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  1. scary thought this. there's no chance those drunken idiots would have held back just because it was full capacity
  2. Football came home. Don’t give a **** about tactics etc. I have a 5 and 4 year old daughter and this was the first interest they ever showed in football. Football came home. Well done lads. Let’s try again, stronger, next year
  3. Not read any of this thread or the internet so proud of this team. Great effort. And have now grouped around the players that missed football did come home. Well done lads
  4. not been in here all game so don’t know the mood. First half brilliant. Second half meh. Hope Pickford isn’t getting blamed for that goal as that would be ridiculous overall how brilliant has it been to have England in a final?
  5. Absolutely. There’ll also be plenty at Wembley without tickets that are there to genuinely enjoy the atmosphere. and have been greeted with this.
  6. It’s because it’s at home. A home Euros final is going to get treated equal to a foreign hosted World Cup final, IMO.
  7. I know they’re valid points, but it always annoys me when things like this happen that people then go to things like “where are the police” and “why is it an 8pm kick off?” Very valid of course. Just takes some of the blame for this away from some of this disgusting culture we celebrate in this country.
  8. TV audience. Plus I’m not sure I’m a fan of UEFA having to change kick off times to deal with the fact that our society does this.
  9. Ironically the police presence will probably end up making it even worse as these muppets won’t listen to them and indeed will get antagonistic towards them.
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