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  1. In all sports games where you control one player (My Career Mode, for example), you are given the option of portraying a real player already in the game, using their stats, age, attributes, etc, instead of coming up with your own. I like this idea.
  2. Makes sense, but you don't choose "tour" when arranging these friendlies. You select "multiple friendly matches."
  3. Possibly true, but one thing that sort of goes against this is the option to arrange friendlies during training camp. If your club are going to a foreign country for training camp, you can't schedule a tour in the same country, but you CAN arrange multiple friendlies. When you select "Arrange Multiple Friendlies," you are only given options of clubs in the country where your training camp is scheduled. Presumably you would not go home between matches since you're there for the training camp.
  4. Okay, this is really frustrating. I have a 25 year old winger, squad status set to backup (though he has started 12 of 18 league games), and he is able to tutor. I have a 34 year old defender that I literally just signed, squad status backup, has only been with the club for 14 seconds, and he is also able to tutor. But then, I have a 25 year old defender, squad status set to Key Player (always has been), has started all 18 league games so far, and "his squad status is too low to offer tutoring." What in the actual ****?
  5. I'm interested to know if this issue was thought about for FM16. I find it strange that an older player with "too low" squad status can't tutor a younger player. Why can't a "backup" 37 year old with great mental stats be used as an asset to the youngsters in the team? At the very least, shouldn't he be able to tutor one of the "backups" on the U18 team? Does it really seem that unbelievable that an older, former international-level player would spend the final years of his career helping out the next generation of players regardless of how many games he's getting? What about goalkeepers, where only player generally gets the bulk of the playing time. If I sign a veteran keeper as a backup, he can't also tutor my U18 keeper? When Crystal Palace brought Andy Johnson back two seasons ago, it was explicitly stated that he was being brought in to help out the younger strikers in the club. He played in one match during his entire time back. But in FM, he wouldn't be allowed to tutor anyone because he wasn't a regular first-team player. There was a time a few years back when Palace signed Edgar-freakin-Davids at the twilight of his career. But of course no youth player would ever want to learn from that legend, because he wasn't getting games!
  6. Didn't want to start a new thread. Just got this news item for the first time. I love finding little things like this after playing for so long!
  7. It doesn't help that his first name is "Innocent" Skin is Scorpio, since that always seems to come up.
  8. You'd think his mum would at least say yes
  9. I just got FM 15 yesterday! In older FMs, if you had a player with a knock, you could drag him to the subs bench and a pop-up message would appear asking if you would like to take him off the pitch. In FM15, a pop up message appears during the match from the Assistant Manager with the option to "Take Off." Unfortunately, I didn't notice the message in time and didn't get to click on it. Now I can't remove him. It's a cup match, and we're already 3-0 up. He is a striker/winger, so it's not a big deal to go 4-4-1 the rest of the way. Why was the ability to remove slightly injured players from the tactics screen taken out of the game? And why do I need lightning-quick reflexes to take the player off? I could only imagine how this plays out in real life, according to FM: AssMan: OurRightWingerIsInjuredWannaTakeHimOff? Manager: What??? AssMan: ... Manager: Hey, I just noticed that our right winger is hurt. We should take him off. AssMan: ... 4th Official: Sorry, you can only take an injured player out of the game within 5 seconds of his injury. Read the rule book! EDIT: In the tradition of always answering my own questions on this forum, I've found the answer. Click the speech bubble in the top right corner of the screen, and you can see old match feedback and act on it.
  10. Same thing happened to me. You can't enable the advanced rules in the editor. If you do, it messes up the data and you can't play below League Two. You'll have to get a copy of the original, make the Hinckley change, and make changes using the Basic editor only. What were you trying to edit?
  11. It's easy enough to do for the leagues below Level 6: 1) Open the database and load the editor data 2) Go to Nation Rules - England 3) In the tree menu, starting from Regional Premier Divisions (Level 7), go to "Match Rules" (This feature CANNOT be edited for Conference South/North and above) 4) In the main panel of the editor, go to "Match Rules" and click "Add" 5) In the new drop down box, go to "Match Squad Rules" and select "Maximum of Trial Players in Match Squad" 6) Give a value like "16" (representing the full starting XI plus the 5 subs) to guarantee that the game will never block you from using triallists By the way, I've done this as a challenge in FM 2013, where I tried to progress as far as I could with a wage budget of $0 and no contracted players (including youth), so free loans and trials only. It would suck having a great player on trial all season just to have someone sign him in March!
  12. Just posting to support this database. I've already downloaded it, made the Hinckley fix, and will start playing shortly. I got an error when validating: "No teams found for stage 0 of Northern League JR Cleator Cup." I assume cups get their teams added during the save, so this error is meaningless? Also, Do i have to add the all-seater stadium fix to the beta, or was it already fixed? One thing I always do to these databases, is add the level number to each competition name below level 6, because it gets confusing to try to remember all these competition names and where they rank. So I rename "Combined Counties League Premier Division" to "Combined Counties League Premier Division 9" for example. I also add it to the three letter name so I could see the levels for cup fixtures. So "CCLP" becomes "CCLP9."*** If the "10" or "11" might be confusing, I use "t" for ten and "e" for eleven. Not something that I would expect to see in the official release, but just something to think about for anyone else who might be put off or confused by the overwhelming number of competitions in this database. ***EDIT: I've noticed that for the 2014 editor, you are allowed to use 5 letter abbreviations instead of only 4.
  13. I didn't see any links in the opening posts. Was this ever conpleted? And if not, then why is it in the Downloads forum? Shouldn't it be in the main forum?
  14. Finally decided to play around with this, and just want to double check a couple things: 1. This can NOT be used in the "normal" game mode? Only in FM Classic Mode? 2. Once purchased, how often can it be used? One time PER SAVE? One time EVER? Or can it be used multiple times in the SAME save (having a 2nd son after a few seasons, for example)? 3. In each case above that applies, how often must the unlockable be re-purchased? Or is it a one-time purchase that sticks around forever? 4. Do I name the son? Or is the name generated automatically? (I'm referring to his first name, obviously! Though there are rare circumstances such as Shaun & Bradley Wright-Phillips.) Thank you.
  15. There is no official answer, and there will be no official answer. They will know the beta is coming out about an hour before it comes out. And it's "roughly" two weeks before release. Thursday is an estimate, not a deadline. Saturday would still be "roughly" two weeks before release.