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  1. Yeah, i cant imagine it has anything designed to bring you down a peg or 2. Im coming to the end of the 3rd season, theres been 13 competitions i could have won, and i've failed to win only 2 of them (P180, W155, D18, L7). The game has had plenty of reasons to smack me back down to earth. Looking at the match info from the Spurs defeat, the first leg away we were unlucky to lose 3-2, the home leg we conceded in the 13th minute and i now recall going too aggressive & desperate. Too arrogant. Over the 2 games, we had 65 shots (25 & 40) but only 21 on target (11 & 10). They had 7 shots on target total. It happens, but im pretty sure i could have handled it far better and not treated them like some 3rd-tier club i could walk all over and overload. Sometimes you get beat by better sides, by mistakes or misfortune, but other times you get beat by your own stupidity. Im pretty sure they scored their goals counter-attacking, and instead of identifying that, i told them to attack more, then stuck an extra striker on. If you look at todays game against Spurs, we won playing with pretty much that same approach, however Spurs saw their weakness after we'd hurt them, and that limited our chances in the 2nd half and kept their dominance. I didnt do that, i let them continue thinking i'll just out-score them.
  2. I've just hit an international break, in March 2021, sending 28 players on international duty. Got to my next game, away to Fulham, went to pick my team only to realise i still have 28 players on international duty... They've basically scheduled this fixture (no other PL games) on the exact same day most of the European nations had WC Qualifiers!! My only first-team players were DDG, Tierney, Lindelof (89% condition) & Herrera. Even then, De Gea & Lindelof played WCQ's 48hrs earlier, and all of the reserves/kids who i'd likely give a game at the end of the season, they had a midweek game too, something i'd have sorted out had i known they'd done this. I somehow ended up winning it though, 1-0 with a 89th winner from Herrera but i had to give 7 players shirt numbers, and Greenwood was the only non-first team player who's already made his first team debut. The starting XI had 4x 2-star, and 2x 1.5-star players, and 2 of those were mid-70s for match sharpness. The funny thing is the only thing that bothered me about this mess was that i have won 26 consecutive league games and this looked certain to put an end to it. All the usual suspects have been dropping points to mid-table dross since November, while i've only dropped 4 points all season. So the title isnt at threat, but that run was. I still somehow managed to lose both legs in the LC to Spurs, 3-2 & 0-1. No idea what went wrong, no injury crisis, first team out... just couldnt stop them. That away leg is the only game all season where i'd scored and not won.
  3. Yeah, this is pretty much why i never get past the 3rd season, I cant help myself, and before long it doesnt feel like Utd any more. Its not helped when the team really needs a damn good clean-out IRL. I feel like if i started again, i'd probably have a better idea what i want, but still end up going down that slippery slope of only having 3-4 essential Utd players still at the club. I think when my 4th summer arrives i'll be selling Asensio, Lukaku & Herrera and not bringing anyone else in. I just dont feel like i see much from Asensio in the match highlights, he's just cover for Alli. Lukaku is 3rd choice, even with 1 goal per 90min from 12 appearances (6+6). Herrera isnt getting games now, and im even struggling to give players like de Jong starts. It wasnt an issue when i had 3 CM spots to fill, but introducing an AM for Alli & Asensio means i have issues giving everyone starts (Pogba, Herrera, de Jong, Savic, Fernandes & Dier). This should mean i can bring in Gomes, Greenwood & Garner who wont complain, and reintroduces some Utd players into the squad. I also might offload Milenkovic who's 4th choice CB and doing a good enough job, and bring through a newgen i brought in recently. I've never actually took a game to a point where ive used newgens/regens, rarely even bothered looking into them because i lose interest in the game by then.
  4. Is there somewhere that'll tell me how long until each of your players will be considered home grown? I cant find anything too helpful, even on the individual page. It tells you how long till they gain nationality, but that doesnt say if they'd qualify for HG status or not. I just looked up what qualifies for homegrown: "UEFA defines locally-trained or 'homegrown' players as those who, regardless of their nationality, have been trained by their club or by another club in the same national association for at least three years between the age of 15 and 21." So the player needs to be signed before their 19th birthday. Fine for the NewGens, but while it wasnt something i'd actually considered, the only (IRL) players ive signed who'll qualify are de Ligt & Vagnoman. Even Dalot was 19 when we signed him.
