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  1. Does the playmaker have a bigger say in matches than the Enganche? Currently using Asensio in the first WOF 4312, but I think another role, like an advanced playmaker, would make better use of his ability and mobility
  2. Hi Mr Rosler I've started tinkering between the two alot more, trying to get myself out of the bad spell i'm in, like you say it's all about managing the form and sustaining it wherever possible. I'm mid table at the moment, that's as good as it's got for me so far. Teams have sat in a little deeper against me this season though, I've gone a little more direct at times and tbh a lack of quality finishing up top has really cost me at times. The most frustrating thing is literally almost every game the opposition is having 2/3 shots and scoring 2/3 goals. Just gotta ride it out
  3. This has really faltered for me second season. Started really well and I thought we had cracked it, winning the first three of the season. Since then we've lost the next four. I averaged around 25 shots on goal in each game, really frustrating. I'm noticing a lot of long shots, although I think thats to do with the personnel rather than the tactic. Not sure at the moment whether to stick or twist, because I have suffered injuries to key players early on. Another thing, dont know if you experience the same Mr Rosler, It seems as though my striker can never really find any kind of space in and around the box, when he does he scores, but its a rarity
  4. Thought at much with the 4411, you can see the AMC drop in...I ran the 4231 for about the last 15 games of the season, it did a job, as you say we can't expect a diablo tactic, FM is too advanced now. I had a run of about 5 games where I just couldnt win, it was what cost me an automatic slot ultimately. Funny you should mention the Striker ratings, Yakubu was generally very good for me, but as you say if he wasn't performing at half time I was subbing him for one of my young lads, who did the business on a number of occasions in the run in. I'm living off free transfers and loans at the minute, dont really have the funds or the interest in spending, such are the financial restrictions at Coventry, but I feel a better quality striker would see me win the league comfortably
  5. This tactic creates so many chances, went on to get third in League One, only to lose in the play off final to Scunthorpe. Very difficult to take, we missed a pen at 0-0 in the 91st minute. So its another year in League One for us. One criticism (not of the tactic) is for the amount of chances we create, we werent scoring nowhere near enough, the play off final for example, 25 shots only 6 on target and we ended up losing 2-0. Gonna go with this and the tweaked 4411 next season, hopefully we can secure automatic promotion this time. In regards to the 4411 Mr Rosler, you think going 2 up to to make it a 442 would have a detrimental effect, or equally, i've been considering to move one of the CAM's in this to ST and make it a 4312?
  6. I have been using a similar set-up, in between your 4411, its been giving me some decent results, gonna switch to this one as I like the solidity its produced in the Championship, which should hopefully be our stomping ground next season!
  7. Just before I decided pack in with the 4411, I changed the IWB's to WB's, i was sick of seeing the opposition get in behind me with relative ease, it was costing me too many points. Since swapping i've got 5 unbeaten, couple of unlucky draws in there but its kept us in the Play-off hunt with 12 to play.
  8. i'd just started a Coventry save and had a 442 set up, not really producing anything. So i plugged your 4411, got off to a great start, beating Fleetwood 3-0, but since then result have just plummeted, I never get a chance to use the hold version, as we're never in the lead. I've got the 3 atb almost fully fluid so gonna give that a whirl, as it's be solid for me on another save. Mr Rosler, your FM16 tactics were some of the best i've ever used and ever will use, i think. Great work
  9. You could say thanks Asrar, lordy
  10. Nice one Knap, i'll give this a try now
  11. I'll look forward to it mate
  12. It was Stargazing Live mate
  13. Knap, do you think your FM16 4231 Stargazing will work?
  14. Woking 451

    Is that the one you've posted the link to already?
  15. Woking 451

    Any links for the 4231/442? Did you use both when going on the 30 game run? I look forward to what the Dazed & Confused test throws up, by far the best I used in 16, the 424 and 4231 were quality