.
  11. Training regime

    That sounds like it might be hopeful, do we have any details on it yet? Haven't kept up to date on the blogs. The training system I think has been one of the more disappointing aspects of the latest versions.
  12. Training regime

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me which was the last version if CM/FM that you could actually plan the training schedule as opposed to just moving the sliders? Thanks.
  13. Complacency in youngsters.

    Give him a good rollicking!
  14. Player Attributes

    Thats not what his asking his asking if 7+ for say finishing in what would be a bottom tier league, would be considered above or below average for that league.