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  1. I think the commentary is killing this, they just don't seem interested.
  2. I work for an engineering firm in the middle of Birmingham, full of what you'd style as working class 30-40 year olds. I'd say 90% of them voted Tory. Its the same in the sunday football team i play for most of them said they were voting Tory. From the people i spoke too before the election i expected Labour to be destroyed in the polls in Birmingham.
  3. Surely it's the normal WWE title if he wins, looks the right size to store it.
  4. Surely the I.C title match should be on before this. I can see Bryan retaining.
  5. Daniel Bryan is reforming the Wyatt family in his own image.
  6. Lars should man up and get over himself, he's being paid good money to do a job so should get on with it.
  7. Renford Rejects FTW or loss usually.
  8. Brock title reign is a joke. I saw a rumour that they are planning on The Rock beating him for the title a WM is they can convince him to come back.
  9. I agree with whoever said early that one of the main problems is the amount of time the talent sits around WWE doing nothing. Kane, Big Show, Cena, Orton, Truth, Kofi, Sheamus even to a degree Jericho altough his prolonged vreaks help him. If they'd had shorter careers they would all have been remembered more fondly. At the minute most people are just fed up of them.
  10. Was it just me who thought the cheers when he won didn't quite sound right?
  11. Went to watch this with the lad(10y.o) yesterday morning. While i wouldn't say it is the greatest i don't think it is anyone near as bad as the reviews make it out. The lad loved it and i thought it was ok 6/10.
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