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  1. Just read the last 3 months' worth of posts and loving it. Now ended on this cliffhanger!! Hope it's not another 3 months before I remember to come back in and check
  2. Enjoyable read - well done. How are Sunderland getting on in their second year in League One?
  3. Congratulations. I’m really happy for Croatia. Beautiful country and you’ve gone through a lot as a nation these last 30 years. A nice story for you and a good chance to make a memory of a lifetime. Parts of me wants this to be the year Mbappe “lands”. But a Croatia world cup win would be special.
  4. Personally, and again I like Sterling, I don’t think he did enough to stay on. I’d have probably taken Alli off, but still don’t think it was a ridiculous decision that cost us the game. We needed fresh legs and it was a toss of a coin really.
  5. That’s definitely true but we didn’t lose that game because Sterling got subbed or because the sun hate sterling
  6. World Cup semi finals you moron. Never seen somebody so desperate for attention on this forums. At least others like superman have clearly been immature idiots. You seem like a sensible guy just desperate for attention. I hope you get what you need.
  7. You really need to crawl back into your hole somewhere you sad sad man
  8. Just as well we put a sell on fee on... oh wait yes we were run by morons
  9. No shame to say we just weren’t good enough. Didn’t create anywhere near enough to deserve to be in a World Cup final. We’ve massively over achieved and I couldn’t be prouder of them for getting further than we should have, and anyone expected us to.
  10. We wouldn’t be in the final if he’d stayed on tbh
  11. Henderson on the end there vs Modric was defensive masterclass.
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