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  1. I'll revert the Poacher back to the PF, I have noticed, going as far back as last season when using the original set up, that its away from home it really struggles. I'll make the proposed changes to see if there is any difference.
  2. I haven't played since my lost, so my lsast game was the 3-1 defeat to West Ham
  3. Right, so its still very early doors, I took all the suggestions on board, resulting in a 6-1 thumping of Burnley, followed up with a 2-1 away victory at Inter and a 3-1 away at Leeds. Giving Foden an attack duty has, so far, improved him dramatically, really pleased with that aspect so thanks. I have moved the ST to a Poacher, purely because I dont feel as though neither of them score enough so i'll see how that pans out moving forward. One thing I have noticed, most definitely in the 2 away games was how many more chances we are conceding, both needed Donnarumma to be on top form for us to n
  4. Struggles in all aspects, the odd game he has a decent impact but not nearly enough. Off the top of my head I have roam, moves into channels and get further forward
  5. Any ideas you can throw my way i'm open to, the IW on the right is unreal for me, my top scorer this season, out on the left, usually Sancho its a different story, rarely makes any meaningful impact. If you have any ideas on how to get the best out of my 10 it would help, apart from Kulusevski on the right, the goals from everywhere else have dried up.
  6. So, I dropped the defensive line and the LOE, toned down the pressing and changed the BBM to a CM(S). Early doors but we played the next game and we had a lot more control, created a lot more and seemed to limited the opposition to few opportunities. I am thinking of replacing the 10 with a CDM because I feel the 10 is starting to have less imapct on games, but when I've tried it I feel my ST is too isolated, not sure what to do, catch 22.
  7. Okay, I like to squeeze the play so reluctant to drop the LOE too far, would moving the wingers to the midfield help with creating space and perhaps dropping the back line and LOe down 1
  8. So, I'm in my 4th season with Newcastle, below has been my formation since the last 1/4 of season 1. It has served me relatively well, the defence is sturdy enough, although never world beating and in attack my then forward Morelos was hitting 20 a season with ease. The wing backs excelled which was a primary aim of me playing how I am, I like to keep the ball but move it quickly and with purpose, this was happening and i've topped the possession charts for 3 seasons. Fast forward we managed to win the League Cup and finished 4th and 3rd after a respectable 7th in season 1. Season 3 was the hi
  9. Am I the only one seeing in the New Year playing FM, Mrs and kids kipping. No better way to see in the new year, happy new year lads, have a good 'un
  10. I've been lurking and playing FM (slowly) all year. Finally got my Vale side promoted at the first time of asking. First year I really utilised the loan market, Kun Temenuzhkov, Curtis Jones and Tashan Oakley-Booth been the stand out performers all year. Temenuzkov finished the season on 28 goals and Oakley-Booth won the League 2 player of the year award. On to the second season, Jones and Oakley Booth weren't available but Temenuzkov did rejoin and he's picked up where he left of with 2 in 2 this campaign. I've got rid of a lot and dead wood and taken a punt on a lot of young players re
  11. I can relate on the crossing front, the amount of crosses that don't make it in games is crazy, rarely make it past the first man. I find I have a load of shots form the edge of the area, teams sit really dip no matter what I try
  12. Yeah I find my play naturally ends up wide, the frustrating thing is i cant find a role for my ST that gets him enough goals, DLF (a) works okay but he cant himself back into the box quick enough. Whilst I don't mind wing play/crosses, its frustrating how many don't make into the box.
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