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  1. It's a lot better but not fixed. I've still seen a few goals without flashing commentary, and most goals still don't have any build up. You just suddenly get a goal. you used to genuinely get a good feel for how the match was going in only commentary. It's now pretty much guess work based on the stats
  2. Any word from SI @Nic Madden et al as to whether this is still seen as a bug? Commentary now goes very quickly but it's practically impossible to follow the match as commentary seems to be random. On probably 50% of goals I don't even get a flashing bar - I just see the score update. And on literally zero goals do I see any build up before the goal.
  3. Just ran a game @bestbrother. It's much quicker than before but a tad slower than it used to be. Also only saw one goal and it didn't do the flashing "goal" commentary. May be a coincidence or may still be a tad buggy. I had to cancel and go to work so can't test further.
  4. Has there been a patch already? Just loaded up Steam and FM and it seemed to download something.
  5. Glad you'd be happy for them to do it but it would be an interesting way to pay their mortgages
  6. Brexit and FM17

    Can see a second nationality on my horizon
  7. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    Think a lot of teams would do well to remember football isn't about possession and being "comfortable". It's about not conceding not and scoring when you get a chance. Germany, France, Spain etc (the favourites) seemed to have forgotten this.
  8. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    John Terry seen putting on his moth costume
  9. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    Ronaldo became stronger once he was struck down. Like Obi wan
  10. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    Sissoko is really showing the importance and benefit of having rest periods throughout the season. Or for all of it.
  11. Next England manager?

    Anyone but Big Sam please
  12. Sick of people on my timeline going PASSION and GRIT etc, as if these Welsh lads only win because they try harder. Bollocks - they do try harder, and they do show passion - but they're talented as heck. Let's not pretend they're just plucky underdogs. They deserve this for more than just passion.
  13. Not hurting in the slightest I'm absolutely over the moon and just woke my 9 month old daughter up with my cheering
  14. I'm kidding ffs. Absolutely ****ing brilliant. So pleased for Wales. Got tonnes of Welsh mates and none of them thought they'd ever see that. Love it. So pleased, nearly in tears.