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  1. The drop continues and seems to be slowly increasing.
  2. The argument shouldn't really even be about which profession is most at risk. That's the whole point, we are proving it. We have a vaccine programme that is working, and working well. The second they change their approach and start prioritising people by profession rather than age / health, you open a huge can of worms.
  3. I want teachers to get it, if it can be guaranteed it won't disrupt and slow the wider population getting it. If it ends up disrupting a programme that is going well, then no you shouldn't get it early. And none of this is fair. It's a pandemic. People seem to keep wanting to find solutions that make everybody happy. I'd bet bus drivers don't think its fair that teachers who have been protected over Christmas and this winter would now get a vaccine because they have to go back to work full time, when they've had to keep working on the front line throughout. Now I completely get that
  4. Supermarkets not closing but schools closing doesn't prove that teaching is more "risky" than working in a supermarket. In the same way hospitals weren't closed either. People need healthcare and food to live, but not education (as important as it is). Even if your logic is right (and I agree with it re: working outside and airflow - it's irrelevant because other professions will come up with their own arguments. And frankly we need no arguments disrupting something that's going incredibly well. My point was purely that your agrument that teachers should get priority is going to be
  5. I completely agree teachers should be vaccinated next. However we all know that if the government prioritised one group, others would all come out of the woodwork demanding it, and there'd be more bad PR for the government in vaccinating teachers than if they continue as they are (seeing its going well). There's also the risk it slows the overall programme down somehow. So there's definitely an argument for if it aint broke dont fix it (the vaccine programme that is - not the overall response to COVID). Personally I'd like to see all teachers get them right now and have the other pro
  6. 5.44. Can’t afford that 10th wicket can they! Keep the faith!
  7. Update Runs per wicket today: India - 6.57 England - 8.1 India can afford to get to 49-9 So India have to get at least 5.44 average per wicket. Its not over!!!!
  8. Runs per wicket today: India - 6.57 England - at least 8 Winning easily.
  9. Tbh there’s never been much or any indication that it was necessary to move away from it. This will raise questions though.
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