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  1. I think in previous version, might been FM15, got 3 players sent off....
  2. Just substituted AMC to DL...so my run continues....
  3. I just managed to substitute my GK accidentally with DR...still won 2-0. It was LFC, so they kept the ball...
  4. For me what works great is having DMC as defend, MC as Ball Winning MC and other as Advanced Playmaker.
  5. I'll tinker it wee bit. It's not that doing bad, just curious. @Valhalla That kind of rhymes with my experiences, those hidden stats. Well..everyone watching Balotelli play knows it's true.
  6. Poacher might work, I give it a try. Balotelli has really low Team Work and "attitude", but some I recall from past have used him for some effect.
  7. First, apologies to not use forum search effectively. 1. I like to use AssMan to give Opposition Instructions and Team Talk. My suspicion is that high Tactics and Man Motivation are needed? But any other things as it comes to that? 2. Balotelli...I play attacking 4-1-2-3 DM and I cannot get him to perform at all... I don't use any player specific stuff. Only instructions for team I have are Work ball into Box and Stay on Feet. Here is the image of tactic: http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee102/Sardaukar67/2015-10-22_00002_zpsrid7dxo4.jpg Any idea how to make Balotelli to perform in that, since Sturridge/Sterling/Coutinho have been lethal without any tinkering. Does he need player-specific instructions, since I have given none to any so far? Edited: Maybe playing him as Target Man instead of Advance Forward?
  8. Started with Detroit and 4 games to regular season (plus pre-season), still unbeaten despite having AI to handle tactics & training. Looks good. I'd like some more suggestions from e.g. Head Coach if team needs strengthening in some area. And maybe some more FM-style interactions with staff and players. While familiar with ice hockey, drafts, waivers, salary caps etc....are bit more alien to Europeans, so it takes some time to get used to them. And general difficulty to trade players compared to FM.
  9. Sounds good. When playing with 1 striker, that guy basically needs to be quite slippery. (Unless some huge Target Man etc...but I never got that to really work)
  10. That's exactly who I was thinking, since I started my Liverpool FC game and while 5 wins, 1 draw and no losses so far, I don't seem to get best out of him. I was thinking that maybe roaming would suit him...he is not much of a team player anyway...
  11. Well...question is in topic. E.g. I have single AF in my tactic that I might sometimes want to move bit more. But I am not sure what sort of attributes should I look to make roaming to work better. Anticipation? Decisions?
  12. I used this tactic when I started my second game as Liverpool FC manager (my favourite team too). Lets say I didn't have the best start... First 5 pre-season games, 1 win, 1 draw, 3 losses. I was starting to wonder what the hell... I checked the match stats and saw that team had lot of shots but very few on target, despite having "Work Ball into Box". Tried to fiddle with TIs, but solution I found out was to make FC Advanced Forward instead of F9. Result was immediate and beat next team 1-5, also looking way more dangerous and creating lot more chances. Also Sterling works for me lot better as WM-R(A) than CM(A), seems that Lambert is getting good results in latter. Maybe I am getting this tactic to work for me, slowly.
  13. It is also possible to get heart infection (myocarditis) if physically stressing oneself while having cold/flu. And that can potentially kill you. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9259081
  14. I restarted my CL game with Man City vs. AC Milan twice...since Joe Hart conceded 2 own goals from back-passes in both. Was not amused. I have played FM (and CM before) since 99-00. Most versions have been improvement over previous ones, but AI is AI. It took ages to make machine to beat top human chess player..and that is quite limited game compared to options AI has to consider. FM12 still does some annoying things, like what I used to call "stealth injuries" to your players and their players can score statistically better than yours. When getting really annoyed, I just press "Tactics" and "Quit Game & Exit". Restart usually does wonders to my morale...bringing it from "Poor" to "Good". It's still good game and AI feelings are not hurt.
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