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  1. Ive been considering having 4141 DM-Wide as one of my rotational tactics. 433, 4231 & 4141 dm-wide. Not much difference between them, just the midfield organisation depending on the team we're facing. In my previous save i had Pogba (DLP-S) & vdBeek (CM-S) with Bruno in CAM, and Pogba was amazing, he had a spell of about 10 games where he was regularly on the scoresheet (7-8 goals) and plenty of assists too. Im sure he ended up 2nd highest goalscorer, but probably because Martial & Rashford only had spells where they were great, and then Haaland was the main striker from Jan o
  2. Thats bonkers! How'd it end?? I've just entered December, after a strong start we seemed to struggle but still do enough to win. I was 5pts behind City in 2nd, Liverpool 3pts behind me in 3rd. Then a handful of games later i hadnt even noticed their first defeat, but the live table had me move ahead of City who were losing against Liverpool. They lost 3 on the bounce, and now after 18 games City are 4pts behind me and 1 ahead of Liverpool (who just 0-0'd v Everton) and now i suspect things might get more tense cos we'll drop plenty of points in the second half as matches come flyin
  3. Has anyone seen FM achieve anything as realistic as this before? Put Havertz as a transfer target late Sept on a closed window start, and the next day Ed's made an offer. I look at the next mail, he offered 600k. Its uncanny.
  4. Finally got my new season underway, and 4th game is Liverpool (default fixtures) and just laughed them out of Old Trafford, 4-0 We just walked all over them, and Martial missed a penalty just before HT when 3-0 up. Beat Leicester 3-1, lost 1-0 at City, came back to beat Norwich 2-1, and now artificially top knocking Liverpool off in the process simply because we've played that match before the others played their 4th. Ended the weekend in 2nd, just a point behind Arsenal who've had 4 easy games. I've already had Shaw pick up 2 injuries (3-4wk and 1wk) which doesnt fill me with confidence,
  5. I've started a new save, I wanted to finish the previous games first season to get a little more experience (incl is it possible to keep Pogba with PSG sniffing - it is, with CL football and ~400k/wk offered straight away), but felt i'd gone too aggressive with my changes and i won all 4 trophies incl a 3-0 EL final against Madrid (won 1 CL group game in a very average group). So i'm starting fresh with a slightly larger db, and im following the recent trend of others and disabled the first transfer window too. Never done it before, so it feels a little odd. What I want to do is try and b
  6. I'd love to see the ability to save and then load the settings within Responsibilities, possibly allow this sort of data to be tied to the managers avatar/profile when you start new games, simply so theres less work to do when starting a new save. Same look, same ability/qualifications, and same duties. Things might change from game to game, but probably not by much. Most people simply dont care for certain aspects, and having to keep going back because you missed a setting and have to locate it, can get a little frustrating. Just simple QoL feature, nothing game changing.
  7. Yeah, it had a lot of ppl unimpressed when it was hitting their save last year, not aware that Brexit was even a thing in the game, getting 18mo into a save and then up pops the news. IMO it kinda sucks when we're all playing the same game, same starting point, but 2/3 of people have a different set of rules (im aware some will find that hypocritical), because their virtual brexit went differently. Its not like the chance of getting a sugar daddy owner or something, its involving politics into a game, when the outcome hasnt been decided IRL.
  8. Its random, unless you disable it with the editor beforehand (or download a ruleset that does it) like i did
  9. Thats kinda how i went into my game, i just wanted to stabilise things, and make sure we made the top 4 & CL spot. However i went too far and fixed things a little too quickly, and the likes of Liverpool & City just dont have that ruthless streak in FM that we've seen from them the last few years IRL. They're sloppy, so the challenge of finishing ahead of them isnt too unrealistic. Improve the squad and its certainly doable. I regret my start somewhat (Chilwell, Dias, vdBeek & Bruno F, then Haaland in winter) and kinda wish i'd just picked up say vdBeek/Bruno and Haaland (late
  10. I prefer - Mike 'nobody calls me Mike' Phelan If anyone doesnt get the reference, its from a good few years after losing at Stamford bridge when the players went out for their post-match warm down and Evra got into a bit of a scuffle with the groundsmen, and as part of his testimony, Phelan said nobody calls him Mike anymore, then signed his statement... Mike. Presumably that name being said was relevant to defending Evra & co. When it comes to coaching staff, is there anything relevant other than their stars? Assuming they speako the lingo etc. I have mine currently at
  11. We play FM very differently The room goes dark, clouds form and start to rumble... Just got the achievement for scoring in 20 consecutive games, in my first loss in 26 games, first points dropped in 14. Stupidly forgot to double-check the teams fitness before starting the game, and most of them finished in the 60's, Pogba got a knock early on to make matters worse, and in my attempts to go more attacking and make something of a 1-1 game at Chelsea with 80min left, they scored twice. Im following stupid mistakes with stupid decision. Im still 2pts clear with a game in hand over Liv
  12. Ugh, Luis too!? Any specific changes you made which you feel were responsible for getting him more involved? I just got my youth intake, and theres a cracking keeper in there. Beyond that, 3-4 star CD, 2-3 star CM, and the rest are lower. Sadly i dont think ive ever even started a 5th season in any game, and ive played since CM93-94, possibly earlier. I usually buy too many player and find it doesnt feel like Utd any more, and lose interest. Thats why i'd kinda like to reign things in a little this year. Last year i tried to, and failed (Mbappe, Kane, Savic, de Ligt, de Jong etc). Im al
  13. Is Pogba still an issue even after some silverware? League or Europa. I suspect everyone has him with promised CL football, but it'd be annoying if we give him that and he then sulks if he isnt allowed to leave anyway. If we failed, then fair enough. We promise him CL football or he can leave, he promises if we get CL football he'll find a different reason he wants to leave. Pretty accurate, really. Maybe Havertz could be a good replacement. I wanted to bring in Sancho and a DLP/CDM/DM like Tonali or Luis. That was going to be it for my 2nd summer. I think i'll also try and offer Pogba
  14. F*CK VAR!!! Not even 9min in and 3 goals disallowed (ended 1-0 with 89th min winner, no VAR to save them that time!) Currently in March, next game is Europa Quarters vs Wolfsberg. Havent lost since late November, and havent even dropped a point since the first week of Feb. I have a 3pt gap to Liverpool (played 1 extra) and 8pts to City on equal games. They've continued to squander points throughout the season, while i started sloppy but once we got a bit of a run, we've been unstoppable. Pogba has been unbelieveable since January, scoring in the last 6 games. 11 in our 14 games
  15. Yeah, a custom kit pack was used (edit - although tbh i thought that was purely used to show what the kit looked like, rather than being used in the 3DME. If thats 2 different things, i havent downloaded anything i know to be specifically for the 3DME models). I havent seen it happen since, and as i mentioned, when the 2nd half kicked off everyone seemed to be fine again. No idea how i'd reproduce it. I dont recall doing anything unusual beforehand.
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