  5. Had similar my 2nd season - 7 games in 19 days, a quick break, and then straight into another 7 games in 16 days. 5 games in 9 days, which includes 3 against Arsenal, just 1 day between them all. I dunno if FM fully simulates travel, but had that CL game been oversees instead of in London, it could have been so much worse. Imagine playing some Russian side or something. @b101 Thanks for posting that explanation on scouting NewGens, i created assignments for different regions, looking for U-18 and at least 4* PA, but it looks like they've stopped (it was supposed to be 'ongoing'), and i was somewhat concerned that they werent particularly thorough or efficient with how they did it, like they'd randomly bounce from kid to kid, rather than cover a team at a time. Originally i went to the Youth Intake screen, and added them 30-50 at a time, but mid-way through realised theres no way im doing that every time. Your way seems like a better solution, a reasonable compromise. @zlatanera I completely agree on Lingard, but i think the problem is he's one of the few players who isnt indispensable and can be quickly sold at the start for a lot of money, and that money goes a long way. He was great on my practice season on the wing or shadow AM, but i sold him in my proper save because i didnt want other clubs to snatch players like de Ligt & de Jong while they're priced fairly low, still wanted to fix other areas too, and forcing the bad players out for chump-change can leave you exposed for squad depth if your selling 5-6 players and only getting 2 in with that money. I think its the 3rd season when you've shed 2/3 of the original squad, brought in a younger & superior foreigners, and then start having issues with CL selection (and the issues that occur when you leave ppl out) that you realise how important the English/HG core are.
  6. Just got to July 2020, La Liga transfer window opened and the gossip was Sanchez to Madrid - valued at £74m, and sure enough he's wanted. I waited a little, hoping they'd come to me, but instead got 3 offers for Martial, 1 for Pulisic & 2 for Lindelof. They didnt come and his price dropped to 64m at some point too (seeing it at 74m did seem higher than i recall ever seeing it), so i offered him around, Madrid came straight back with a 36m offer, i went back with 40m +30/3yr, and they said sure! 31yrs old, 32 in 4 months, and £375k/wk off the wage bill too. He had a fantastic 2nd season, but he still has 4yrs left on his contract, which is a staggering £78m in wages. So all in all, a brilliant deal... Except he said no and is now being a moody sod Managed to get it done before having time to post the message in the end, but had to include 100k/week wages (~20m).
  7. WHAT THE HECK! I got 2x 5-star potential on the 2nd season, and ive bought a couple too, but havent seen anything remotely like that yet. I usually get bored of a save some time around the 3rd season, but i want to make a decent go at getting 6-8yrs in for once so im making a real effort to pick up these kids now. Just had one arrive that cost £20m+ and isnt even in his league from what i can tell
  8. PSG & Spurs just accepted what i genuinely assumed would be cheeky first offers before nudging the price up in 10-20m increments. Mbappe came in at £180m and Alli was 120m. I fully expected Mbappe to be closer to the 300m mark, possibly higher as a sign of their intention to keep him. Alli is probably right, just surprised they didnt push for more. So instead of an either-or situation, its both and theres still room to get a deal on Dier. Bonkers. I immediately got an bid back from PSG too - £105m + 46m/3yr for Pogba. I dont really see the benefit of selling him, so wont be. Everyone seems eager to sell Sanchez, is that because of the wage, not performing well, age, 2nd/3rd choice LW... all the above?? Just wondering, cos if i got a decent offer i'd sell him (3rd summer) mainly because of his age and last chance to get good money for him, but he was good in the first season and brilliant in the 2nd. I was eager to offload him for IRL reasons (Pogba too!) but its kinda hard to justify when he was probably my best player last season. Who would/did you replace him with?
