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  1. @Brother Ben Sorry, didn't specify properly. Good enough for more demanding games, unsure as to what the more demanding games are at the moment, but am thinking something like Red Dead 2 as you mentioned earlier. However as said earlier, the PC will primarily be used for FM as I game on console otherwise for the easiness of plug and play, but having the option to play more demanding games on the PC would be a bonus. @Smurf Will give that a look at. Going to hazard a guess that an AMD processor is better value over Intel?
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll answer a few of the questions to further help with my build. I do have a rather decent Asus monitor, had a decent gaming setup a few years a go that my friend helped with, however had to sell it for parts early last year due to unforeseen circumstances. In terms of how the games run, graphically they don't have to be Ultra, running smooth on High would be more than okay for myself. I'll mostly be playing FM, but to have the option to go and play other games would be great as I have a decent Steam library. Keyboard and Mouse are needed, but I have a separate budget for those so that's not a problem. I can afford to go over budget where it is worth doing so to future proof my build. And in terms of building my own rig, I have the know how having seen friends do so, just not the time, so would rather pay for the convenience. I'm just very out of date with the latest graphics cards, processors and so forth, so once again thanks for the help received so far. @Brother Ben @Smurf @Gangor
  3. So looking to build a new PC using PC Specialist or a similar site. Is there anyone that come up with a build for me, that would be capable of running most or all leagues at a nice speed, but is also capable of running the latest games. My budget is anything up to £1300. Thanks.
  4. Cheers mate. Was originally looking at this; https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/3ZV36EAABU-HP-OMEN-15-dc0003na_2354461.html Is it worth the extra £100? Or is your suggestion the better of the 2?
  5. So I'm after a new laptop mainly for FM and maybe a bit of other light gaming. Got a budget of up to £800 but don't want to go blow too much on a laptop I could get cheaper elsewhere. Anybody got any recommendations? Any deals on or anything anywhere at the moment? Thanks in advance.
  6. The window slammed shut and I'm not sure whether I'm happy or not with the way it went. I'm happy as we have adequate cover in every position and I believe we have a squad worthy of at least staying in the league, but I'm not happy because I had some very good targets get away after interest from other clubs, so had to panic buy with the likes of Diarra, Hoban and Abate, just to ensure we had some experienced backup. Also unhappy with how hard it seemed to offload players, still got some deadwood in the U23s which I can't move on, so we may end up getting stung by FFP.
  7. Can anyone recommend players worth bringing in for the Premier League? The board have given me a healthy £38 Million to play with, just don't want to waste it.
  8. Our fans player of the season went to Barry Douglas, with fellow defenders Pontus Jansson and Luke Ayling being the runners up. Our top goalscorer was Kemar Roofe, but disappointingly only with 12 goals. Phillips, Hernandez and Alioski all finished with 7 assists. Lewis Baker had a very good season for me, so we've made his transfer permanent for a fee of £4.7 Million. And this is how we lined up for the most part of the second half of the season, rotating Hernandez, Lasso and Saiz in the AM role. As well as Jota and Harrison and the AML IF role. Roofe, Bamford and Calvert-Lewin also rotated up top. If we were injury strickin we would normally play a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide with a Fluid Counter-Attack style of play. Am now looking at players available to bring in and keep us in the Premier League.
  9. The favour came from Derby and we go up as champions, a brilliant turn around, Premier League here we come, will post a bit more of a season review later on!
  10. So, thanks to some excellent performances from players brought in during the January transfer window, we go into the last game of the season like this. It's been an excellent turn around, though we did recently drop points to Birmingham and Brentford, both of which are struggling in the bottom half of the table, otherwise we'd have promotion all wrapped up. Finally managed to adapt my tactics so when we have a mass amount of injuries, we have a formations and playing styles that work with the players available too us. Will be back very soon after the last game of the season, we play Ipswich, West Brom have Derby and Reading are at home to Birmingham. Praying we win and someone does us a favour, wish me luck!
  11. January transfer window is over and done with, think I may have brought a few too many in, but wanted to make sure we had enough cover in positions where we've been plagued by injury. Obilor has been amazing at the back so far, so happy to pick him up on a free. Also managed to keep hold of both Saiz and Hernandez, also came close to losing Jansson to Stoke, but luckily managed to keep him around. Just picked up a 3-1 win against Rotherham, hopefully the start of us turning our season around.
  12. My Leeds save looks to be coming too an early end. We started the season great, around 10 games in we were sitting comfortably in the top 3, but then injuries and fatigue hit leaving us with a very limited squad. We went 5 games without a win, most of which were losses, but we managed to turn this around and went 5 games unbeaten, 3 wins and 2 draws, but once again we got plagued by injuries, meaning we went on a 6 game streak without a win, sitting 13th in the table. Players are distressed, morale at an all time low and to top it off, both Pablo Hernandez and Samu Saiz have handed in transfer requests. The board have told me to keep the job I need 11 points from my next 5 games, the first of which was a 1-1 draw against top of the league Derby. I now have 4 games to gain 10 points or i'm gone. Hopefully I can turn it around, but i'm not too sure. I've seen that my team are very capable, but unfortunately it's been less often than we've needed.
  13. Cheers, will give it a go when I get back on after work tonight. My centre back partnership of Shaunghnessy and Halme is playing surprisingly well, unfortunately Jansson picked up a lengthy injury around the same time. Cooper got a suspension for 10 yellow cards.
  14. Around halfway through the season and I'm struggling a lot, mostly for consistency. 11 Points off of an automatic spot and it'll probably get worse. Injuries left, right and center means I haven't been able to get a solid 11. The most annoying thing is, we do fine gaining points against anyone in the top half of the league, but seem to struggle against those in the bottom half. Is there anything anybody could suggest? Tactics are normally as follows, though team selection is not accurate due to injuries.
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