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  1. Joe Driscoll's full name added along with birth details thanks for the info
  2. Not a Southern League team being based in the North West of England but I will look into them and set them as extinct
  3. Thank you for this information I have updated Joel Driscoll to reflect this
  4. @Crispypaul Thank you for the extra information regarding WInchester City and the points you have raised regarding the stadium have been noted as the ownership wasnt something I was aware of. The wages do seem high and I have looked at those players in the database and it seems to be that the estimated wage field is blank hence a random figure being generated. I have been led to believe that Joe Hayward is only a loan signing from Eastleigh I will contact the Eastleigh researcher for further clarification on this Are you a regular fan of Winchester City? If so you may fancy joining the research team and help improve Winchester City's data for future games.
  5. @Jbrookes7 thanks for the information To answer your points the loans you mention (Joe Lea & Dory Yates) are only short term deals (1 month) and as such will not appear Ben Walker and Tony Lee are known errors and were noticed very late on and will be rectified, Jamil Roberts is a very new move that has happened, the same with Tom Blair who has recently joined from Bridport, he currently doesn't exist in the game's database but after his move to Dorchester he will be created for a future update once the Dorchester researcher has had a good chance to asses him. Player such as Brookes and Jerrard though are set competitively to appear in the 1st team squad Crittenden may need a slight boost to feature in the 1st team squad but the researcher of Dorchester Town was happy with the way he rated each player over the summer and early season. That though doesn't mean things will change as I am in regular contact with him and receive updates and changes from him and no doubt he will make sufficient changes when required.
  6. FM13: Lower League Players Thread

    Dont ant to poo-poo anything but make the most of Mtandari as he has just joined Banbury United IRL and as Southern League Head Researcher I have adapted him to reflect this so in the future he may not be the player he is currently (still more or less rated as he was at Spurs)
  7. Found 3 more 'ghost contracts' for you that again stay ineligable in squad even after being signed by someone else Lance Lewis and Sean Mapson at Wotton Bassett Town Daniel Szceukiewicz at Eastington Sports Havent had time to check yet but is the Gloucestershire Challenge Trophy Final set as at Oaklands Park, Almondsbury more Gloucestershire County cup updates for you Gloucestershire Senior Cup 1937-38 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Cheltenham Town 1938-39 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1939-40 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1946-47 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1947-48 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1948-49 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1949-50 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Cheltenham Town 1950-51 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Cheltenham Town 1951-52 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1952-53 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Cheltenham Town 1953-54 (W) Stonehouse (RU) Gloucester City 1954-55 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Cheltenham Town 1955-56 (W) Gloucester City (RU)Cheltenham Town 1956-57 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1957-58 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Cinderford Town 1958-59 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1959-60 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1960-61 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1962-63 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1963-64 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1964-65 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1965-66 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Cheltenham Town 1966-67 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1967-68 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Cinderford Town 1968-69 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Cheltenham Town 1969-70 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1970-71 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Cheltenham Town 1971-72 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1972-73 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1973-74 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1976-77 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1977-78 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1979-80 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Cheltenham Town - gave wrong info last time 1986-87 (W) Forest Green Rover (RU) Gloucester City 1992-93 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Yate Town 2002-03 (W) Mangotsfield Utd 2006-07 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Cinderford Town Think all im missing is 1997-98, 2000-01, 2001-02, 2002-03 seaon Gloucestershire Challenge Trophy 1983-84 (W) Shortwood Utd (RU) Bristol Manor Farm 1984-85 (W) Mangotsfield Utd 1986-87 (W) Mangotsfield Utd 1987-88 (W) Bristol Manor Farm 1990-91 (W) Mangotsfield Utd 1993-94 (W) Mangotsfield Utd 1996-97 (W) Mangotsfield Utd 1999-00 (W) Mangotsfield Utd