  9. Annoyingly whatever database settings i used, Tonali isnt in there. Doesnt seem to happen too often with frequently mentioned wonderkids or the more obscure signings, but its very annoying when it does. I hadnt realised quite what i'd done until i was comfortably into the season and didnt want to go through the whole process again. Ive since seen that what i scaled down has next to no impact on performance, and its not like my system would struggle either. That sucks with Savic though, thankfully i havent had anyone come in for a player who couldnt be convinced to stay, most of the time its players angry and wanting to move because im not using them or because im trying to offload them or someone they like. Alli would make sense if i felt like i could make an AM based formation work, as at least i'd have 2 players for the role, and it gives Gomes a viable path to the first team. Adding Dier too would probably help with the balance, be within budget, and adds 2 English players who could start games. Mbappe was the first person to come to mind when given silly money, but i'd actually dismissed him thinking that i dont really need another striker, but he'd work well as a RW-IF. I've used Chong in that role in half the games this season, typically the lesser games, but he's scored plenty so i can only imagine what Mbappe could do! Strengthening the right side was something i was interested in doing, but i'd been looking at wingers and dismissing people like Bailey because he wants to come inside. Perhaps embracing the IF's is the way to go. I feel like trying to use wingers without 2 strikers is like fighting an uphill battle. My heart says go get Mbappe, cos in all the years ive played FM ive never managed Messi and now its kinda too late, but my head says adding 1 foreigner doesnt solve my CL selection issues. The finances project i'll get 320m next year (£150m the year after, it was 350m only a month ago), so as crazy as it is, i should be able to get Mbappe the following year.
  10. Im looking for some opinions for directions to go for the 3rd season. Im at May 2020, and need to start putting pressure on my main targets before the season ends. Currently playing Vert-TT using 4-3-3 wide, 4-2-3-1 wide, and 4-2-4 wide. Really the only change i tend to make revolves around where the 3rd CM goes (DM/CM/AM/CF). GK: DDG & Romero LB: Shaw & Tierney CB: Lindelof, de Ligt, Skrinier & Milenkovic RB: Fosu-Mensa, Dalot & Vagnoman CM: Pogba, Herrera, de Jong, Savic, Fernandes & Gagliardini LW: Martial & Sanchez RW: Chong & Pulisic AM: Asensio CF: Rashford, Lukaku & Kane Weaknesses/Issues - Theres a lot of overseas players in there, which is a CL nightmare if i dont sort it. Been told my defence & midfield lacks Strengths - Youth. Chong has been better than expected and still have more kids to come through. Im trying to focus on buying potential. Theres nobody im desperate to get rid of, however Sanchez will be 32 by Xmas, Lukaku is doing fine but will be 3rd choice and blocks Greenwoods path, Herrera will be 31 as the season kicks off, and I only bought Gagliardini as a cheap backup DM after selling Matic. That said, Herrera is still dependable, and i wouldnt have an issue starting him in a CL final, and Sanchez... his age would be the only reason for selling him, he's on the shortlist for European player of the season - 32 starts & 3 subs, 20 goals, 10 assists, and 10 MoM awards which is 4 more than any of my other players. But 32 is 32. The only English player who i think might add to the squad, is Eric Dier, after that its players who either need to be better than what ive already got, or they're going to be bit-part squad players. Im not convinced about Sessegnon from his stats, if anything the potential to turn him back into a full-back/wing-back appeals more than as a LW. Alli, great player but Asensio is a fringe player, the AM role is only used when im playing lesser sides and my first-11 are resting before a big match, and if he wasnt an AM, i probably wouldnt be using one. So adding competition for the spot seems daft. That said, i've never really spent the time looking into building the formation around the AM. If that became my primary formation, it'd make sense adding depth. I also have Gomes to come through if i wanted. Theres possibly even an argument to say Asensio should be sold, but i dont need the money, and surprisingly he isnt complaining. What are peoples thoughts on wingers vs inside forwards?? Are wingers a thing of the past now with only 1 CF to aim for? Is that likely to improve with an AM? I'd like to sign Lemar, but not sure whether it'd work. I like the idea of playing early balls over the top for Rashford to run on to, and i suspect crosses into the box from the wing or set pieces should produce goals too. I got told my transfer funds for the summer window, and after rebalancing it to add a little more for wages, theres £300m and £700k/wk available for wages. It should mean i can buy absolutely anyone, provided they want to leave. So, with that in mind, i have a very competent squad, the funds to make 1-2 significant signings, and there are a handful of dead-rubber matches where i could try tactical changes if that might be worthwhile exploring? Anyone have any suggestions on what i should do next? I probably wont play any matches in the next few days, so any feedback would be welcome. @xenqi Gedson Fernandes is a really solid signing. I snapped him up 2nd summer, for 17.5m + 30m/3yr, i wanted him to be eased in and eventually phase out Herrera. He started strongly, and ended up being used at every opportunity by September. I probably should have tried to use Pogba & Savic together more often in a 3-man midfield, but instead ive tended to use him as Pogbas replacement when he needs recovery time. I've no idea whether he's a replacement in the mould of Savic, but ive been very happy with him since he arrived. Are you sure you cant speak to Savic and have him stay put? Ive had PSG nibble at DDG and Pogba, i rejected both offers, and when the players complained to me, i convinced them to stay with 1 response and they've been content ever since. I think as long as you've got some success and decent team moral, then a non-aggressive response to remind them that he might not find the same thing elsewhere, kills off any interest they have in leaving. The times ive tried to put players straight, like Jose would, they've started kicking and screaming. Also, some random bit of trivia, Savic's brother used to be on the Utd books a few years back. Looking at his history in-game, it looks like he was loaned back to Vojvodina for the season, and then released the next season.
