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  1. Definitely finding the same issue myself with Athletic Bilbao myself. First season in, was able to get a terrific group / golden generation or excellent in about a 50-100 save/load Second season in, just kept repeatedly getting poor / not great / mediocre and at most good, over 2000+ save / loads. Junior Coaching is at Exceptional as is youth recruitment. My file name is Clayton Lane - A. Bilbao 2 Bug.
  2. I'm more talking about the preview email that i get in December. In prior patches, I would reasonably get lots of excellents and terrific generation. But ever since 20.4, these are much harder to come by. My hunch is that is the head of youth development trying to compare the intake with the team that it is walking into, and therefore downgrade his assessment as either 'mediocre' or 'not great' even though there are objectively really good players in that intake? Attached: also someone else finding the same thing with Juventus.
  3. I suppose Chelsea- if you just count CHO, James, Anjorin and Abraham (Tomori and Gilmour are excluded as they came through other clubs)
  4. Currently it just seems to have trouble generating anything above "a good group of players".
  5. on a 5 player average, that number was about 171.4, on a 10 player average, about 145.7 iirc. Secondly i am confused whether the good / optimistic / excellent / terrific line of text matters at all
  6. I'm talking about the youth intake preview email you get, not the actual intake day itself. The prior season before, i could somehow be able to nail excellent, and terrific at most 5 times over a 1000 reloads. The intake ended up having a 179, 177, 176, 166, 159 PA players amongst the very best of that crop, along with a 131, 124, 119 to fill my B team in the future. But this season, it's a struggle to get even good, let alone excellent or terrific. Idk if this has to do with custom database, or in relation to the quality of my team.
  7. Managing Athletic Bilbao, 2nd season in- the youth intake preview text keeps telling me that this is a poor crop of youth players or mediocre or not a very good, and only rarely, do I get good, but never excellent nor terrific / golden generation I've been save-loading over at least a thousand times, and could generate 'good' at only maybe four times at most. Surely by sheer sample size, I should get occasionally get an excellent or a terrific- and accounting for real life, English clubs are chunking out generations of top tier talent (though not so much for Germany or Spain. Does the text account for the quality of your team when the youth intake email assessment, or this is just a bug?
  8. It would be funny, if it wasn't for the fact that my team has Worldwide reputation.
  9. Where players (or specifically their agents) somehow not interested at contract negotiations, whilst having asked for them. Although my case is a bit special- at time of asking was interested, now that his abilities improved, thinks the squad isn't good enough for his level.
  10. I swear every year FM has one-game breaking bug that makes each iteration an incredible slog. In FM 14, it was one-on-ones, not sure what it was in FM 15, but this year's iteration is the most annoying Where players would refuse to sign new contracts citing that the playing squad doesn't match their level of ambition- when they have previously asked for a new deal, and have not previously indicated their unhappiness of the team's lack of ambition. It's really annoying and really screws up saves. In lieu of a patch, has anyone found a workaround this issue, aside from using FMRTE or the official in-game editor?
  11. Granted my Freiburg is now in the Bundesliga. Well Established Youth Recruitment too, but still Good Junior Coaching. Bernhard Peters is my HOYD (all of my guys are professional)
  12. It's a shame i can't do the whole blame it on your tactics because i did manage to create a working possession tactic that made use of the legend that is Nils Petersen.
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