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  1. I'm in my second season with Villa, won the Championship and, somehow, the FA Cup last year. Beat Burnley and Spurs on the way, then 2 late goals gave us a 2-1 win over City. Memorable to say the least! Main signings for season 2 were Sessengon, Mitrovic and Loftus Cheek. Sitting pretty in the league around 5th for a while, but three consecutive away games, City, Liverpool and Southampton have seen us lose 3 times and we've slid to 9th. Also the Europa League has been a burden, we qualified 2nd in the group but the squad is too light to deal with that competition whilst trying to remain competitive for the European slots in the league. Just in Jan now but with little funds can't see me improving what I have now until the summer. Having said all that, Celta Vigo are sniffing and I may move on haha
  2. Always followed and used your tactics Rosler - it's a shame to know you won't be getting into it this year! I am excited to see where this goes however - and applying it to my own game, when and where possible! It's good to be back ha
  3. Yep thats what I want, for Mitro to be the main goal threat. Which side would you tihnk the SS should be, my Mez (A) is right and the BBM is left
  4. I'm using something very similar in my first PL season with Villa - main difference formation wise is I play a lone striker (Mitrovic) with a Shadow Striker (RLC) behind. I'm winning games and keeping clean sheets, but I cant really get the two I mentioned to perform - any ideas?
  5. Polish side Gornik, looks decent mate. B2B. Yeah I did get Xadas, again I hope the Championship can bring out the best in him ready for next year. Grealish has been decent for me as behind the striker. Abraham btw, immense so far, hit 4 last game
  6. I noticed, I'm trying to improve his positioning at the minute, signed Marin and Zurkowski also - two decent prospects should get enough game time in the Championship to improve ready for the PL
  7. Yep already had issues - Chester has left for Palace, could't really get no one of quality in. Managed to sign a Dutch fella Douglas on a free at CB, but hes just been injured for 7 weeks! Max Broughton from Bolton but hes 16 - looks a real prospect though and only cost me 500k
  8. Great OP! I'll be in here a lot this year - really fancy taking Villa back to the PL, big club and have made some decent summer signings!
  9. Surprised us all - I thought 20 in all comps would have been a very good year for him. Glad I was wrong in this case, all about repeating that this season now. I must say he feels a lot more involved in this last Liverpool save, compared to my customary opening save.
  10. Tempted to give the 442 a run on my network save - currently at Liverpool, love to see how many Mo would score up top
  11. Do you ever deviate from the positions in the formation, to suit the player - or is it always a case of the player has to fit the formation? I only ask this with centre forwards and wide men in mind - having said that i've hit a ridiculous amount of goals without touching it. I'll get some screenshots up when I'm home, absolutely obliterating the league
  12. That's the plan - normally I play at the top level so most of this is new to me, feels a lot more hands on in terms of building the club and shaping the squad to your liking. All good fun and i'm definitely looking at back to back promotions without having to change much squad wise!
  13. He's gone, I know Tom personally and obviously he's a Vale lad - so I think it made the decision harder aha Moving forwards, I do intend to take a leaf out of your book and try to promote from within (the odd loan and freebie, too), really enjoying the save and how the tactic plays - so again thank you!
  14. 17 points clear after 28 games, i've just managed to get Niall Ennis on loan from Wolves as a replacement so I'll let him go I think. It's a credit to you I think if he gets a move to the Championship haha
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