  11. How much consideration do people put into the starting 11's condition and injury risk status?? I've always rotated players when their condition is in the low 90s, unless i have little choice, and ive also just started trying to keep an eye on 'Injury Risk' and not use players on High risk. There are a handful of players who can frequently start 2 games in a week, and then theres some (eg Shaw) who i need to rotate every fixture, often subbing them around the 60-70th minute if there are injury issues. Its almost like im running 2 line-ups, a weekend-11 and a midweek-11, and anyone wanting to be in both needs to be subbed around the 60-70th minute. The reason i bring all this up is that a few matches back i noticed that the 'Team Goals' mini-table was all (3) Liverpool players. So i checked their squad, and somethings clearly different there. Right now, they've played 23 competitive fixtures. Varane has started every single game (85min/avg) and they have 12 players who's avg min/game is over 80. I've played 25, and only De Gea has played every game, next best is Dalot on 17. Only 4 players have an avg min/game over 80. I have my training set to my head coach, and i'd say the tactics 'intensity' is about 60%. So i dont think im burning them out, and yet i feel like when those CL games come in, and theres ALWAYS a big fixture before/after, i have to heavily compromise my selection, and the 3rd fixture will be compromised too. My issue is that clearly Liverpool dont have this problem. Its the same thing with City, Chelsea, Arsenal & Spurs. Chelsea have 3 players who've started every game. The above was a concern for me before i started putting much consideration into the 'Injury Risk' too, last season i'd give people breaks from time to time when told they look worn out, as well as regular rotation, but i dont know whether im being too soft and shouldnt be concerned with starting players who are at say 90 condition and/or 'High' risk, whether my training regime needs to be overhauled (which i really dont fancy being responsible for maintaining) or whether my tactic even at 60% intensity is considered heavy going. How does everyone else approach this, cos ive been trying to ensure im signing players with high natural fitness, but its still an issue. Im trying to claw back the points i lost early on in the season, against a side that seems to be full of terminators playing almost every minute of every game. Its only Liverpool, so they'll bottle it but I dont know whether its something im doing wrong or just the AI being a little wonky.
  12. @RandomGuy. Brilliant, thanks for that. I had actually seen that a day or 2 ago but i dont think i really took in what it was. I've always gone looking through the target players pages and then tried to do the communicating directly, but then i suppose thats against the rules so rightly isnt an option. DDG & Pogba seem to have the highest reputation, and he has friends in Sheringham who's out of work and might be worth bringing in as a U18s coach if it'll help. I dunno if its much help to everyone, but worth mentioning that i've asked the board to increase the sales revenue percentage (default 90%) and they've agreed and bumped it to the full 100% on the basis that we've been doing well. I suspect thats based on financial income (sponsors, competitions etc) through success, as typically you'd think success would suggest things are fine as they are. So it might be worthwhile asking if you havent already. I dont typically bother the board unless i want something, but so far i dont recall them refusing anything (more coaches, training facilities upgrade, and sales % in the first 12 months). Its not the same as wanting a new stadium or a load more money, but probably something i should have done sooner.
  13. I seem to be having no luck with Spurs at all. They're rejecting £225m up front. Im just seeing how silly they're going to get now. £180m i could live with (80m + 100m/3y), but rejecting 200+ in a single payment, him wanting to come but staying happy throughout isnt helping me. I've made him my top target, but not seeing any other option to communicate my intentions and unsettle him. Meanwhile DDG is complaining to teammates because i wont let him go to PSG for around 74m iirc. He wants more first team football apparently. He missed 3 games when the league was already won. Edit: Ha, they've generously agreed to £300m up front, and are pleased with such swift negotiations. They've only rejected about 15 bids so far. Now i just need to convince the board to add the extra 210m i need!
