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  1. Play FM17 for a while, where 50% of all goals are via low cross. That's the version I owned until I bought this one. I still cringe whenever a low cross comes through my penalty area.
  2. Don't remember the exact season, but a couple years back, Crystal Palace won 4 matches in the first half of the season with stoppage time goals. In one of those matches (West Ham), we scored TWICE in stoppage time to turn a one goal loss into a one goal win. And then, of course, there's Man City's title win over Man United (v. Cardiff).
  3. This is 100% correct. Well done, SI! You can't score directly from a throw in (or an indirect free kick). If you throw the ball into the goal, it's a goal kick (or a corner depending on which goal you throw it into). Same for an indirect free kick. Additionally, you can't score on yourself from a free kick. If you kick the ball directly into your own net, it's a corner. Not a bug. Check the Laws of the Game. It's literally the second sentence of Law 15. http://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/lawsandrules/laws/football-11-11/law-15---the-throw-in
  4. No idea which bug forum this qualifies under, and couldn't find a similar thread, though I'm certain I'm not the first to notice this. At half time, the media prediction widget in the top-left corner of the screen always says things that it would normally say at the end of the match. Like, it doesn't realize that there is still 45 minutes left in the match and gives a comment assuming the match has already ended. A pkm won't show this. You can only see it as the match is happening. Screenshot example attached. Notice the reference to my opponent getting the win, despite it being half time. And yes, those stats are correct. 7-0 shots on target, 2-0 clear cut chances, and yet I'm down 1-0...and it wasn't even an own goal! They scored without even having a shot on target! And that's not even my complaint!!! Since I know I'll be asked about the goal itself, here it is: It's not a bug. Just a fluke goal that didn't count as a shot on target. The actual bug is below:
  5. I don't think it's an issue of missing clear 1vs1 chances. I think it's just that scoring is based on an RNG call, and if that call calculates no-goal, you're not scoring. The animations you see on the screen are unrelated to the calculation, and it's just poor programming that always makes it look like a clear 1vs1. The fix isn't necessarily to make the chances convert more often; the fix is to program some more varied failed scoring chance animations that make more sense to the viewer as to why the chance failed. For example, if the engine calculates a miss, allow a poor first touch/ball getting caught between the feet, delaying the dribble forward, and/or allow the defender to catch up and harass the shot/get between the shooter and the goalkeeper (causing a hesitation and poor shot, or a fair tackle and the ball rolls out), so when you're watching the highlight, at least it makes sense that you missed.
  6. Had to find it. At least I had the YouTube video as a hint this time, unlike the other bug I submitted where I had to use the time of my post as my only clue! Bali United v Persita.pkm
  7. I'm using Lampard Gegenpress, as well as the Wulf tactic in the same 4-5-1 formation. Lampard Gegenpress is my main, pretty much unchanged except for the corner routine.
  8. Upon further inspection, the player is taken to the bench, the goal is scored, he's forced to sprint back on to the pitch before the restart for some reason, and then just stands perfectly still until I notice the problem and sub him off manually. I can only imagine what would have happened if I had already made all three subs! Persita v Semen Padang.pkm
  9. I do like this game more than FM 17 (the last version I purchased). But this just isn't football. The match engine feels years away from being useful. I just scored a goal, and it didn't count. See the attached video. YouTube link as a backup: If you want to pretend that the ball hit the post, first of all, the commentary disagrees with you, and second, that's definitely not how a ball (and the back of the net) is supposed to react to a shot hitting the goalpost! It's hard to play this game after watching an actual football match. Every FM match starts with a diagonal long ball into touch which goes out of play exactly 16 seconds into the match. Everything that happens seems to do so completely independently of the match engine, with the visuals simply showing you the result of the RNG calculation regardless of what your eyes are telling you should happen. Loose ball just deflected exactly where a certain player is? Well the RNG says that some other player is supposed to get that ball, so the nearest player is going to pretend he doesn't see it while this other guy sprints full speed to collect it. Striker rounds the keeper and has an open net? Well, his finishing stat is 13 and he's supposed to miss, so we're gonna just freeze the ball on the goal line and slide the keeper back into position