  8. Not sure if its been mentioned before but been playing as Cheltenham Saracens and 3 players are ineligable from the start (Michael Wilce, Tom Rutter & Joe Tustain) offer them new deals but they reject that and sign for someone else, but they stay in my squad with INE next too their names even though they are playing for a different club. Think this could be down to contract stauts in the database being wrong could be worth a check. Though if you are going too update it then Tom Rutter no longer plays for them. Still waiting on a reply from the Glos FA regarding the winners of the county cups but have put together what I already know Glos FA Trophy 1978-79 (W) Almondsbury Town 1981-82 (RU) Harrow Hill 1998-99 (W) Yate Town 2000-01 (W) Yate Town (RU) Tytherington Rocks 2002-03 (W) Fairford Town (RU) Yate Town 2003-04 (W) Slimbridge 2004-05 (W) Harrow Hill 2005-06 (W) Slimbridge Glos Senior Cup 1961-62 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1974-75 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Cheltenham Town 1975-76 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1978-79 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Cheltenham Town 1979-80 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1980-81 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1981-82 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Cheltenham Town 1982-83 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Cheltenham Town 1983-84 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Forest Green 1984-85 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Forest Green 1985-86 (W) Forest Green (RU) Cheltenham Town 1987-88 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Forest Green 1988-89 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Forest Green 1989-90 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Yate Town 1990-91 (W) Gloucester City (RU) Cheltenham Town 1991-92 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1993-94 (W) Newport County (RU) Gloucester City 1994-95 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Yate Town 1995-96 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1996-67 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1998-99 (W) Cheltenham Town (RU) Gloucester City 1999-00 (W) Forest Green (RU) Cheltenham Town 2004-05 (W) Yate Town (RU) Bristol Rovers 2005-06 (W) Yate Town (RU) Cheltenham Town
  9. As one of the Non League researchers I will do my best too help sort out the regional promotion issues by the next data update.
  10. Have too say that firstly I havent had the chance to play this update yet but really am looking forward too taking the reigns of my neighbouring team (well they play pretty much over my parents back fence) Cheltenham Saracens. Will look into the history of both County Cups for you. Just wondered how you have set teams like Bristol City, Bristol Rovers and Cheltenham Town use the County cup as a reserve fixture dont know if its implementable
  11. Plenty going farily cheap on Ebay. Luckly I still own all the Champ Managers from 97/98 through to the present format
  12. Worst players for me are Sean Dundee - Liverpool Torben Piechnik - Liverpool Istvan Kozma - Liverpool Nii Lamptey - Coventry & Aston Villa Massimo Tiabi - Man Utd Marco Boogers - West Ham John Jensen - Arsenal Alex Evtushok - Coventry City Kyle Lightbourne - Coventry City Chris Hamon - Swindon Town Nikola Jerkan - Nottingham Forest Andrea Silenzi - Nottingham Forest
  13. Current Non-League Research Vacancy List for Southern League Southern League Premier Bashley Bedford Town Brackley Town Bromsgrove Rovers Corby Town Cheshunt Clevedon Town Cirencester Town Hemel Hempstead Mangotsfield United Team Bath Yate Town Southern League Midlands Aylesbury United * Barton Rovers Bishops Cleeve Cinderford Town Chasetown Chesham United Dunstable Town Evesham United Leighton Town Malvern Town Romulus Rothwell Town Rushall Olympic Sutton Coldfield Town Stourport Swifts Stourbridge Willenhall Town Woodford United I am still yet to have a response from the current Aylesbury Utd researcher so position may become available soon Southern League South & West Andover AFC Hayes Abingdon Utd Burnham Bridgwater Town Bracknell Town Didcot Town Fleet Town Gosport Borough Hillingdon Borough Marlow Oxford City Paulton Rovers Slough Town Taunton Town Thatcham Town Uxbridge Winchester City Newly promoted teams for next season Truro City North Leigh AFC Totton Beaconsfield SYCOB Soham Town Rangers Atherstone Town Anyone interested please feel free and e-mail me at southernleague@yahoo.co.uk