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  1. Sometimes there are interesting rumours about players, but I rarely pay attention when it's not any way related to my team.
  2. Pretty good advice. Been trying my own tactic lately, it's pretty decent.
  3. For me, it's just a football simulation. If something in match really annoys me, I'll restart. It's not like AI's feelings would get hurt.
  4. My first time with FM 2020, though I have had FM since 2015 but not couple of latest. So bear with me. I am bit of "hands off" manager when it comes to training, scouting etc. Technical Director? What does that bugger do? Since it seemed a good idea and suited for required skills, I got one with 18 and 20 in suggested fields and put him to hire and fire staff etc. Does that work? Tactics? Anyone point me to good LFC downloadable tactics I can download for team that do not give me grief as Gegenpress 433..? Apparently I suck more than my share as tactical manager Obviously,
  5. I think in previous version, might been FM15, got 3 players sent off....
  6. Just substituted AMC to DL...so my run continues....
  7. I just managed to substitute my GK accidentally with DR...still won 2-0. It was LFC, so they kept the ball...
  8. I am quite peeved I didn't win more than this: I have found out that being dominant for a while, match engine doesn't seem to be able to comply with it. While, what I called "Vaughan BS" in CM0405 is not rampant in FM09, it still surfaces now and then. Super goalies and hits to post and bar..blocked shots seems to be FM09 flavour. Funny, now having matches regularly (4th season) with 2-5 hits to post/bar per match. But win is a win. Just ridiculous saves from goalie...and to top of it, I am a Liverpool fan.
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