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  1. Using Dan's Level 22 database. Didn't realise that the injuries were edited.
  2. My Canvey Island side survived on the last day despite losing, thanks to good results around us (three out of four teams below us had to win, and only two did). Apparently, this stumble into survival was exciting enough for one of our loan players to injure his face during the celebrations. The injury? Hit with a cork from a champagne bottle
  3. I bet if you keep on arguing, one of you will change your mind and switch opinions, so do keep trying *grabs popcorn* P.S. Feel free to mention the bottle job we are currently working on! Luckily, Hull might actually be worse than us!
  4. ^ What club do you manage in real life?
  5. Rochester (Level 10), because they approached me. (Though my favourite clubs are Crystal Palace and Croydon FC, and Croydon play in the same division as Rochester!)
  6. Everton has been relegated first season in both saves I've played. Don't they have one of the longest spells without being relegated in England? Something like 60 years?
  7. Don't know about the default database, but in one of the downloaded databases (such as England to level 22), after you load the database and load the editor data, you go to Rules -> Convert to Advanced Rules, Then, in the left panel, click on "Advanced Rules" and then click "Agreement Change" in the panel below that one. In the main panel, go down to the years, and change all the "Percentage Chance" figures to 0. As far as I know, unticking any boxes doesn't actually remove it, so changing the percentage chance to 0% is the only way to disable it. This way Brexit is still in the game, but there is a 0% chance of it actually happening. You don't have to actually load all 22 levels if you use that database, by the way. Everything below Level 10 is pretty unrealistic anyway, as players generated in the game are too good for that level no matter what, so you always dominate with any amateur players.
  8. Managing an Amateur club. Started with a negative balance, and earn roughly 500# per month. Five months into the season, I get a message that one of my coaches is going on a coaching course, and the club is paying for it. My 2,800# balance is now negative 200, all because this random AMATEUR coach needs all the club's money to go take a class! This is insane! Is there a way to block the club from spending every penny in the bank account on a course for a guy who's not even under contract? How do I prevent this from happening again?
  9. Works for me!
  10. Been searching for about 15 minutes, and decided it's gonna be faster to just ask. I'm playing FM17 Touch, and the "Appearance Fee" is not selectable when creating a custom column view in the Squad or Tactics screens. I can select Wage, but not Appearance Fee. This is disappointing because in lower leagues, many players are not on contracts, so they have N/A for their Wage (they are only paid by Appearance Fees). Therefore, when selecting my match squad, I can't see the Appearance Fees at a glance, making it more difficult to choose a matchday squad while keeping finances under control. I downloaded the FM Touch Base Skins from this forum, and can't figure out which files contain what I'm looking for. I also tried exporting a view from the full game, and importing it into the touch version, but a message popped up saying that it can't be imported. Is there a way for me to force Appearance Fee to show up in the list of selectable columns? Unused Sub Fee would be helpful too. If not, then is there a way for me to manually add Appearance Fee to the default Tactics and Squad views, or one of the other views (such as Contract)? Finally, if I create a custom view in the Tactics screen, is there a way that i can edit that file to manually add Appearance Fee? Thank you!
  11. Looked through your old posts and can't find it.
  12. fm2017

    If it's any consolation, the steam download doesn't actually work. I assumed it was yours until I read this thread.
  13. I'm sorry, but I don't see it there. I feel like an idiot, but I seriously can't find it! Is it exclusive to the full version of the game? I happen to be playing this save on the touch version on PC. I have no problem starting over on the full version if I can have that column there, though it does seem a bit silly that this column would be left out of the touch version! I'm also playing on Steam (downloaded yesterday), so I assume this is the latest version of the game. EDIT: Just started a save on the full version, and yes, the Appearance Fee column is available. It is not available in the touch version for some reason. I guess touch players aren't expected to care about lower league finances as much?
  14. Small request: Add Appearance Fee (and maybe the Unused Sub Fee while we're at it) to the various views that we can use such as the Squad and Tactics screens. Just got FM17, and decided to start up a Conference South save. With all the non-contracts that use appearance fees only, it would be nice to see these at a glance. For now, I can only see Wage, which for many of my players is N/A. Not helpful when trying to balance the budget while choosing my squad. If it's there already, or if I can add it myself via some kind of skin update, please let me know. Thanks!
  15. In all sports games where you control one player (My Career Mode, for example), you are given the option of portraying a real player already in the game, using their stats, age, attributes, etc, instead of coming up with your own. I like this idea.