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  1. Surprised us all - I thought 20 in all comps would have been a very good year for him. Glad I was wrong in this case, all about repeating that this season now. I must say he feels a lot more involved in this last Liverpool save, compared to my customary opening save.
  2. Tempted to give the 442 a run on my network save - currently at Liverpool, love to see how many Mo would score up top
  3. Do you ever deviate from the positions in the formation, to suit the player - or is it always a case of the player has to fit the formation? I only ask this with centre forwards and wide men in mind - having said that i've hit a ridiculous amount of goals without touching it. I'll get some screenshots up when I'm home, absolutely obliterating the league
  4. That's the plan - normally I play at the top level so most of this is new to me, feels a lot more hands on in terms of building the club and shaping the squad to your liking. All good fun and i'm definitely looking at back to back promotions without having to change much squad wise!
  5. He's gone, I know Tom personally and obviously he's a Vale lad - so I think it made the decision harder aha Moving forwards, I do intend to take a leaf out of your book and try to promote from within (the odd loan and freebie, too), really enjoying the save and how the tactic plays - so again thank you!
  6. 17 points clear after 28 games, i've just managed to get Niall Ennis on loan from Wolves as a replacement so I'll let him go I think. It's a credit to you I think if he gets a move to the Championship haha
  7. So i've got to Jan first season, Tom Pope has hit 24 goals in 28 games and i'm now fending off £400k offers for him from big championship clubs like Villa & Fulham - two minds as to what to do as he's been integral but at 32, i'm not sure he will hit the same heights next season - but I'm weary of losing my captain at the midway stage. £400k is massive money at this level, too!
  8. So I see! Here's hoping it can take me to the promised land!
  9. Hi Mr Rosler, I've followed this thread closely - as I do every thread of yours! Having taken a break from my long term Liverpool save, I've decided to start a fresh with Port Vale in League 2. Having made one signing and tried to bring through the better youngsters at the club, I've implemented the 442 and so far its thrown up some impressive results! We sit top of the league after 15 games, unbeaten in that time, as well as making to the Carabao Cup 3rd rd where we lost narrowly to Stoke City 2-1. Love how involved the wide men get and my strikers are getting a hatful of goals! I'll keep you updated with how the tactic fares throughout the season, as we've just slowed the pace down slightly and started to draw one too many, but 15 games in unbeaten is nothing to grumble at! Thanks for your good work - again
  10. Yeah I usually take a real life interest in sides that I manage on FM - I've been surprised at how well he's doing considering how he was at Castle! Amavi was very good for me - but the big money came in and I replaced him with Coentrao for about £3m and Danny Rose on loan. I've since sold Coentrao and signed Marcelo on loan as a back up. TBH I dont play the save now mate it was good fun, ill get some screenshots later if you want
  11. Lautaro Martinez, although its the IF's that really set the tactic off, Thauvin on the right mate, absolutely outrageous - Payet on the left first season before I moved him on to Man City, Correa from Sevilla came in and did well as a replacement. Moises Kean rotated with him. Serge Aurier came in for £10m, sold to Barca for £40m, 6 months later got him back for £15m - Clyne replaced him for about £12m and I sold him to Chelsea for £48m, Amavi went to Atleti £60m - I made some good profits. Mangala bought for £15m I sold him to Madrid for £57m
  12. Thanks mate, got the Champions League final second year as well, lost to United, managed to sign Lemar as well played him as the Advanced Playmaker, outrageous mate. Robin Zobnin was a steal £8m now described as World Class
  13. Hi mate - if I recall the only CB i signed was Malang Sarr. I conceded 35 fist year, 24 second. Mangala and Niklas Stark were my pairing for the second year mate, Mangala is an absolute beast £15m.
  14. Yes mate, one thing I have noticed is the morale remains sky high all season! Goals are spread out and the False 9 does a great job of bringing others in to play. You're right - the football is enjoyable to watch and for such an attacking tactic its solid at the back. Anyway, I've started a new save with Leeds, so we will see how it goes - so far so good I'm top of the league!
  15. This tactic is unreal, plugged it first season with my Marseille side, we were sitting about 7th and Champions League looked a distant dream with over half the season gone, however we ended up finishing 2nd and winning the French Cup thanks to this tactic. Roll on second season we went unbeaten in the league until March, won the title with 107 goals, 24 conceded, a record 31 wins and a record 97 points, a great achievement because PSG only finished 2 points behind me for some perspective. Not only did we wrap the title up, we won the French Cup again and lost in the Champions League final to United 1-0, memorable for beating Madrid and Barca en route. The third year started well, beating PSG 5-1 in the French community shield but all in all it has been a little difficult keeping up with PSG, but I sit 2 points behind with around 15 to play! So I can only thank you Fenech, best tactic i've used this year
  16. Hi Nico I've just started a OM save myself, I was watching Footballs Greatest, Desailly, I was fully inspired to take on the challenge of returning them to the pinnacle of both French and European football! Never managed in France but I'm expecting it be a challenge because as you say the squad is light in terms of quality in depth and the budget only allows for minimal changes!
  17. Banks_87

