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  1. No problem. Thanks for the response and keep us updated! for now i will have to put up with my players shouting at me for not fining rebels!!
  2. "Senior Aff - Tonbridge - Copy.fm" has been uploaded
  3. Anyone else seeing this? surely this is a bug, shouldn't be hard for the board to find a club?
  4. I am manager of Tonbridge and have been promoted to league 2 (2 promotions) after about 5 seasons. I have requested a senior affiliate every season and my board accepts the request but is unable to find a suitable link. Is anyone else seeing this and is this an issue? It has previously not been this hard to get senior affiliates in fm20 and is not that hard to find affiliate clubs when you are a bigger club.
  5. I believe something similar happened in my save and the changing of the captain has messed with the code of conduct and now it never appears at the start of the season and wont let me make a selection for the code of conduct.
  6. I've uploaded "Journeyman EU 1 - SI Testing V2.fm" at the start of pre season just before the pre season meeting.
  7. I am currently Borrusia Monchengladbach but moved from Shaktar Donetsk last season. I am in September and the season ends in May, do you want me to still upload or wait until season end?
  8. I have found in my save i am unable to set a code of conduct for my team. I do not get an email or message at the start of the season saying to set it, and also does not come up in my pre season team meeting with the team. When i click code of conduct it just says "No code of conduct has been set" but no options to set it or change it. It has been like this for 3 or 4 seasons now as far as i can remember.
  9. I started this save with no qualifications or previous experience and have managed in 2 countries and a national team whilst not being nationals of the countries. So you can see how the mental stats have all grown except adaptability. How can my adaptability be 2 when ive managed in foreign countries for 7 years?
  10. I am managing in the Ukrainian league where you can only have 7 foreign players in the 11 on pitch at any time. If you have 7 foreign players in the 11 already and one of the non-foreign players needs subbing, the assistant will suggest bringing on a foreign player in his place which is not allowed. This happens with other leagues depending on the playing 11 criteria. The assistant should only suggest to bring on players that are a legible switch and if that is not possible for a straight same position switch, then they should suggest you sub the player and make some ta
  11. Same issue, just been knocked out by Port vale and in the first round and shows as the current seasons winner.
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