to deflect it away (again, see attached video). Defender sees a striker sprinting to chase a through ball? Okay, turn around and sprint with him. Oh wait, he's supposed to receive the pass - nevermind, I'll turn my back to the striker and run backwards while he moonwalks into the ball's path, and then I'll start running for real after he gets possession and the First Touch RNG is calculated. I'm guessing the text engine has been well and truly mastered over the years, and it is still the primary way that match events are calculated, with the visuals just for show. It certainly explains why the visuals don't match up with what actually ends up happening. It takes 5+ seconds for the players/ref/crowd (and therefore the game) to notice an offside flag, so you can't celebrate any goals (well, with VAR in the EPL, I guess that's realistic after all...). But seriously - watch a real match. When the flag is up and the ball is in the net, does it take 5 seconds for the commentators to say something about it? Do the commentators and referee politely wait 5 seconds for the celebrations to finish before mentioning the flag? It's not dramatic, it's annoying! I can see it happening every once in a while, but not every, single, time, and multiple times per match. It isn't just for goals, either - why is play allowed to continue for so long before a whistle for offside in general? Yes, the assistant delays the flag until active involvement - that makes sense - but once the offside player has the ball, flag goes up, and the play is over. There is no delay, especially in leagues that do not have VAR. Even with VAR, if there is no imminent threat on goal, play is immediately stopped. You don't get to pass the ball around a few more times, cross into the box, collect the clearance - oh and by the way 4 passes ago, your left winger was offside. The game is still fun for what it is, but definitely still not football. I'm sure the technology for a smart match AI simply isn't there yet, but I hope it gets there within a few years, because it is a fun game despite its flaws. If machine-learning could be incorporated into your match engine based on real football matches (at multiple skill levels), it could be a real (literal) game-changer. 2019-12-18 15-17-39.mkv
  10. Here's what happened: Player on my team was injured, but play continued. You can see the cross icon next to the player's name, but we still had possession and continued playing. Play continues for a while. My team crosses into the penalty area. Penalty is given for a foul (separate from the injury; my player is still on the field injured). The commentary "[name of injured player] is unable to continue" is shown. Possibly related, but this injured player also happens to be my primary penalty taker. A different player steps up and converts the penalty, but I'm never taken to the tactics screen to deal with the injury. In fact, no highlights take place for a while, so over 5 minutes (EDIT: it was 1...guess I reacted faster than I thought!) pass in-game before I realize that there is a problem and pause/make the sub. After the sub, everything is fine.
  11. Hello, I am enjoying the low res version of the skin on my laptop. However, in the Schedule screen, there is no button for U21s and U18s, and as a result, there is no way to arrange friendlies for these teams. At the moment, the way i arrange friendlies, is to revert to the default FM skin, arrange my friendlies, and then switch back to your skin afterward.
  12. I'm literally unbeaten in two separate saves since buying this game, including 5 matches with Crystal Palace in the EPL. The only unrealistic thing about this game is that Christian Benteke is dominating matches and Connor Wickham hasn't been injured yet. It's your tactics
  13. Really? Didn't even notice lol Nice job SI, then! The repeated bass drum sound when someone dribbles the ball is still annoying, though.
  14. The way I'm reading it is: 1. You must have two U22 players in your starting lineup at kickoff. (starting eleven) 2. You must always have one U22 playing on the pitch at all times. (playing eleven) Meaning, if you try to substitute all of your U22 players, it will not be allowed by the game, unless you also sub in at least one U22 player, so that there is always one on the pitch, even if it's not one of the two you started with. It's not written poorly. You just didn't understand the difference between "starting eleven" and "playing eleven." The childish way people act on this forum makes me glad I didn't buy this game for the last two years. Saved me the headache of having to be on this forum for a while.
  15. Two things: 1. Goal kicks are required to leave the penalty area before being touched by either team. I just watched my keeper pass a goal kick to a full back who was still in my area, and it was allowed. The restart is to retake the kick (regardless of which team touche the ball first). 2. The sound for lightly tapping a ball is the same as the sound for kicking it hard. It's annoying. Get rid of it.
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