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  1. In my fourth season in my save and I've recently took over Sheff Wed in the Championship. Previously I managed Oxford City in the VNS and VNL and then Plymouth in League 2, both teams of which I utilized the Director of Football with good success. However at Sheff Wed whenever I go to the DoF section under transfers it's the chairman who is the one offering transfer suggestions when prompted instead of my DoF. I've had a look in the staff responsibilities and can't see a way I can switch it to my DoF. I don't think it's a bug, but it's something I've never seen before and I'm just c
  2. Actually, I may have just figured it out. We're a semi-pro side that has just been promoted. We're not turning professional as our finances won't allow it but he is asking for a full-time deal which is something we can't provide. So I wouldn't consider this a bug but I'll leave the thread up just in-case!
  3. I'm trying to offer my Director of Football a new contract but he's unwilling to even enter contract negotiations because the offer is defaulted to offering him a position as an Under 18s coach, a position he has no interest in. I have absolutely no way of even trying to extend his deal to stay in his original position as my DoF. When I originally signed him as my DoF he was listed as a coach but I liked his stats as a DoF and offered him the role which he accepted. I only assume that because his original listed role was as a coach that any future offer for him is defaulted to that same r
  4. It's hit and miss in higher league Football for me. Lower league it's a killer tactic and you can kinda be less choosy with the players you bring in as long as they fit the role by having most of the right attributes. Any fast striker is likely to ruin defences in non-league. I'm currently managing in the Danish Superliga and it's really inconsistent. Don't get me wrong, we're in the hunt for the title with a team that's realistically mid-table in terms of talent/media expectation, but there's zero pattern of how well we're going to play week in and week out. I think at this level it's wa
  5. I retract my post above.... Six straight wins, playing teams way above us in the league off the park. Once we got the morale up and some signings that fit the tactic it's pretty plain sailing now. I inherited a squad of 30something age players and had to clear out and/or drop some deadwood.
  6. Great tactic in the lower leagues for sure! Two promotions in three seasons with Alfreton and I left them 2nd in League 2 to go to Derby in the Championship. Unfortunately at Championship level it's been an absolute disaster. I think the tactic deserves more time as there are some issues with the team but the results have been horrendous and it feels like the tactic plays a lot differently at this level.
  7. Thank you! You're right, I switched my default drive for installations to D while FM20 is in C. Works perfectly now.
  8. Same issue. As soon as I click on Launch I get a black screen and the editor instantly closes/crashes.
  9. This tactic is pure insanity even in the sixth tier of England. Just make sure you sign LBs and RBs that are at least decently comfortable with the IWB role and you'll be laughing. I have been lucky in the sense there are players in the Western-Super-Mare that fit the roles for the tactic perfectly.
  10. I'm 30. The first football management game I ever played was LMA Manager on the original Playstation, but the one I sunk the most time into and my first game that started my love affair with SI was Championship Manager 4.
  11. On Ashbringer, could you switch the Shadow Striker into a False 9? I can't imagine there is much difference between the roles and it would mean bringing in a more suitable player from my line-up.
  12. Most of my gaming outside of Football Manager is online. For me, my time playing FM is often while I'm watching TV or something else and I enjoy getting quite in-depth in my saves which isn't conducive to faster paced online play.
  13. I was using your previous 4231 tactic and had mixed success with Aberystwyth. Obviously the players were of generally poor quality and it wasn't easy to find players who would fit into the system, but the potential was definitely there. I can totally relate to the slog of conceding deflected shots and the luck just not going your way. I did see improvement after taking Use Offside Trap off, but mainly because our CBs simply weren't fast enough or smart enough to use it effectively. I had to "dumb down" the tactic slightly and took Pass Into Space off as our players had poor positioning, o
  14. Agree with what kozmik said. I haven't tried a BWM at all in FM17 because of the reasons you listed. I tend to run a CM which you can pretty much customize into anything you want. It could be worth setting him to ease off tackles in your player instructions on the tactics screen if you haven't already. It doesn't stop them from tackling completely, just tones it down a great deal which could be of benefit to your player.
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