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  1. Has there been a patch already? Just loaded up Steam and FM and it seemed to download something.
  2. Glad you'd be happy for them to do it but it would be an interesting way to pay their mortgages
  3. Can see a second nationality on my horizon
  4. Think a lot of teams would do well to remember football isn't about possession and being "comfortable". It's about not conceding not and scoring when you get a chance. Germany, France, Spain etc (the favourites) seemed to have forgotten this.
  5. John Terry seen putting on his moth costume
  6. Ronaldo became stronger once he was struck down. Like Obi wan
  7. Sissoko is really showing the importance and benefit of having rest periods throughout the season. Or for all of it.
  8. Anyone but Big Sam please
  9. Sick of people on my timeline going PASSION and GRIT etc, as if these Welsh lads only win because they try harder. Bollocks - they do try harder, and they do show passion - but they're talented as heck. Let's not pretend they're just plucky underdogs. They deserve this for more than just passion.
  10. Not hurting in the slightest I'm absolutely over the moon and just woke my 9 month old daughter up with my cheering
  11. I'm kidding ffs. Absolutely ****ing brilliant. So pleased for Wales. Got tonnes of Welsh mates and none of them thought they'd ever see that. Love it. So pleased, nearly in tears.
  12. Great Britain into the semi finals. So proud to be British.
  13. I think savage is finished
  14. Got to say I love Robbie savages commentary. Not at all biased and calls it all how he sees it without any apparent desire for agenda or story or controversy
  15. Reset BEFORE the semi finals, for that reason