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  1. Just go to mid Jan on my Port Vale main save. But i've hit a bit of a cross-roads. Top of the league but i've been offered the Notts Forest job. The plan was to take Vale to the PL and win it, eventually. Forest, with their history etc might be too good to turn down! They're 22nd atm so promotion with them this season is highly unlikely. Any insight would be appreciated!
  2. Quick update, my Vale side have settled a lot better into the Oathkeeper, scoring for fun, when I changed over we were flirting in and out of the automatic promotion spots, 10 points behind leaders Mansfield. We've managed to cut that gap to a point in just over 2 months and we're scoring goals for fun. The tactic seems to give the ability to both hit quick counters with a direct style, or to play nice two touch football. Either way my players have really taken to it and hopefully we can get the League 2 title wrapped up over the weekend! One thing I have noticed, but again, it may be my players, or sheer bad luck, we dont seem to keep many clean sheets. I though it might be a byproduct of the tactic. On further inspection I've noticed a lot of goals come from corners, either directly or via knock down/second ball. Anyone else noticed anything similar?
  3. I can't seem to find a decent level of consistency with either at the moment, I do like how Oathkeeper breaks on teams, its very good to watch - gonna persevere until the end of the season, currently 4th in League 2.
  4. Started well, then I played Mansfield at home, 4-0 down within 30 minutes
  5. Have you tried the Oathkeeper with Stockport County, Mr Rosler? Gonna implement it into my Port Vale save, I tried Oathbreaker, but it was a bit hit and miss, couldn't really find any consistency with it. Always felt like I was vulnerable defensively and not potent enough going forwards, it may have been my players, my top scorer is 16 year old fresh from the U18's!
  6. Just started my annual Port Vale save, so i'll be following this thread closely!
  7. Crossing

    I'm finding a lot of my crosses are blocked, I'm getting about 20-30 corners a game sometimes its ridiculous
  8. Welcome Mr Rosler, I'm glad you'll be back this year, the forums aren't as active as they once were and I for one missed your tactics and insight last year! I agree on the strikerless thing, really bugged me last year, glad to see it's not an issue this year. Yet. Anyway, I was trying to develop something similar, in terms of formation/shape at least, with my Liverpool side. I'll let you know how it goes!
  9. FM 2018 v18.0.2.1032514 (2017.10.31 21.14.00).dmp @Felix Wilkie that's the latest one, cheers Felix
  10. @Neil Brock @Felix Wilkie any chance?
  11. Hi I'm getting either the crash dump error, or 'running dangerously low on memory' error, usually it tells me its trying allocate 0 bytes before closing. I can't seem to find any pattern, they just happen randomly, I've only managed to get through about a week so far. I'm running the English leagues only, medium database and i've tried the troubleshooting tips posted on the forum. DxDiag.txt
  12. Does the playmaker have a bigger say in matches than the Enganche? Currently using Asensio in the first WOF 4312, but I think another role, like an advanced playmaker, would make better use of his ability and mobility