  14. @Mauley I mentioned a few days ago i would try going after Kane during the 2nd summer window and while he says he wants to join, Spurs have rejected both £80m +60/3y, and 120m up front. I dont know what methods can be used to unsettle him either. They havent even come back with an insane counter-offer, so i dont see it happening unless im offering somewhere around £200m and a decent amount of that being up-front. While im not quite in the same position as you, i'd also be interested in hearing some suggestions. In my first season Lukaku was top scorer in the league around Jan/Feb when i looked, and then eventually Rashford was favoured for all the big games and Lukaku didnt seem to be having the same impact. I dont know if i screwed that up with my actions, or i made the right calls and he was having a bad spell. I know i started to notice when Rashford was my CF he'd get balls played over the top and beat the defensive line and tuck it away, while Lukaku i think i expected him to do better with crosses in, where he'd keep putting them over (he'd bag a handful, but it felt like he had so many chances). I've considered Icardi, on the basis that maybe his stats would see him be more clinical with the same opportunities, though i do wonder whether a lot of Rashfords chances come from his pace, which Icardi lacks (18|17 vs 14|14). What Icardi does have though is 19|19|18|20 on key attributes for a poacher. I suspect his asking price would be in excess of £120m though. I also noticed last night that on my save Rashford only has 3 stars for CA & PA, which concerns me for his long term growth, but TBH i dont know how much of a factor the stars alone are. Should i be paying much attention to the stars system (CA/PA) or can it often be misleading and other attributes are far more telling, just require more effort to 'read'. It seems odd that Rashford would be playing at his potential at 21 (Oct 97), and then at the same time Martial is 23 (Dec 95) and 26 months older, also has the same staff assessing him, and is 4 CA & 4.5 PA. Does that mean Rashford has peaked? Also, out of interest, what are folks doing about the leadership vacuum thats currently at the club? Pogba got nothing out of going on a course, hardly surprising i suppose, but my highest rated player is Teirney who i felt somewhat compelled to make VC to Herrera, even though he'd only just arrived, and i absolutely hate the idea of signing someone and giving them such a position. I guessing i need to find people with the right personality characteristics if im going to train them to be a leader. @TheDecentOne Nice timing! How was that Kane deal structured? I havent tried going that high. Im currently in my 2nd summer and just picked up Savic (63m - asking price, WTF!) and Gedson Fernandes (17.5m & 30m/3y iirc). I have de Jong also, so pretty similar options to yourself. No mention of Greenwood, i used him 7 times in the first season, got 2 goals & 3 assists in the last 2 league games when it the title was already won and he was playing with the 2nd string and kids. I havent added to the CF positions at all, so i suspect he'll get more games this season, but im cautious about moving him to the senior squad and only giving him sub appearances, versus leaving him to develop in the U23's but potentially have him worn out from a meaningless game when i decide i need him, even if only on the bench.
  15. I missed out on them both in my quick 6mo test season to get a feel for things, i dilly-dallied too long going for Varane & Savic and in the end iirc they went to Chelsea & Spurs for about 42m overall. I think that was the first offer i put in, both were non-negotiable offers in the first couple of days from the start, and Ajax wanted time to think about it. The non-neg might have helped, i hate dealing with clubs where you offer say 30+50m/3y and they come back to you with 80m, 10m/3y, 20% profit, and your firstborn. In my test season i only signed Varane, and while things were looking better by Xmas and i'd clawed back early lost points (damn WC!), stacked injuries were a definite issue so i think this time out i went a little aggressive snapping up the good players i'd missed out on originally, it still felt like a huge task turning things around with the squad just like IRL. Ive handled discontent players better, however i still need to stop creating the issues in the first place. The issue is i upset the likes of Jones, Smalling, Fellaini etc trying to offer them to clubs, so didnt push it this time, so instead of being angry at being forced out, now they're uphappy at not playing enough. I should be done with about 6 of them by the end of the first season, but i need to stop making those mistakes. I played the first leg against Bayern last night too, won 5-1, but i didnt realise till comments afterwards they're currently without a manager, and they had Neuer back from injury (80% and still had the orange icon), so im guessing they've been in disarray recently and an injured Neuer starting didnt help. I think the away leg will be more representative, cos i doubt the AI will screw things up twice. Also after posting asking about Kane i made a statement about wanting to sign him, he responded saying he's interested (which i thought might have been a big issue, let alone dealing with Levy) but i also got a response from Benitez, as they've sacked Poch and brought him in I hadnt even noticed.
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