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Either, the ones i've found at my club are all on loan, will be looking to blood them next year. Interestingly, I've just passed Jan and made a couple of decent signings, I sold Felipe Anderson to Bayern for £39m and reinvested it, bringing in Barkley, Wilshere, Vietto and Rulli. Currently 2nd in the league, 1 point being Inter - and i'm hoping the fresh faces can help us push on
  18. Banks_87

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    I will do mate, i'll be loading up soon. Yeah I have had a look at the youth teams, few are out on loan but no one has jumped out at me yet. One of the reasons I like to play in Italy - you don't really get given huge amounts of cash, so you can promote a lot from within. If you know of any gems pass them on!
  19. Banks_87

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    I just wanted to raise some money for Berardi, without selling my best players. I also managed to bring Sarr in and i think Wallace looks like a very good CB. You know what FM is like, you hardly ever get top dollar for your players, but when you buy off the AI - different story
  20. Banks_87

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Alright men, just started my main save, went with Lazio for a change and I like to see them do well in real life! So far so good as far as the league goes, just coming up to December and we sit second, joint top with Inter, who beat me 1-0 first game of the season. Most notably we've beaten Juve away 4-2 and come back from 2-0 down in Naples to draw 2-2, inside the last 10 minutes, madness. As always in Italy, the transfer budget I got given wasn't great and we don't really have any players of value - that I want to sell. I did manage to move Bastos for £11m, Basta for £6m and Djordjevic for £3m. From those sales I got Berardi £20m, Malang Sarr £7m, Justin Kluivert £8m and Maximillian Arnold in on loan. Parolo is out the door in Jan, we fell out, so hes out the door haha off to Leicester for £11m, so we have a little to invest in Jan if the right player become available
  21. Just go to mid Jan on my Port Vale main save. But i've hit a bit of a cross-roads. Top of the league but i've been offered the Notts Forest job. The plan was to take Vale to the PL and win it, eventually. Forest, with their history etc might be too good to turn down! They're 22nd atm so promotion with them this season is highly unlikely. Any insight would be appreciated!
  22. Quick update, my Vale side have settled a lot better into the Oathkeeper, scoring for fun, when I changed over we were flirting in and out of the automatic promotion spots, 10 points behind leaders Mansfield. We've managed to cut that gap to a point in just over 2 months and we're scoring goals for fun. The tactic seems to give the ability to both hit quick counters with a direct style, or to play nice two touch football. Either way my players have really taken to it and hopefully we can get the League 2 title wrapped up over the weekend! One thing I have noticed, but again, it may be my players, or sheer bad luck, we dont seem to keep many clean sheets. I though it might be a byproduct of the tactic. On further inspection I've noticed a lot of goals come from corners, either directly or via knock down/second ball. Anyone else noticed anything similar?
  23. I can't seem to find a decent level of consistency with either at the moment, I do like how Oathkeeper breaks on teams, its very good to watch - gonna persevere until the end of the season, currently 4th in League 2.
  24. Started well, then I played Mansfield at home, 4-0 down within 30 minutes